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Here are the details of a small selection of our highly experienced and effective JK Educate tutors, simply to illustrate the breath and depth of our team.

We carefully match children with the tutors who will best suit their personalities and their learning requirements, to help them reach their potential at school and in exams. For this reason we never suggest you pick a tutor from a list, but allow us to select the tutor with the ideal specialist knowledge, experience and teaching style to meet your child’s needs.

The majority of our tutors meet with their students in person, but we also offer face to face online Skype tutoring and support across London, the UK and internationally.


Sophie a featured JK Educate Tutor

Sophie B

Subjects tutored 11+ entrance exams, individual tutoring for primary school curriculums, A-level Politics, Hebrew reading, writing and speaking (both ancient and modern Hebrew).   Qualifications…
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Guy a featured JK Educate Tutor

Guy E

Subjects Tutored Common Entrance level: English, Geography, History & Religious Studies. GCSE: Politics, Religious Studies, Sociology (and English, Chemistry, Geography). A-Level: Government and Politics, Critical Thinking, Religious Studies…
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Emily a featured JK Educate Tutor

Emily C

Subjects tutored   English Language and Literature at 11+, GCSE, A-level, and beyond. Maths at 11+ and GCSE levels. Qualifications     Current study: Ph.D.…
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Wendy a featured JK educate tutor

Wendy H

Subjects Tutored English language and Literature   -   A level, GCSE, IGCSE, Keystage 1,2,3 and 4 Maths -  Keystage 1,2,3 IELTS  for entry into university and…
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Diana a featured JK Educate Tutor

Diana L

Subjects Tutored Art -  All levels Music theory up to Grade Five Maths up to Year Six English up to Year Six Humanities up to…
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Sarah a featured JK Educate Tutor

Sarah T

Qualifications (GCSE/A Levels / University). Goldsmiths, University of London MA in Twentieth-Century Literature and its Contexts: Distinction University College London BA Hons in History: 2:1…
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Nicole a featured JK Educate Tutor

Nicole P

Subjects tutored: French- primary to A-level English as a Second Language- all levels.   Qualifications     College Marie de France- Baccalaureat, Serie D, Natural…
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Denise a featured JK Educate tutor

Denise H

Subjects tutored: English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning, to 11 Plus level.   Qualifications   B.Ed degree in Education and Psychology, University of Manchester.…
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Susie a featured JK Educate Tutor

Susie O

 Subjects tutored: 11+, Organisational studies, Art, Design Technology, Film and Media Studies   Qualifications   BA Honours Fine Art Celta RSA Pttls   Relevant Experience…
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Vic a featured JK educate Editor

Vic L

Subjects tutored: Maths   Qualifications BSc in Actuarial Science PGCE in Secondary School Maths Teaching   Relevant Experience 10 years as a secondary school maths…
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Lyndy a featured JK Educate tutor

Lyndy S

Subjects tutored:   11+ exam entrance, 7+ exam entrance, individual tutoring for Primary curriculum, special needs such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and language/communication difficulties.   Qualifications:…
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Christina a featured JK Educate Tutor

Christina U

Subjects tutored: English and Spanish at all levels up to University. French up to GCSE.   Qualifications International Baccalaureate 42/45 points. 1st Class Honours, English…
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