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At JK Educate we assess children from Year 1 (6 yrs) up to Year 8 (12 yrs)

Our assessments are created specifically to help parents:

  • Understand the academic level their child is currently reaching at school.
  • Identify their child’s academic potential and determine if they are currently reaching it, and if not then why not?
  • Identify their child’s suitability for the entrance exams for selective schools – at 7+, 11+ and 13.

Our assessments help you track your child’s progress at school, helping you make key decisions about secondary schools and your child’s academic future. It measures your child’s suitability for the entrance exam for selective secondary schools and will give you an indication of your child’s likely success.

All parents want to send their children to the right school – one where they will be happy and thrive. For some this will be a competitive secondary school and for others it will be somewhere more caring and nurturing. We will help you identify the right environment for your child.

Our assessments will tell us your child’s real ability level – measuring how they compare to others nationally, as we assess if they are reaching their full potential in reading, writing and Maths.

We often find that while children receive great feedback at school and appear to be doing well they are actually someway from reaching their potential.  Our assessments provide clear recommendations on how to move your child forward based on real data.

In order to find this out we ask the children to sit a number of tests – depending on their age this can take from 1.5 hours up to 3 hours.  The tests provide us with a good indication of the level your child is working at and key information on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. It also gives us a guide to their potential ability and whether they are currently meeting it.  All of our findings are written up in a formal report, which includes suggested secondary schools as appropriate, followed by a face to face meeting with parents to discuss the findings. Typically this takes an hour and provides opportunities to discuss any issues and questions you may have about your child’s academic progress.

After the feedback we are able to discuss how we can support your child with their preparation for secondary school transition. You will be offered the opportunity to use our tutoring services, if appropriate, with one of our specially selected tutors.

We discourage the tutoring of children to get into a school that would be wrong for them. We tutor to allow the children to show their best in the exams and to go into tests with confidence and the right experiences.

It is vital that a child goes to an appropriate school. It can be as damaging for a child to go to a school which is below their academic level as it is to go to one which is beyond their ability. In both cases it is a horrible experience for the child. That’s why we always assess our entrance exam children first before recommending any steps forward or possible tuition.


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“I felt that my child was the main focus and JK Educate was able to make recommendations specific to her”

Parent feedback to JK survey


“This is the only service that I have found which does a thorough independent testing of ability – very useful.”

Parent feedback to JK survey


“I just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after Erik so well yesterday. He came out of the assessment absolutely buzzing, having thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. It will be fascinating to find out how he did and how he came across!

Please pass on my thanks.”

Tricia, Battersea


“Many thanks for your very full and informative report. I appreciate the care you have taken with Flora.”

Annabel Craig


“Thank you very much. This has been a really useful experience. You have really helped me to have a realistic approach to the secondary transfer game. Maria enjoyed the process too (and is really looking forward to developing a vocabulary book!).

I feel that you have given me a picture of Maria that I can relate to as well. I am really impressed with your service. We would also now like you to find a tutor for Maria…”

Cate, Wandsworth


“I just wanted to write to thank you very much for the assessment you recently carried out for my daughter.

What you did was exactly what we needed.  Your feedback has allowed us to better understand our daughter and her abilities.  What’s more, the objective information you provided about different schools and what they look for has helped us to make a more informed decision about where to focus our efforts for secondary school applications.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for an objective evaluation of their child or assistance in understanding their options. It seems likely we’ll be in touch soon for our son.”

Sol Federman, Hampstead Garden Suburb


“Thank you for your assessment of our twins.  They really enjoyed their experience and your detailed feedback session proved a very insightful view into the minds of our little people!”

Jennie and Steve Kass,  Streatham


“Taking Jacob for an assessment was definitely well spent money, as it enabled us to confirm some things that we already knew, plus you provided us with additional information which gave us food for thought.  This was valuable as our planning for the academic future of Jacob, started to take shape based on more empirical evidence and credible advice.  We will definitely recommend this service to others and use it again if appropriate.”

Caroline, Hampstead


“You may recall you assessed our daughter about 2 years ago. Your assessment was very useful and has led to a number of positive outcomes: namely our own peace of mind, but it also served as a catalyst for changing the school’s approach to providing feed-back to parents. On the basis of your report, we decided against any intervention and have followed the school’s programme with satisfaction. Thank you very much for that.”


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