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7+ One-To-One Tutoring

Seven plus tutoring from carefully matched and well-trained tutors, monitored by JK’s senior team and available in person or online. We have recruited many more specialist key stage 1 and 7+ tutors in response to increased demand for help with 7+ preparations and to support children who are just starting their academic journey.

JK Educate’s carefully matched 7 plus tutors are trained to deliver exceptional seven plus tutoring, monitored by JK’s senior team. Available in person or online, we cater to the specific needs of you and your child.

Utilise our highly experienced tutors for 7 year olds to bring the best out of your children. There’s no better way Year 2 children prepare for the 7 plus entrance exams.

Join the Growing List of 7+ Applications

Our expert team of specialised Key Stage 1 and 7+ tutors in London are ideally suited to aid 7+ preparation, both in-person and online. We have expanded our team over recent years in response to a growing demand for 7+ assistance. Each of our tutors is trained to provide personalised support for children who are embarking on their academic journey.

Our 7+ teaching takes place in students’ homes or using our interactive online tutoring classroom.

Many families are choosing to approach selective school entry at 7+ because of the increasing pressure on places at 11+. Of course, this means of course that competition is also growing at 7+ level. Using our tutors’ detailed knowledge, our teaching resources remain consistently up-to-date and tailored to align with curricular criteria.

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find a hand-picked 7+ tutor for your child.

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How and When is The 7+ Assessed

Students typically take the 7+ exams during Year 2 as a requirement for entrance into Year 3. The exam dates can differ between schools, and the assessment methods can also vary. Nevertheless, the written exam content predominantly focuses on English and Mathematics. Spelling, dictation, mental arithmetic and more creative skills may be assessed verbally on a one-to-one basis, with group exercises also sometimes used.

The English written paper emphasises story writing and text comprehension. It requires a strong vocabulary, above-average reading skills, structural understanding and careful attention to detail. Likewise, good handwriting is essential. Prepared and memorised answers are rarely effective; candidates must demonstrate the ability to structure responses and craft stories based on the questions or topics given on the day. A skilled 7 plus tutor can greatly assist in this preparation.

The written maths exam may include questions on any part of the Year 2 syllabus, and sometimes questions will be pitched beyond that level. Mental arithmetic is important and should be practised, as well as verbal testing and creative exercises. Our tutors for 7 year olds can help your child learn essential maths skills they may not have yet covered in school.

More schools are starting to include verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. A lot of children enjoy these as puzzles and challenges, but they can be daunting and should be practised regularly in the run-up to the tests.

Don’t panic if your child is the youngest in their year. At such a young age, a child born in September will still have a clear developmental advantage over one born the following August. Furthermore, when it comes to testing, the scores for verbal and non-verbal reasoning are usually adjusted to account for birth dates, ensuring a fair assessment.

For more information on how to prepare for the 7 plus and what is generally included in the exam, read our comprehensive guide to the 7+ exam.

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In-Person 7+ Tutoring

At JK Educate, our one-on-one 7+ tutoring approach ensures that children excel in their assessments. Our specialised tutoring services cater to the needs of young learners preparing for the 7+ exams, particularly in the London area. Just like with all our students, we take great care in pairing children with tutors who are the best fit for their personalities and learning needs.

Our reputation as a leading private tutoring agency in London is built on a strong foundation of open communication with families. We take the time to truly understand each child and their unique circumstances through thoughtful discussions and educational assessments. This deep insight allows us to provide tailored support, ensuring that your child reaches their maximum potential.

Online 7+ Tutoring

We provide highly efficient online tutoring services accessible to students worldwide. Our JK Educate online classrooms offer a visually engaging, interactive, and multisensory platform designed to accommodate learners of all ages and skill levels.

During lessons, students can easily complete written assignments, instantly sharing them on the screen for collaborative annotation and feedback. This approach ensures that our online lessons remain as time-efficient and academically rigorous as face-to-face instruction.

Is 7+ Tutoring Right for Your Child?

