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Interview Preparation

Our JK Educate school interviews preparation gives our students the confidence and skills to approach forthcoming interviews with energy and enthusiasm. We explain the interview process, give examples of the questions that are asked and help the child consider how they would answer in ‘live’ conditions.

We will explain to the child and their parents how the interview process works – recognising that, depending on the school, the process can vary from individual, paired and sometimes group interviews.

Our interview preparation provides top interview tips, helping the child understand that no answer is wrong, that any answer works well as long as it can be explained and is delivered with confidence. We look at the importance of voice projection and the dynamics of interacting with others in group interview situations.  Our interview preparation also includes a mock English oral comprehension and questions based on a piece of art.

Interview preparation session last for an hour and parents are encouraged to attend too so they can practise some of the skills with their child after the session.

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