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11+ One-To-One Tutoring

Tutoring from carefully matched tutors, specially trained in 11+ teaching and monitored by JK’s senior team. Available in person or online, through our interactive online tutoring programme. Our 11+ department supports families throughout the process of school admissions at 11+, from academic assessments and school choices to tutoring, mock exams and interview preparation.

We know that preparing children for the 11+ exam is a big commitment for families. It requires dedication, careful planning, and the right resources and support. That’s why JK Educate’s services are designed to perfectly match 11+ tutors to parents and children with specific needs.

Our extensive experience in helping children achieve success in their 11+ exams is thanks to our highly experienced and knowledgeable tutors. Their excellent tutoring skills and the JK 11+ package of resources provide your child with the support they need to achieve success.

Why choose JK’s 11+ tutors?

The 2022-23 cohort of JK students achieved a 98% success rate in the 11+. We are very proud of their achievements and we look forward to helping your child achieve similar success.

Our 11+ tutoring department supports families throughout the process of school admissions for the 11+ exam, with a full package of tailored services. These services include academic assessment, mock exams and interview preparation sessions, but central to it all is our expert 11+ tutoring.

Here are some of the reasons why JK’s 11+ tutors are so successful:

  • JK’s 11+ private one-to-one tutors undergo rigorous selection and are trained in specific 11+ tutoring techniques and curriculum content by the unique JK Academy.
  • Each student is carefully matched to one of our specialised 11+ tutors based on learning style and personality.
  • A personalised teaching plan is created for each student based on their existing knowledge and curricular 11+ elements they are taught at school.
  • Our 11+ teaching packs are regularly updated to reflect the ever-changing requirements of the 11+ exam boards and the individual schools’ entrance exam procedures.
  • All of JK’s private 11+ one-to-one tutors are monitored by JK’s senior team throughout the entire 11+ tutoring journey, whether they are in-person or online.
  • Parents receive regular, detailed feedback based on their child’s progress against the agreed targets.

The JK Educate 11+ journey combines a blend of JK’s tailor-made writing resources designed exclusively for 11+ students with carefully selected commercial resources. Our experienced tutors have access to the latest information, including the comprehensive JK 11+ Exam Practice Papers and Resource Pack. This enables our 11+ tutors to concentrate on the specific elements that are most relevant to your child’s needs.

We have been producing the Practice Papers and Resource Pack since 2012, updating and improving it every year. These packs, which benefit from the expertise of our specialist 11+ tutors, are exceptionally comprehensive.

For instance, our JK 11+ English and Maths Exam and Resource Pack offers 100 papers, available in print or digital formats, and caters to a broad spectrum of boys’, girls’, and co-educational schools. The papers cover a wide range of topics and contain a diverse list of question types and mark schemes.

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Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find a hand-picked 7+ tutor for your child.

Find out what makes our tutors for 7 year olds special:

Do JK have 11+ tutors near me?

We provide 11+ tutors in person at students’ homes in and around London, and across all regions with our interactive online tutoring programme.

Whether you choose in-person or online tutoring, we will carefully match your child to a tutor who matches their personality and learning style. We know through experience that this is critical to your child’s success as the right tutor becomes a trusted mentor. Our tutors are carefully selected, high-calibre teachers who are knowledgeable, talented, and enthusiastic about their work with their students. Meet some of our experienced 11+ tutors here.

In-person 11+ tutoring

JK Educate’s one-to-one tutoring is effective and dynamic, helping children reach their full potential in their 11+ assessments. We offer in-person,  11 plus one-to-one tutoring in and around London. As with all our students, we carefully match children with tutors who will best suit their personalities and their learning requirements.

Our success as a leading private tutoring agency in London is due in part to the strong emphasis on communication with families. We get to know children and their circumstances well through careful conversations and our unique educational assessments. This enables us to support your child to reach their full potential, whatever their academic ability and goals.

Online 11+ tutoring

We offer specialised online tutoring to students in all geographical locations. The JK Educate online classrooms provide a visual, interactive and multi-sensory platform that appeals to all age ranges and ability levels. It is a platform where tutors and students can share images, text, video and game links to enable full collaboration and interaction.