Just as for the 11+, you should have your child academically assessed before sending them on this journey. If their academic potential doesn’t match up to the school’s future expectations, then you might be setting them up to fail, even if they can be prepared well enough to secure a place there. Children should not be intensively tutored to get into a school for which they lack the innate aptitude to succeed. We always recommend assessing children before discussing possible school choices and then identifying appropriate routes forward, that may or may not require tutoring.

While these children are undoubtedly quite young, it’s important to recognise that preparation and understanding the expectations of 7+ assessments remain crucial. Your child should have a clear grasp of what to expect and how to perform well. Seeking guidance from a proficient 7+ entrance tutor can be the most effective means of support.

The JK Approach to 7+ Tutoring

JK have used our years of experience to develop and refine the ideal 7+ learning journey. We know that carefully tailored one-to-one tutoring often works best with 7 year olds. Bespoke tutoring means children can learn in the way and at the pace that best suits them, as shown in our unique learning journey:

  • JK have used our years of experience to develop and refine the ideal 7+ learning journey
  • We know that carefully tailored one-to-one tutoring often works best with this age group
  • Bespoke tutoring means children can learn in the way and at the pace that best suits them
  • We only use hand-picked, highly trained 7+ tutors
  • We constantly monitor our students’ progress and our tutors’ teaching standards
  • Our 7+ mock exams recreate the content and timings of the real 7+ so that children know what to expect when faced with the real exam situation
  • JK’s 7+ interview preparation removes the fear of the unknown for children facing entrance interviews.

7+ Interviews

Interviews often form an important part of assessment at 7+ and may comprise a one-to-one conversation with the headteacher and group tasks with other candidates. The interview will reveal the child’s social skills, confidence and focus, whilst the group tasks will show their ability to and follow direction and cooperate with other children. These elements are designed to reveal your child’s personality, so they should try to relax and be themselves, whilst talking about their hobbies and any other topics that come into the conversation.

Children should never be coached with model answers, but in our 7+ interview preparation we help them think about how they would respond to the questions and group exercises they might face. We also encourage them to practise speaking clearly and looking the interviewer in the eye whilst talking with them.

Find a 7+ Tutor Today

Get in touch to find a tutor for 7 year olds matched perfectly to you and your child’s needs. Find out more about JK Educate’s academic assessments and 7+ preparations.

Or, for more handy guides, tips and advice for everything tutoring related, explore our range of resources for parents.

Do you have children in different age groups requiring exam support? If so, we also offer personalised tutoring services for the 4+ and 11+ age groups.


What subjects are included in the 7+ Exam

The 7+ exam encompasses several key components to evaluate a child’s readiness for admission into certain primary schools. These components primarily focus on assessing a child’s proficiency in Mathematics and English, which are considered fundamental skills. The Maths section gauges their mathematical abilities, while the English section tests reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

In recent years, an increasing number of schools have introduced a Reasoning paper as part of the 7+ exam. This paper includes both Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions, aimed at evaluating a child’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, there may be specific verbal sections within the exam that assess mental arithmetic, spelling, memory, and dictation skills.

Beyond the traditional written portions, some 7+ exams also include manual and creative tasks. For instance, children may be asked to complete tasks like drawing a self-portrait, which assesses their creative abilities and manual dexterity.

When is the 7+ Exam usually held?

7+ entrance exams are typically scheduled to occur early in the spring term, with the intention of admitting students for the following September academic year. Following the examination, your child can expect to receive one of three outcomes: a firm placement offer, placement on a waiting list, or notification of an unsuccessful application.

When should students start their 7+ tutoring?

Tutoring can commence as early as the beginning of Year 1. Our experience indicates that a year of preparation typically yields the best results. However, it’s important to note that every child is unique, and starting later should not be seen as a hindrance to achieving success.

How quickly can my child start 7+ tutoring?

Our 7+ tutoring program can be initiated quickly, typically within a week or two. The process commences with your child undertaking an academic assessment. Subsequently, we arrange a family meeting to establish a clear plan tailored to the specific schools your child is aiming for. Once this plan is finalised, the tutoring sessions can promptly commence.

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