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The 11+

Our 11+ department supports families throughout the process of school admissions at 11+, from academic assessments and school choices to mock exams and interview preparation. Headed up by co-founder of JK Educate Lorrae Jaderberg, the JK 11+ team includes specially trained tutors and regularly updated resources, with our expert focus on the ever-changing requirements of schools’ entrance exam procedures.

Our JK 11+ monitoring team ensures that all 11+ students are always achieving to their potential as they prepare for these challenging exams. Students’ progress is tracked throughout their journey with JK.



The JK Educate Workshops have been designed to help children achieve to the best of their ability. They complement 11+ tutoring and our Mock Exams in the meeting the challenges of these exams. They are also a fun yet focused way to learn!

Our top 11+ maths and English specialists run these targeted maths and English workshops to provide the knowledge and practice required to succeed in the 11+ exams. With the introduction of CEM and the attempts to make 11+ exams “tutor-proof” it’s even more essential for children to have the confidence in what they will face on the day.

Maths and English workshops are offered on the same day to allow students to attend one or the other, or both on the same day.

Each workshop is designed to complement the others and are specific to the timeline for the exams, covering all the essentials for the state selective school exams in September and the independent school exams in January.

Children don’t have to have attended previous ones in the series to benefit from any of them. They are welcome to attend as many, or as few as you wish.





2018 English and Maths 11+ Workshop Series Dates:

Sunday, 15th April

Sunday, 10th June

Sunday, 1st  July

Tuesday, 28th August

Sunday, 28th October

Sunday, 2nd December


For information please call: 020 3369 3390, or contact us.



JK Educate 11+ Mock Exams reconstruct the feeling of a real test so that your child will know what to expect when faced with the real exam situation and develop real strategies to help them.

Experience shows us that those children attending the JK Educate 11+ Mock Exam become more confident, which affects their performance in the real exams and the subsequent school offers they receive.

These exams help your child to master their time management and develop their ability to stay calm, even when faced with question types they have not seen before.

The standard and content of these exams are authentic and appropriate for 11+ testing. They have been specifically written by 11+ experts, commissioned to reproduce the challenges and standards that will be tested in the 11+ selective secondary school exams.

After a mock exam, each child’s work is marked and the results drawn up into an individualised report with detailed recommendations for the next stages of revision and teaching.


2018 11+ Mock Exam Dates:

Sunday, 6th  May –  Exam 1 (With provisional extra sitting on 13th May)

Sunday, 7th October – Exam 2 (With provisional extra sitting on 14th October)


If you would like more information, or would like to book a place for your child for these mock exams, please call 020 3488 0754 or contact us.




“What helped me most was doing regular past papers and mock exams, therefore allowing the actual exams to come across as not too much of a shock.”

Rebekah, 11+ student, Barnet


“Xanthe had offers from all schools she sat for. She has asked me to thank JK and let you know that she found the mock exam particularly useful.”

Diana, Wandsworth



For information on the next Tutor Group in your area contact us.


11+Tutor Groups prepare groups of Year 5 children for secondary school entrance exams. They can offer a good alternative to one-to-one tutoring, where students enjoy working alongside their school peers and enjoy the social element of group tutoring.

We have been working in successful partnership with London primary schools for over ten years. We deliver after-school group tutoring in years 5 at the school itself, taught by specialist 11+ teachers. We provide regularly updated resources and our expert focus on the ever-changing requirements of schools’ entrance exam procedures.

Tutor Groups begin in the autumn term of Year 5 for two hours after school once a week. They offer comprehensive exam preparation in maths, English, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Children are expected to complete homework during the week in between sessions to secure new learning.

These classes have proved incredibly popular over the years and the children attending them have achieved places at the secondary schools of their choice.

For further information and bookings, please contact us:,  or 020 3488 0754



“I don’t think there are actually the words to express how grateful we are for the help you gave us.  I talked to Lorrae twice about pulling Caitlin out of the group and not taking the exams because the other children seemed to be doing so much better.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her for dissuading me from that course of action.  Now I can’t even believe that I thought that would be a good thing to do!”

Shona O’Neil, Finsbury Park



Our JK Educate school interviews preparation gives our students the confidence and skills to approach forthcoming interviews with energy and enthusiasm. We explain the interview process, give examples of the questions that are asked and help the child consider how they would answer in ‘live’ conditions.

Depending on the school, the process can vary, but we provide top interview tips, helping the child understand that no answer is wrong, as long as it can be explained and is delivered with confidence. We look at the importance of voice projection and the dynamics of interacting with others in group interview situations.  Our interview preparation also includes a mock English oral comprehension and questions based on a piece of art.

Interview preparation sessions last for an hour and parents are encouraged to attend too so they can practise some of the skills with their child after the session.

For more information or to book an interview session please call 020 3369 3390 or contact us.


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