Our unique online classrooms encourage independence and autonomy. Students can carry out concrete written tasks during the lesson, uploading them onto the screen within seconds, ready for shared annotation and feedback. Lessons are time efficient and remain as rigorous as when conducted face to face. Then, tutors can provide feedback seamlessly.

The 2022-2023 cohort of JK students who sat the 11+ exams achieved an impressive 98% success rate, despite the lost classroom learning throughout the pandemic. These children were tutored online for these exams, proving that JK’s refined method of online tutoring is a match for face-to-face tutoring.

How does 11+ tutoring work?

If you are deciding whether your child should sit 11+ exams, it’s good to have an assessment in Year 4 to support the decision. If you decide to proceed, tutoring can then start early in Year 5. We find that a year of preparation gives optimum results, but of course, every child is different and starting later is not a barrier to success.

Get in touch with us today to arrange your child’s academic assessment with us.

We use the academic assessment to assess a child’s ability and how they like to learn, so we can match them to the right tutor. We also look at their current school’s teaching and how much of the 11+ curriculum they have already covered, so we can develop a bespoke teaching plan. This will be adjusted by their expert tutor, working on the student’s specific needs and how they evolve, supported by monthly progress checks with the senior monitoring team.

Personalised teaching evolves through the child’s journey towards the 11+ exams, supported by monthly progress checks. Tutoring often takes place over a period of around twelve months in the form of weekly lessons. These may be conducted in person or online, but always one-to-one. The tuition is always bespoke, tailored both to the individual child and their target schools, whether the school uses ISEB, GL or CEM examination papers.

Our 11+ tutoring department supports families throughout the process of school admissions for 11. We offer a full package of tailored services to boost 11+ success. These services include:

  • academic assessments
  • mock exams and workshops
  • interview preparation sessions
  • expert personalised 11+ tutoring
  • regular parent and student feedback
  • summer residential boarding course

What does 11+ private tuition cover?

Our 11+ tutoring covers the required content in non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, 11+ maths and 11+ English, as well as teaching revision skills and exam techniques.

  • 11+ maths tutoring covers every area of the curriculum in detail, including algebra, fractions, and geometry, and introduces any appropriate elements from the KS3 maths curriculum.
  • 11+ English tutoring covers comprehension, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and introduces any appropriate elements from the KS3 English curriculum.
  • Verbal reasoning preparations include a full range of question types and strong guidance on technique, including how to approach specific topics.
  • Non-verbal reasoning tutoring also covers a full range of question types and expert guidance on test techniques and approaches.

Our skilled tutors identify individual targets in each subject for their students to work towards, developing confidence and building self-esteem. Our Training and Monitoring Managers help 11+ tutors set individual targets at different points in the journey to build student confidence and ensure that the correct resources are used at the right time.

Homework is set and marked to check progress and give feedback. Closer to exam time, students will write many practice papers from the appropriate exam board for their tutor to mark. This process helps students master essential exam techniques, including time management and effective question interpretation.

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Inertview preparation

Interview preparation is often a key element in gaining a school place through an 11+ admissions process. Most independent schools will conduct interviews, and they will either call back those children who have done well in the exams or interview every candidate on exam day. The interview process often includes a one-to-one conversation with the head teacher to reveal the child’s social skills, confidence and focus, by chatting about their hobbies, homes, philosophy and reasoning.

We offer regular interview preparation sessions throughout the year. All students are welcome to attend a session as you do not need to be using our tutoring service to book JK interview preparation and practice sessions. We offer:

  • Specialist 11+ interview preparation sessions to focus in detail on what schools will be looking for.
  • Individual interview preparation sessions at times that best suit you and set 11+ mock group interviews accordingly.

We advocate giving children focused 11+ interview preparation, to reduce nerves and help them perform at their best. It is definitely an advantage to be prepared by knowing the type of questions they may be asked and the activities they may be asked to perform. Interview preparation provides the space to think and consider the answers to some basic questions about themselves, their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. It also allows an opportunity to practise eye contact and positive body language, which can be difficult for some children.

