The JK Educate Workshops have been designed to help children achieve to the best of their ability.

They complement 11+ tutoring and our Mock Exams in the meeting the challenges of these exams. They are also a fun yet focused way to learn!

Our top 11+ maths and English specialists run these targeted maths and English workshops to provide the knowledge and practice required to succeed in the 11+ exams. With the introduction of CEM and the attempts to make 11+ exams “tutor-proof” it’s even more essential for children to have the confidence in what they will face on the day.

Maths and English workshops are offered on the same day to allow students to attend one or the other, or both.

Each workshop is designed to complement the others and are specific to the timeline for the exams, covering all the essentials for the state selective school exams in September and the independent school exams in January. It is not necessary to attend them all to gain benefit from each individual sessions.


Workshop :  Sunday 28th October 2018 (9:15am-1:00pm / 1.30pm-5.30pm)

Maths: Solving difficult problems

Every 11+ paper has difficult questions, the kind that make students wonder where to start.

This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding which topic is behind difficult questions.
  • Selecting the correct methods to solve them.
  • Making sure the relevant working out is shown.
English: Independent exams

This workshop is aimed at the final preparation for the independent schools’ exams and is also suitable for the second-round exams for the state selective schools and will cover:

  • Timing – developing individual strategies for comprehension and writing.
  • Developing the range of comprehension answers required for the exams.
  • Developing writing for a range of possible genres.
  • Poetry – understanding how to respond in comprehension.
  • Poetry – understanding how to comment and write on topic.
  • Strategies in the exams for using literary effects.
  • Individual targets for exams.



Workshop :  Sunday 2nd December 2018 (9:15am-1:00pm / 1.30pm-5.30pm)

  • Troubleshooting Workshop.
  • Top tips and practice sessions for the exams.
  • Target setting for last minute revision and practice.

It’s time to give them the final boost to help them achieve high marks in the exams. This final workshop will cover:

Exam technique including:

  • How to avoid silly mistakes.
  • Making every second count.
  • What working out to show.
  • Tackling the toughest of questions.
  • Continuing where October’s workshop left off, the group will go through a succession of difficult questions.
  • Additionally, each student (via their parents) will be asked to submit a question they have found almost impossible to answer via email ahead of the workshop.

Handling time pressure

  • Students will be given a specified time to answer questions. This will simulate the time available in a real exam.
  • Advice on when to stop attempting a question and move on to the next one

Expert advice on everything from using diagrams and visual aids through to checking whether answers are sensible.

  • Troubleshooting – comprehension and writing.
  • Timing for success.
  • Top tips and practice sessions for the exams.
  • Target setting for last minute revision and practice before each exam.


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    Sunday, 28th October
  • Sunday 2nd December

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'Lottie was offered a place at all of the three schools she applied to. There’s no way that would have happened without the superb tutoring and the confidence you managed to install in her. We’re incredibly grateful. See you at GCSE time!'

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