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Distance is no barrier to learning, with JK Educate’s one-to-one online tutoring service, part of our flexible approach to tutoring provision and educational support. JK Educate help children from all over the world and across the UK, across all age ranges, including 11+ preparation, GCSEs, A Levels and undergraduate studies.

Our online tutoring programme provides a shared screen, allowing tutors and students to upload documents, write together, see each other and keep a copy of documents; it also records the lesson for students to save and refer to afterwards. This is part of our ongoing investment in the business to ensure we offer families the best possible service.

This online teaching software obviously facilitates long-distance one-to-one tutoring, but it also brings benefits for ad hoc top-up tutoring, lessons during overseas holidays, or simply when school holidays become too hectic to schedule a face-to-face session. Our current overseas clients reside in many locations, including Singapore, India, Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Canada, New York and Los Angeles.

For many students, the move overseas is temporary, and students need help to stay on track whilst abroad. They then need our continued help to integrate back into the British education system and curriculum when they return. Other students may have never lived in the UK before, but require support, advice and specialist online tutoring to apply successfully to the British senior school of their choice.

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“We are delighted with the support we received from JK Educate.  Zoe has just received her GCSE scores for English and she achieved an A* for both English Literature and Language.  Thank you for your wonderful tutor who helped her online while she was here in Dubai.   We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Peter Coffer,   Dubai


“Habs, City, UCS and Highgate!  Which one to choose for Sophie???  I guess that’s good problems!  Thank you for the 11+ online tutoring… she’s looking forward to returning to England and starting her secondary education in one of these schools in September!   We couldn’t have done this without you!”

Joanne Dillis,  New York


“When my work took the family to New York at the most important time as regards working towards exams, we weren’t sure how we could continue to help prepare our son for the 11+.

Modern technology was the key. Both tutors were able to continue working with him from August all the way through to February by working out times to do online sessions despite the time difference.

Not only were they patient and accommodating but the system worked and he was able to get a place at Latymer Upper School, which was our first choice.

Both teachers were diligent and professional and I would recommend them extremely highly. A special mention must go to his maths tutor, as he had much further to go in his maths than in his English. He took him back to basics, patiently built him back up and made sure he was equipped with the knowledge he would need to get the right grade.

Thanks to you all for your time and effort,

All the best.”

Rex Reynolds


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