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Sally Lellow, Muswell Hill

11+ and 13 + Interview Tutoring

‘Just wanted to say that Mira and I want to say a big thank you to you for the interview prep. It was really very helpful. Mira had her interview this afternoon – I was present at the interview and she did great !! I really do think it went off very well and most of the questions you reviewed with Mira were asked. So, thank you again for all your help.’

Stuart and Ros, Wimbledon


‘It was extremely useful to have some realistic advice on our son’s abilities and schools he should apply to – coming from a state primary it’s difficult to know where your child stands compared to his peers. Your help with the interview process was also great.

Thanks again!’

Gill Stacks, Hampstead Garden Suburb

Assessment Feedback

‘The information given to us about Oliver from your assessment was more than I had gleamed from his school in four years of parent’s evenings. It not only made me proud but helped me
recognise what I need to do to ensure he reaches his potential. Oliver declared very quickly that he only wanted to be tutored by Miss Katie, although I’m sure someone you chose for him to would suffice!’

Catherine, Balham

Assessment Feedback

‘We have found the exercise not only useful, but it has also given us confidence that we are thinking on the right track with Tessie’s education.

We’ll be in contact again during the summer half term to arrange how we go about tutoring.

Thanks again!’

Susannah Murrey, Hampstead Garden Suburb

Group Tutoring

‘David seemed to take the City exam in his stride. He reported that it was all a bit distressing in terms of the number of kids, but he felt he could do the exams themselves and the content was familiar which means the preparation was just right. I was very keen not to have him over-prepped so we can see how his more innate abilities compare to others.

I hope business is booming and I have passed your details on to a number of friends who will be looking for tutor assistance shortly. Thank you!’

Edward, Wandsworth

‘Whatever the outcome, we feel the result of this whole process has been incredibly positive for Tom, he has developed a love of learning, which has allowed him to see the rewards of study, and he has enjoyed many aspects of it. We are really enjoying seeing him develop, be enthusiastic and gain confidence from it all, while tackling more advanced challenges.

Our one regret is we wish we had found your tutor group earlier! Tom really enjoyed your class, and the maths and English tutors have been, and continue to be excellent. So thank you very much for all your advice, guidance and input. It was fantastic.’

Marion Webber, Edgware

Group Tutoring

‘As promised, here is a quick update with regards to Jerry’s results – We are thrilled as he has been offered scholarships for: Habs, Highgate, City, Merchant Taylor’s and we are spoilt for choice!!!  Thank you so much for everything!!’

Teresa Troy, Crouch End

Group Tutoring

‘I was as nervous, but there was no need to worry – David has done so very well. He has received offers from Highgate, Merchant Taylors, a scholarship place at Belmont Mill Hill, and a confirmed place plus scholarship interview at North Bridge. We’re thrilled. Now we need to decide where to accept!!’

Mariah, Balham


‘Last week we had a meeting with Adam’s teacher who updated us on his progress. It was an extremely positive meeting. She said Adam has come an extremely long way since her initial feedback on him last October. His reading, writing, maths and concentration have all improved, in addition to his behaviour and understanding. We have all put a lot of time into Adam and clearly this has really helped.

Thank you for your energy effort and commitment to Adam. He has transformed in recent months, he’s worked hard and it’s not been easy for him but we are all very proud, especially considering where he was when you both first met him.’