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The 7+

We have responded to increased demand for help with 7+ and 9+ preparations, and supporting children who are just starting their academic journey.  Lorrae Jaderberg, co-founder of JK Educate oversees all training of our 7+ and 9+ tutors as well as the monitoring of students’ progress.  Using her detailed knowledge, our teaching resources are always current.

We always recommend assessing children before discussing possible school choices and then routes forward – that may or may not require tutoring. These children are very young, but these entrance assessments still require preparation. Your child needs to understand what they will face and how to do well, so a knowledgeable tutor’s help can be the most effective tool.

Children in Year 1 are still adapting to their new school environment.  A JK assessment will help parents understand their child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, which is vital when considering the 7+ journey.  Through an assessment we can also ensure pastoral needs are met at this tender age.  Our assessments assist us in determining whether a child is ready for the journey.

One-to-one tutoring and working in small groups often works best with this age group, so that they can be helped to learn in the way and at a pace that best suits them. We have developed new Workshops for this age group and both 7+ and 9+ mock exams to take the fear of the unknown out of the test day itself. As interviews are often also conducted for the 7+ or 9+, we also offer school interview preparations to explain the interview process, give examples of the questions that are asked and help the child consider how they would answer in ‘live’ conditions.

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The 2017 workshops and mock exams to prepare for the 7+ have come to an end, but we will be introducing a new series in 2018.

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