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As educational consultants, we offer advice on all aspects of education including: school choices, assessments, entrance exams and interviews, preparing for university, SEND, coaching, behavioural difficulties, and study and organisational skills.

We will provide this support ourselves, or through our network of carefully selected independent professionals.

In addition, we offer free education talks to parents on key aspects of education and offer a corporate speaking service for companies wishing to offer education advice to their employees.

The world of education and schools can be a minefield and, as a parent, it is often not easy to get impartial advice regarding your child. This is why we are here to help and offer advice on every aspect of education.

We are featured in the Good Schools Guide A List of tutoring companies and consultancies, with a glowing review:

“They certainly know their onions when it comes to education – a combination that makes you feel instantly at ease with them, as well as in safe hands. ‘These women are something else. What they don’t know about the system isn’t worth knowing,’ one parent told us.”

To discuss how our educational consultants could help you, call 020 3488 0754, or contact us.



Academic assessments and school choices

  • Schools advice: Choosing the right state or independent primary and secondary schools for your child is a vital and often difficult decision. As education consultants, we offer up-to-date and sound advice on school choices based on our knowledge from years of experience in preparing children for school applications and our strong relationships with the schools themselves.
  • JK’s academic assessments: Our assessments establish both your child’s academic progress and their potential. The detailed results feedback and advice we offer as a follow up to an assessment is vital in guiding your next steps towards choosing the right school for your child.
  • Preparing children for exams and interviews: This includes tutoring, coaching in exam technique, and one-to-one interview coaching and practice.

Extra support

  • Identify and support special educational needs (SEN), ADHD, ASD, speech and language difficulties, short-term memory, executive functioning, processing, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, handwriting difficulties.
  • Specialist assessments by educational psychologists, speech and language specialists and occupational therapists.
  • Support with children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, including referrals to psychotherapists or psychologists.
  • Coaching and person-centred support to support children in their education and beyond, to equip them with life-long skills to solve their own issues. We also offer parents practical coaching-style ways to explore and deal with their teenagers’ school-related issues and challenges.
  • Referrals to our wide range of specialists and professionals.

General educational consultancy and support

  • Support for children needing help with organisational skills takes the form of individual tutoring, workshops and advice for parents on how best to support their child’s learning at home.
  • Specific support for children needing to improve their study skills, and their revision skills for tests and exams, is delivered primarily through targeted individual tutoring with JK tutors who are experts in this area.
  • JK offers child coaching for education, encompassing person-centred support. This can benefit and empower young students, supporting children in their education and in their life beyond school, by equipping them with life-long skills to cope with and solve their own issues.
  • Individual support and coaching for adults with dyslexia, dyscalculia and organisational difficulties.
  • A corporate speaking service is provided to companies wishing to offer credible education advice to their employees. Recent companies to use this service include Bird and Bird, Google and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Free educational

  • JK’s free education talks are regularly delivered to London parents on key aspects of education, with question and answer sessions.
  • JK Educate’s founders also contribute editorial content to both local and national publications and are invited to take part in radio and online discussions on education matters.
  • JK Expert Tips are blogs and editorial pieces from our educational consultants, covering a wide range of education topics

For more information about our consultancy services, please call: 020 3488 0754, or contact us.



What we like about JK Educate: Katie and Lorrae’s knowledge of the educational system and curriculum and their ability to target appropriate schools through their assessment process. Correctly matching tutor personalities to suit the pupil. High standard of tutors.”


“Friendly personal service which has a genuine desire to assist with children’s educational development and progress.”


“Firstly, congratulations on JK Educate being recommended by The Good Schools Guide! I also remember being impressed earlier in the year as I read an article in the Telegraph by yourselves.

You have given us plenty to think about – thank you. We are absolute beginners in the private school world and will take time over the weekend to consider the next steps.”




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The Good Schools Guide
The Good Schools Guide places JK Educate in its Section A category of tutoring agencies and their review of our work is highly positive:
"These women are dynamic and warm, and they certainly know their onions when it comes to education - a combination that makes you feel instantly at ease with them as well as in safe hands.""The parents we spoke to couldn't get enough of these add-on options. 'It's a one-stop shop for tutoring, but it's a la carte, which means you can pick and choose what works for you. What could be better?' said one parent.""For a tutor, it's near on perfect, and the customer ultimately benefits from that too, one tutor summed up."
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