JK Expert Tips: December 2019

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Monthly Archives: December 2019


JK educate - December 23rd, 2019

The Christmas holidays are the ideal time for family fun, great food, party games and outings. The learning needn’t stop at this time, but it should be kept fun and festive, especially for young children. Classic board games help reading skills and improve word power, from Boggle to Scrabble or Articulate, and others such as Read More >


JK educate - December 10th, 2019

Subjects tutored: English EAL Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts Higher Diploma of Education Bachelor of Education (post-graduate) Relevant Experience: I am an educator with many years’ experience in many diverse subjects and age groups. I am also an assessor, moderator, examiner and an author of teacher training manuals. I have tutored many students of all levels Read More >

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