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Tutor Training

Tutor Training with  JK Educate

JK Educate provides ongoing training and professional development for all our tutors through the JK Academy.

Our training includes individual and group sessions, which cover teaching and learning resources, subject knowledge and development, exam updates, and client management, . We also carry out lesson observations and regular tutor team meetings with senior teachers, to offer our tutors genuine support and opportunities to develop their skills.

Whatever our teachers’ level of experience, we believe that ongoing professional development is the key to providing the top class standards of teaching and learning that JK Educate expects from every teacher. It helps tutors keep their knowledge base up to date, provides them with ongoing support and makes them feel part of a team, so that they don’t feel isolated in their work.



Our tutor testimonials show that our approach makes a real difference to their work satisfaction:


‘I have worked for a number of tutoring agencies over the years, specifically working with 11+ children to prepare them for their entrance exams.  Never before have I worked for such a handholding service.  I knew the JK team supported parents but I never realised how much they supported their tutors too.  At every stage they give recommendations on where the 11+ tutors should be with their students, what resources to use and how to move them forward.  I have learnt a lot from working with them and as the exam process is constantly changing I feel confident that I will be helped to deliver the best possible support for my students. Working with JK Educate means I am no longer tutoring in isolation.’

Miles, JK Tutor


‘I was really impressed with how efficiently your business seemed to be run, and I absolutely loved the ‘vibe’ I got from your company, it struck me as friendly and compassionate but also rigorous which I think is the perfect combination. I’m not surprised you’re so successful with your students.’

Charlotte, JK Tutor

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