New 11+ workshop series for 2019!

Updated and completely redesigned to reflect the latest changes in 11+ exams.

The new JK Educate Workshops have been redesigned to help children achieve to the best of their ability in the new approach schools are taking for the 11+ selection process.

These 11+ workshops will look and feel new, and they will be even more individually tailored than in previous years. The workshops complement individual 11+ tutoring11+ mock exams and interview preparations to complete a thorough approach to achieving 11+ success. With schools’ efforts to make 11+ exams “tutor-proof” it’s even more essential for children to have confidence to cope with what they will face on the day.

There are two separate workshops on each date: English and maths. Students can choose whether to attend one or both workshops each day, depending on their learning needs.

On booking each workshop, parents will receive a guided questionnaire to complete and return before the workshop, detailing their children’s strengths and weaknesses in specific areas covered by the workshop. This will help the workshop teachers to plan the workshop content and approach to suit every child on the day.

Each child will go home with a goodie bag of revision notes and practice sheets to continue the targeted learning and complement individual 11+ tutoring. We will also send a personal email to parents with feedback about their child’s participation after the workshop, with advice for the next steps in their 11+ preparation.


11+ Workshop Series


  • English Workshops
  • Maths Workshops


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11+ Maths Workshop Series – 2019 Content

Maths Workshop 2 – Understanding and using algebra

Sunday, 21st July


Time to demystify the most powerful of all maths topics: algebra. Students will be given a solid grounding in algebra as well as shown how it can be used as a useful tool to solve a range of problems.

This workshop will cover:

  • Algebra basics: how to work with numbers and letters
  • Answering questions based on formulae
  • Working with equations: from solving simple equations up to simultaneous equations
  • Creating and solving equations from worded problems.



Maths Workshop 3 – Solving difficult problems

Sunday, 20th October

Every 11+ paper has some difficult questions, the kind that make students wonder where to start.

This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding which topic is behind difficult questions
  • Selecting the correct methods to solve them
  • Making sure the relevant working out is shown
  • This workshop will also explore the different types of 11+ paper and the varying difficulty and question types asked, depending on the school.


Maths Workshop 4 – Exam technique

Sunday, 1st December

This will be a troubleshooting Workshop; a final boost to help students achieve high marks in the exams, with top tips and practice for the exams, plus target setting for last minute revision and practice.

Continuing where October’s workshop left off, the group will go through a succession of difficult questions. This final workshop will also cover exam technique, including:

  • How to avoid silly mistakes
  • Making every second count
  • What working out to show
  • Tackling the toughest of questions.


11+ English Workshop Series – 2019 Content

English Workshop 2 – GL + CEM Style Comprehension 2

Sunday, 21st July

This workshop will consolidate the strategies introduced in the previous workshop. It will also introduce the concept of critical thinking  and encourage the students to question their ideas about moral and ethical concepts. This is in response to an increasing number of schools asking entry candidates to discuss such topics at interview.

  • Revision of strategies introduced in previous workshop
  • Introduction of poetry as a comprehension text
  • Further timing and “speed work”
  • Critical thinking.


English Workshop 3 – Tricky Questions

Sunday, 20th October

This workshop will look at a range of papers, allowing the students to grade them as “less challenging”, “reasonably challenging” or “very challenging”. It will also introduce writing strategies.

  • The types of comprehension questions
  • Looking at a range of genres chosen for the text
  • Looking at a range of excerpts from exam papers
  • Identifying the tricky questions: what makes them challenging and what is the question really asking for?
  • “How does the writer…”
  • “What do you learn about the character of…”
  • The genre of writing
  • How to plan
  • The importance of the opening and the ending
  • The length of the writing piece.


English Workshop 4 – Consolidation

Sunday, 1st December

This workshop will pay specific attention to exam technique. It will also address the issue of how to read a poetry text, and how to discern the poet’s intentions.

The students will have the opportunity to write a creative piece under exam conditions, using photographic stimuli.

The importance of the mark scheme in standard version comprehension will be addressed. A revision of verbal reasoning techniques will be offered.

  • Revision of the writing strategies introduced in the previous workshop
  • Top tips for planning the writing piece
  • Using photographic stimuli for the writing piece
  • Standard version comprehension and the use of the mark-scheme
  • Reading and understanding poetry
  • Completing verbal reasoning questions.






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  • Dates
    Sunday, 21st July
  • Sunday, 20th October
  • Sunday, 1st December
  • Location
    London N2 0EF


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