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Tuition – JK Educate 11+ Mock Exam

JK Educate provides individual assessments and tutoring for children who require 11+ exam preparation. As part of the JK 11+ preparation, we created the JK Educate 11+ Mock Exams to reconstruct the feeling of a real test so that your child will know what to expect when faced with the real exam situation and develop real strategies to help them.

Experience shows us that those children attending the JK Educate 11+ Mock Exam become more confident as a result, which affects their performance in the real exams and the subsequent range of first choice school offers they receive.

These exams help your child to master their time management and develop their ability to stay calm, even when faced with question types they have not seen before.

The standard and content of these exams are authentic and appropriate for 11+ testing. They have been specifically written by 11+ experts and teachers, who have created exam papers for a variety of official purposes. We have commissioned them to reproduce the challenges and standards that will be tested in the 11+ selective secondary school exams.

After the mock exam each child’s work is marked and the results drawn up into a comprehensive individualised report, which summarises and provides detailed recommendations for the next stages of revision and further teaching in order to achieve their full potential.

We feel this is an essential part of the preparation service and that students will really benefit from a ‘practice exam’ day followed by positive detailed feedback and strategies to practise for their real exams.


JK Educate 11+ Mock Exam dates for 2017

This exam is intended for children preparing for to sit for the independent secondary schools’ exams in January 2018, and also for children who are preparing for the second round of the state selective secondary school exams in January 2018.

The June mock exam is specifically aimed at the state selective schools and the November mock exam at the independent schools. Children are encouraged to sit both mock exams if they are planning to sit both exam types.


Mock Exam 1:

Sunday 21st May 2017   (state selective schools and independent schools)

Mock Exam 2:

Sunday 15th October 2017   (independent schools)


If you would like more information,  or would like to book a place for your child for these mock exam mornings, please call 020 3369 3390 or contact us.


Should you book both JK 11+ Mock Exam sessions, you will receive a 15% discount.



“Just want to let you know that we received Olly’s letter from Latymer this past week and he is in the top 285 in terms of exam results!  The letter was glowing, and Olly was very pleased.  All that hard work paid off!

Thank you very much for your support and thorough preparation for the exam, as well as encouraging him to sit the mock exam.  I think that really helped him know what to expect, and he wasn’t at all fazed by the actual experience.  We’ve also thanked your tutor, who did an amazing job bolstering Olly’s self-confidence and assuring him he would do well; not to mention the great teaching she did with him.  He went in feeling very confident and relaxed, and came out saying it was very easy.”



“Both Jamie and I were extremely impressed with how thorough, individualised and focussed the mock exam results were presented to us.  It was extremely helpful to us to have the results provided in such a comprehensive fashion against the broader context of overall results.  Very grateful.  Tod will continue to work hard throughout the summer but we feel that he is consistently achieving what is realistic for him and we are sure that we have chosen the best possible tutor approach for him.  Many thanks again.”

Sonia, Muswell Hill


“You are running a highly professional organisation and we are grateful that our daughter Charlotte is in your capable hands. Long may this continue.”

Rory, Wandsworth


“What helped me most was doing regular past papers and mock exams, therefore allowing the actual exams to come across as not too much of a shock.”

Rebekah, 11+ student, Barnet


“Xanthe had offers from all schools she sat for. She has asked me to thank JK and let you know that she found the mock exam particularly useful.”

Diana, Wandsworth


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