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You assessed and tutored my daughter Chloe last year, and I am pleased to say she got into Henrietta Barnett!

I have since recommended your service to a lot of friends and a few of them have used you; I will continue to sing your praises as I really do feel like we could not have gotten Chloe in without your help.

We now have the same task for our son Frank, who is in year 5. He is very bright – his strengths are in maths and non-verbal reasoning. His idea of ‘fun’ is to do maths bond papers!

We’d like to know if he should try for QE boys, but we are also considering independent schools for Frank. He is a quirky boy with a few health issues and Asperger’s syndrome, so I’ll also be looking for advice on schools you think would be a safe, friendly place for him whilst still challenging him to reach his full potential.

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