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11+ tutoring in London and online tutoring from JK Educate

Homeschool Mentoring

This service was created to help you support your children’s educational needs. First designed during the first COVID Lockdown, it is still a valuable support service for busy parents now that children are back at school.

We will match you with an appropriate tutor to work with you and your child online to help with the following:

  • Organise school homework with the child
  • Ensure that the child’s timetable is being followed where applicable – and if there is no given timetable, the tutor can create one
  • Check in daily to hear how the homework is going and answer any questions
  • Follow up with explanations and send through additional worksheets if required
  • Provide support for parents if they need further advice or direction to support home learning
  • Liaise with parents regarding concerns and progress

Support will be provided daily during the week, by holding a daily 15-minute call with you and/or your child to review work, answer questions and set priorities. This can be undertaken online using our specially designed online classrooms, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or a voice call. Should occasional additional support be required, then the tutor can be contacted during the day via text or WhatsApp. That way your child and you will feel supported by always having a teacher there for you.

Tutors will be matched according to family, children and their needs.

The cost for this weekly service is £100 a week per tutor per child, with no minimum sign-up period.

If you feel we can help, we are here for you. Please call the office on 0203 488 0754 or call Sasha directly on 07493 877 066.


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