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Making Tutoring Effective and Fun

JK educate - September 6, 2021

  Our tutors are special. They bring expertise, enthusiasm and empathy to their teaching and build relationships with their students that help make learning enjoyable yet focused. This is why we match our tutors to students so carefully – matching tutors’ academic expertise to students’ requirements, but also matching tutors to students’ individual learning styles Read More >


JK educate - May 27, 2021

  Here are 10 really good reasons for summer tutoring… 1. For Enjoyment To give your child the gift of one-to-one time with a friendly and supportive tutor, time for them to enjoy while they’re learning. We match our tutors to each student very carefully, not only for subject specialisms but also for personality fit Read More >

JK Blog: The Impact of the Pandemic on GCSE and A Level Students and Their Studies

JK educate - May 10, 2021

The challenges of the last year have been well documented and the impact on children and their education has been discussed a lot in general terms. But what in particular has been the real effect of the switch to long-term assessment this year, from the all-or-nothing final GCSE and A Level exams of recent years? Read More >

11+ Essentials

JK educate - April 12, 2021

  To successfully navigate the 11+ entrance exam process requires careful planning, the right resources and a lot of dedication. Our years of experience at JK Educate have shown us that there is a clear set of eleven plus essentials for success.   Academic Assessment This is the essential first step, to establish your child’s Read More >

The Importance of Monitoring Progress and Performance

JK educate - March 8, 2021

When parents decide to use JK Educate’s services, they are not just hiring a tutor, they are bringing on board the support of a senior team of teachers and consultants who will be there to provide expert advice and quality assurance. This wrap-around care for clients, students and tutors alike makes our offering to parents Read More >

Three Key Steps to Establish Effective Home-schooling

JK educate - January 7, 2021

Education is changing, and it has quite probably been irreversibly altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Educators – including parents – and students are having to adapt to new ways of learning; internet access and technology have become essential, and a pressing national issue relating to the lack of equal access for all children. With the Read More >

Learning at Home – from Homework to Full-time Home Schooling

JK educate - October 5, 2020

We can all remember a time when learning at home simply involved getting set homework done on time, perhaps some coursework and then revision at home before exams. This has changed during 2020, with COVID-19 leading to most students doing all their work at home and online for several months. Schools have re-opened, but more Read More >

Looking Ahead to GCSEs and A Levels in 2021

JK educate - July 16, 2020

This is a time of great uncertainty for pupils of all ages, but especially for those who should have been sitting public exams this year or will be sitting them in 2021. Students who missed out on taking their exams face uncertainty about the grades they will be awarded; those starting Year 11 or Year Read More >

Learning at Home During the Pandemic

JK educate - April 7, 2020

  Download our free home learning pack by clicking the link below: Lockdown Education Information and Resources for Parents   The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to slow the spread of the disease have thrown families together and changed the way that everyone is working, socialising and studying. These are worrying times, but Read More >

New Online Home Mentoring Service Launched to Support Parents

JK educate - March 30, 2020

For many families, this is the second week of home schooling, working with the support sent home from school.  We have been hearing from our families that sometimes they are confused, stressed and worried about managing it all, at a time when they least need it. It can be especially difficult when parents are trying to work Read More >

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