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At JK Educate, we know that the support needs for individuals living with dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD don’t disappear when they leave school. The transition from education to work, or to a new job, brings its own challenges – any change of environment and new working practices can have an impact on the skills seen as important to an individual’s success at work. Anyone struggling with adult dyslexia or managing their ADHD at work may find that memory, organisation skills, literacy and stress management can all be negatively affected by such changes.

Specialist coaching and support can make all the difference to adults whose different thinking styles and approaches to work might be creating a barrier to their own success. We have taught and supported many students, from Early Years to University, with many success stories involving children with SEN. We are delighted to offer the same level of expert support to both existing and new clients facing the challenges of their ADHD, dyslexia or dyspraxia at work.

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We know that as children grow up to be adults, it’s equally important to remain confident and receive appropriate backing and coaching. Being helped to utilise individual strengths can help solve workplace challenges and prevent any distress and loss of confidence.

How Does it Work?

We offer a specialist coaching service to bolster confidence and boost understanding of the issues faced by adults with specific support needs.

Our series of bespoke two-hour coaching sessions within the workplace build understanding of the specific challenges faced and work through possible strategies for improvement and increased confidence. For example, dyslexic adults can benefit enormously from identifying their individual learning style and their strengths and weaknesses, and then learning specific approaches to work that are most likely to suit them and lead to successful outcomes. Where employers are involved, they can increase their understanding of the issues and commit to the support required.

This approach has been honed over many years by our specialist consultant, working across the public and private sectors, in small and large organisations.

Successful Outcomes

Here are two short case studies illustrating the transformative power of this specialist workplace coaching:

Case study – Calum*

Calum was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD whilst still in education, and after doing well on a graduate trainee programme, he was promoted. His new job involves working on different projects with changing priorities and more reading of reports and documents to which he needs to respond quickly.  These elements were a challenge for him because of his dyslexia and he found his new responsibilities challenging and sometimes overwhelming. He was spending more and more time at work just to keep on top of his workload, and often found it difficult to concentrate with the distractions of an open plan office.

Through targeted discussions and exercises, we helped Calum discover his strengths, to enable him to develop strategies to work more efficiently.  We explored areas such as:

  • The impact of the workplace environment on concentration
  • How the way text is presented influences reading
  • The effect of an individual’s perception of time on how they manage their time.

We discovered that making changes in the way Calum worked enabled him to organise and prioritise his work more efficiently, and soon he was meeting his deadlines.  By making small changes to how he reads documents, Calum can quickly extract key information and respond to colleagues with confidence. He is performing well, and no longer working long hours or feeling stressed about managing his workload.

Case Study – Faith*

Faith worked hard at school and university; she spent longer hours studying than her fellow students, but still achieved similar results. After graduation, Faith went to work in the public sector so she could use her excellent interpersonal skills to support people in the community.

Faith enjoyed the parts of her job where she was able to utilise her strengths of building trust, finding solutions and making recommendations to her clients. However, she found taking notes and writing reports difficult, noticing that she was struggling to remember the detail of conversations.  Faith soon fell behind with her admin and was missing deadlines, resulting in her feeling anxious, losing confidence and wondering if she had made the right career choice. Faith’s manager suggested she had dyslexic traits and recommended a coaching programme to help her organise her time more efficiently.

By using Faith’s strengths, such as visualisation, storytelling and people skills, we worked with her over a six-session coaching programme, with each session lasting two hours.

The programme was designed to develop strategies to support:

  • Note taking
  • Memory
  • Organisation
  • Literacy.

By the end of the programme, Faith was using many of the strategies automatically and was on top of her admin. As a result she said her confidence had increased and she was feeling very positive about her career and managing her dyslexia at work.

The right help can transform careers and lives.

Call us now on 020 3488 0754 to discuss how we can help you cope with ADHD at work

*These are genuine case studies, but we have changed the names to preserve our clients’ privacy.




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