New 11+ workshop series for 2019!

Updated and completely redesigned to reflect the latest changes in 11+ exams.

The new JK Educate Workshops have been redesigned to help children achieve to the best of their ability in the new approach schools are taking for the 11+ selection process.

These 11+ workshops will look and feel new, and they will be even more individually tailored than in previous years. The workshops complement individual 11+ tutoring, 11+ mock exams and interview preparations to complete a thorough approach to achieving 11+ success. With schools’ efforts to make 11+ exams “tutor-proof” it’s even more essential for children to have confidence to cope with what they will face on the day.

There are two separate workshops on each date: English and maths. Students can choose whether to attend one or both workshops each day, depending on their learning needs.

When parents enrol their child on a workshop, they will receive a request to supply details of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help the workshop teachers to plan the workshop content and approach to suit every child on the day.

Each child will go home with a goodie bag of revision notes and practice sheets to continue the targeted learning and complement individual 11+ tutoring. We will also send a personal email to parents with feedback about their child’s participation after the workshop, with advice for the next steps in their 11+ preparation.


11+ Workshop Series  

  • English Workshops
  • Maths Workshops

2019 Dates:

Sunday, 14th April

Sunday, 16th June

Sunday, 21st July

Thursday, 29th August

Sunday, 20th October

Sunday, 1st December


PLEASE CALL 020 348 0754


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  • 2019 Dates
    Sunday, 14th April
  • Sunday, 16th June
  • Sunday, 21st July
  • Thursday, 29th August
  • Sunday, 20th October
  • Sunday, 1st December


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'Lottie was offered a place at all of the three schools she applied to. There’s no way that would have happened without the superb tutoring and the confidence you managed to install in her. We’re incredibly grateful. See you at GCSE time!'

Susie, Wandworth

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