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Sara Bennett, Highgate

11 +

‘I just wanted to say a big, big, MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and to your great team, David and James. I am so grateful that I found Jaderberg Krais, at such a critical time, when I was in two minds as to whether to go ahead with the independent school applications or not. ¬†However, having Mia assessed and getting a detailed feedback from you helped me in making my mind to proceed with the applications, had I not I would not have seen this day….I cannot express myself enough as to how happy I am. The next stage was tutoring, and with so little time (less than two months to be precise), I needed to find the best tutors for my daughter, and you gave me the best English and Maths tutor that my daughter could have ever asked for. I will forever be grateful to David, he worked so well with Mia, in particular, comprehension. A great tutor!! James,on the other hand, a maths genius, although Mia only had 4 hours of tutoring with him, he knew exactly what Mia’s weak points were and made her aware of them straight away!! Love you Jaderberg Krais!!!’

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