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Do you want to feel part of a team that supports and encourages you, and challenges you with ongoing training? That is the JK Educate experience. Tutoring as part of JK’s broader consultancy, which offers parental advice, child assessments, school choice guidance, mock exams, workshops and more, you will know that your students are getting the best possible support for their education. We vet all our clients to ensure our tutors’ safety at work and security of payment. We are constantly expanding our online tutoring provision, so wherever you live, you can work for us as a tutor.


We look for tutors with sound academic credentials, genuine teaching ability with an adaptable style, energy, enthusiasm, personality and flexibility. Our tutors must also genuinely like children and teenagers, be able to communicate effectively with them on a one-to-one basis and enjoy helping them to achieve their potential. It’s also important that tutors can communicate well with their students’ parents, to demonstrate ongoing commitment to the child and discuss their progress and changing needs.

Our tutors range in age and experience from recent graduates to highly experienced retired teachers. Every tutor has at least an undergraduate degree and many also have a teaching qualification. We recruit primary school generalists, tutors to prepare children for 11+ or common entrance including its verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning requirements, SEN specialists and those with experience in supporting gifted and talented students, as well as subject specialists up to A Level and tutors with experience in supporting University applications.


It’s more rewarding and fun to tutor as part of a successful team than on your own. You will receive training through the JK Academy. This includes individual coaching and access to our new tailor-made video training modules. We provide support for our tutors with regular catch up sessions –  to talk with our in-house experts, to share experiences, collect resources and receive tutoring advice.  We offer additional tutor training in core subjects from our experts, for all tutors who feel they would benefit. As a premium agency, we recruit high quality teachers and pay very competitive rates.

Once you are a JK tutor, your happiness and job satisfaction is of great importance to us and we are continually refining our services for our tutors.

To find out more about working with the UK’s leading tutoring and educational consultancy, please call: 020 3488 0754, or contact us. But first, here’s what our tutors say about us…



‘I really do enjoy working for you, it’s such a lovely supportive environment.’

Jodie, JK Tutor


‘Katie and Lorrae are so much more than a tutoring agency – they are like a mini school. They are always a phone call away with good advice and resources to help me with my students.’

Laura, JK Tutor


‘It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Lorrae and Katie this year, from finding work to discussing a particular child’s needs I have been supported every step of the way. Their professional knowledge and personal approach is what really sets them apart.’

Sophie, JK Tutor


‘I’ve been waiting to work for a tutoring agency like this all my life. Usually an agency will match you with a student and leave you to get on with it. What makes JK Educate different, is that not only do they support the parents and students, but they also support the tutor with resources, provide tutoring recommendations and a handholding service – it’s like working in a mini-staffroom.’

Imogen, JK Tutor


‘Having worked for JK Educate over the past year I just wanted to say what a privilege it has been to work with such a professional and child and family focussed consultancy.  As a tutor, I have supported a number of pupils with a range of specialist needs.  I have been impressed with the detailed understanding that both Lorrae and Katie have of each individual pupil and the comprehensive range of assessment and referral information they have gathered before I have commenced tutoring.  This has enabled me to target the session that I have provided to pupils and has helped ensure that every lesson has been both enjoyable and relevant to the particular pupils.  I would like to thank them whole heartedly for their support and guidance whilst working for them.’

Kelly, JK Tutor



JK Educate provides ongoing training and professional development for all our tutors through the JK Academy.

Our training includes individual and group sessions, which cover teaching and learning resources, subject knowledge and development, exam updates, and client management. We also carry out lesson observations and regular tutor team meetings with senior teachers, to offer our tutors genuine support and opportunities to develop their skills.

Whatever our teachers’ level of experience, we believe that ongoing professional development is the key to providing the top class standards of teaching and learning that JK Educate expects from every teacher. It helps tutors keep their knowledge base up to date, provides them with ongoing support and makes them feel part of a team, so that they don’t feel isolated in their work.




‘I have worked for a number of tutoring agencies over the years, specifically working with 11+ children to prepare them for their entrance exams.  Never before have I worked for such a handholding service.  I knew the JK team supported parents but I never realised how much they supported their tutors too.  At every stage they give recommendations on where the 11+ tutors should be with their students, what resources to use and how to move them forward.  I have learnt a lot from working with them and as the exam process is constantly changing I feel confident that I will be helped to deliver the best possible support for my students. Working with JK Educate means I am no longer tutoring in isolation.’

Miles, JK Tutor


‘I am really impressed with how efficiently your business is run, and I absolutely love the ‘vibe’ I got from your company – friendly and compassionate but also rigorous, which I think is the perfect combination. I’m not surprised you’re so successful with your students.’

Charlotte, JK Tutor


For further information please call: 020 3488 0754, or contact us.


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