Summer Online 11+ Group Workshops

Summer Online 11+ Group Workshops

We are delighted to launch our summer JK 11+ exam preparation workshops for Year 5 students looking to sit the 11+ this coming autumn. These workshops were created and will be delivered by highly experienced, professional 11+ teachers with outstanding track records of 11+ pass rates.



If you choose to book both maths and English courses, then there will be a 10% reduction and the price will be £162 per course.

There will be no more than 6 students per group to ensure a tailored and bespoke offering.

The English groups will run on either a Monday or Tuesday between 10-11am from week beginning Monday 13th July.

The maths groups will run on either a Wednesday between 11-30am – 12.30pm or a Thursday at 10-11am beginning Wednesday 15th July.

Due to high demand, students will be expected to attend on the same day and time each week for the duration of their course.


The maths groups covers the following 11+ topics:

Lesson 1: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

  • Multiplying and dividing with fractions and decimals
  • Percentage of an amount, increase and decrease problems
  • Reverse fraction of an amount and reverse percentage of an amount
  • Conversions between fractions, decimals and percentages
  • NVR – Finding which shape is most like the others

Lesson 2: Ratios

  • Equivalent ratios, sharing an amount with ratios and differences in amount
  • Using ratios to solve worded problems
  • Maps and scales
  • Inverse ratios
  • NVR – Finding which shape is the odd one out

Lesson 3: Metric Units and Time

  • Solving metric unit word problems in context
  • Dealing with time in context, including reading from tables, multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting with time
  • NVR – Shapes and code breaking

Lesson 4: 2D Shapes

  • Solving area and perimeter problems in context
  • Finding missing angles in shapes
  • NVR – Shapes and code breaking

Lesson 5: Algebra

  • Solving equations
  • Forming and solving equations from worded problems
  • NVR – Finding the missing shape in a pattern grid

Lesson 6: Logic Puzzles and Problem Solving

  • Practise a mixture of problems involving logic and reasoning
  • NVR – Finding the missing pattern in a pattern sequence


The English groups cover the following 11+ topics:

Lesson 1: Key Reading Skills

  • Skimming, scanning and retrieval
  • Extended reading skills
  • Complex inference and deduction

Lesson 2: Consolidating Reading Skills

  • Thinking about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of an author’s intentions

Lesson 3: Literary Devices

  • Critically evaluating tricky texts

Lesson 4: Vocabulary

  • Growing a word bank

Lesson 5: Writing Skills

  • Descriptive writing and the ‘wow’ factor
  • How to paint a picture in the reader’s head

Lesson 6: Summing up of all the sessions and recapping main points

  • Setting a short assignment

To book now, please contact Susannah Joseph on 07751700512, or email her at



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