11+ mock exams

Mock exams form a final and vital stage in the 11+ preparations, and take place once tutors have covered the 11+ curriculum with their students. JK Educate 11+ mock exams provide a taste of the real experience, with all of our mock exams taking place under strictly timed conditions.

  • We provide detailed mock exam feedback and results, to ensure that the final 11+ tutoring is highly focused on key areas for improvement.
  • We provide detailed mock exam feedback and results, to ensure that the final 11+ tutoring is highly focused on the key areas for improvement.

Sitting an exam under timed conditions may still be relatively new and alarming to this age group, so it’s good practice for them to write practice papers this way. Our 11+ tutors seek to provide an authentic examination experience with our age-specific 11+ Mock Exams.

Is the 11+ right for your child?

An academic assessment for your child is a must before they embark on the 11+ journey. This will inform you if they have the potential to pass these challenging exams, and indeed whether they are likely to manage in a highly academic selective senior school. If their academic potential doesn’t match up to the school’s future expectations, then you might be setting them up to fail, even if they can be prepared well enough to secure a place.

Children should not be intensively tutored to get into a school for which they lack the innate aptitude to succeed. Therefore, we always recommend assessing children before discussing possible school choices with you. Once we have agreed on target schools we can look at routes forward.

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What parents say about JK educate

Both our daughters have had very positive experiences with JK Educate. Tutors worked patiently, and expertly, with them in relatively short run-ups to 11+ exams, and both girls received excellent secondary school offers. I particularly valued Tania’s gauging of my second daughter’s working style and personality, and her efforts to work with those rather than in spite of them!

~ March 2023

JK Educate has been the guiding light in our daughter’s 11+ journey. Tania is exceptional in her skill, meticulous and incredibly comfortable to work with. I highly recommend them.

~ February 2023

JK Educate have been extremely helpful and valuable through my daughter’s 11+ journey. Attention to detail, insightful advice and guidance was immaculate. Tania and Sam are fantastic tutors, they are approachable, encouraging and always had my daughter’s perspective during the whole process. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

~ January 2023

JK Educate have been very supportive, thorough and child centred throughout our 11 plus journey. Joanne has been a truly amazing tutor and the whole team have been fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

~ February 2023

Find a 11+ Tutor Today

With our extensive experience, unique 11+ tutoring materials, and highly skilled tutors, we are ready to help your child achieve success in their 11+ journey, and all the future opportunities that it will bring them.

Get in touch to find a 11+ tutor matched perfectly to you and your child’s needs. Find out more about JK Educate’s academic assessments and 11+ exam preparations.

Or, for more handy guides, tips and advice for everything tutoring related, explore our range of resources for parents.

Do you have younger children needing educational support? If so, we also offer expert tutoring services for the 4+ and 7+ age groups.


What subjects are included in the 11+ exam?

11+ exams usually include English, Maths and Reasoning. Increasingly so, they also include aspects such as Creative Comprehension, Puzzles and Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. School-specific entrance exam information is usually available on the school’s website. JK tutors often have further ‘insider’ knowledge built up from previous 11+ work with students and their network within the educational sector. For many schools, there is a two-stage process, with an interview day for those who have been successful in the initial examinations.

When are the 11+ exams usually held?

The 11+ entrance exams are taken in Year 6. Grammar schools and state selective schools usually sit in September, with some schools having a second round in October. Independent school exams often take place between November – January of Year 6, although it is known for some to take time even earlier in October.

When should students start 11+ tutoring?

Every student is different and the 11+ journey is very personal to each individual, their current academic level, school goals and time scale. Many students start tutoring for the 11+ in Year 4 or early in Year 5. We find that at least a year of preparation gives optimum results, but of course, every child is different and starting later is not a barrier to success.

How quickly can my child start 11+ tutoring

We can implement 11+ tutoring quickly, usually within a week or two. First, your child should complete an academic assessment, then a meeting is held with the family to agree on a focused way forward for the schools your child is targeting. Once this is completed tutoring can begin.

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