Home School Mentoring

The idea of this service is to help you with your children’s educational needs whilst we are in lockdown at home and you are trying to manage everything!

We will match you with an appropriate tutor to work with you and your child online to help with the following:

  • Organise school homework with the child
  • Ensure that the child’s timetable is being followed and if there is no given timetable then the tutor can create one
  • Check in daily to hear how the homework is going and answer any questions
  • Follow up with explanations and send through additional worksheets if required
  • Provide support for parents if they need further advice or direction
  • Liaise with parents regarding concerns and progress

Support will be provided daily during the week,  by holding a 15 minute call with you and/or your child to review work, answer questions and set priorities.   This can be done online using our specially designed online classrooms, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or a voice call. However, should occasional additional support be required then the tutor is contactable throughout the day via text and WhatsApp.  That way your child and you will feel supported by a teacher being there for you at all times.

Tutors will be matched according to family, children and their needs.

The cost for this weekly service would be £100 a week per tutor per child.

If you feel we can help, we are here for you. Please call the office on 0203 488 0754 or call Sasha directly on 07493 877 066.



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    The Good Schools Guide
    The Good Schools Guide places us in their top category of tutoring agencies and they have recently conducted an updated review of our services. It is a great review which recognises our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients and students, helping families navigate the educational journeys of their children, providing caring support, expert advice and bespoke tutoring whenever it’s needed.
    ‘Clients get plenty of feedback… including monthly reports. “Most agencies are simply there to connect tutor and client, taking a fee for it and that’s it – no follow up. This one is clearly in a different league, with the ex-teachers at the helm having a strong sense of the fact that parents want more than that.”’
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