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Feedback from children and families of JK Educate

Discover how our personalised tutoring has made a difference in the lives of students and their families. Read their stories and experiences with our dedicated team.


Thank you very much. This has been a really useful experience. You have really helped me to have a realistic approach to the secondary transfer game. Maria enjoyed the process too (and is really looking forward to developing a vocabulary book!).

I feel that you have given me a picture of Maria that I can relate to as well. I am really impressed with your service. We would also now like you to find a tutor for Maria…

~ Cate, Wandsworth

Assessment Feedback

‘Thank you very much Katie for our meeting and your report, both of which have been very helpful and give us a good understanding of Anni’s options ahead.’

~ Jane, Wandsworth

Just to let you know Talitha received a 9 in Maths! She is taking Maths and further Maths A Levels.

Happy days.

~ Hazel Lee, Hampstead


What we like about JK Educate: Katie and Lorrae’s knowledge of the educational system and curriculum and their ability to target appropriate schools through their assessment process. Correctly matching tutor personalities to suit the pupil. High standard of tutors.

~ Parent feedback to JK survey


Everyone I have met so far has been very warm, approachable, and FOCUSED on what they’re providing for me/my child. I’ve felt that I’ve had their total attention. I’ve come away feeling confident in their abilities, knowledge and experience (which is what drew me in from the original talk by KK and LJ at Henrietta Barnett in March.) From what I’ve gathered so far, the approach of JK Educate is extremely thorough and comprehensive, and I sense I’d be well supported if our journey continues with you. All the above qualities register BIG TIME with us parents!

~ Caroline Fyldes, Barnet

6 school offers! Full of relief and pride. Seriously cannot thank you enough.  Team effort. So happy.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Amy, Clapham

Our experience of your tutoring was excellent. We felt guided at every stage of the process. Your knowledge and experience enabled you to address our son’s weaknesses and develop his strengths to a very high level so that he was successful in all the exams we sat him for. In particular, I felt very much that you reduced our anxiety about the process by being willing to share the task so completely with us.

The other particularly impressive aspect of your work is your ability to tailor the service to the list of schools we chose. You enabled our son to appear for each exam fully prepared, even though each has different requirements and the exam dates are separated by many months.

~ Alison Craig, Islington

Dear Lorrae and Katie,

Just want to let you know that we received Olly’s letter from Latymer this past week and he is in the top 285 in terms of exam results!  The letter was glowing, and Olly was very pleased.  All that hard work paid off!

Thank you very much for your support and thorough preparation for the exam, as well as encouraging him to sit the mock exam.  I think that really helped him know what to expect, and he wasn’t at all fazed by the actual experience.  We’ve also thanked your tutor, who did an amazing job bolstering Olly’s self-confidence and assuring him he would do well; not to mention the great teaching she did with him.  He went in feeling very confident and relaxed, and came out saying it was very easy.

~ Louisa

Now that Carlos has been told, he placed for QE (score 220) and top letter for Latymer about which I have been crying all day. I am in shock!

Thank you for all this work and for your endless reassurance. I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.

I know it is not a guarantee, but wow.

~ Josefina

THE 11+

Superb knowledge of the 11+ system built up over the years. We were matched with a brilliant tutor for P, who suited P’s personality and was able to get a lot out of him.

~ Caleb Goldsmith


Good news from us – we’ve just found out that Valerie has been offered a place at all of the schools we applied to. Amazing.

Valerie couldn’t have done it without you, so THANK YOU so much for all your help. It was such a joy for both of us seeing your face on Skype and I’m sure Valerie will benefit from all you’ve taught her for years to come.

She’ll be on the school bus in South West London come September, which will be quite a change from her current commute in Hong Kong!

~ Valerie

Kane asked me to call you and let you know that he came top of the class in his maths assessment today. He can’t believe he has started Year 7 being top in maths!

~ Karen, student, St John’s Wood

11+ Tutoring

‘I think your guidance and feedback was very helpful and appreciated throughout the secondary transfer and exam process. It was comforting to know that Jaderberg Krais was only a phone call away when I needed help with anything. It was also convenient that there was someone else who understood my daughter as well as I did.

Thank you!’

~ Louisa, Wimbledon

11+ Tutoring

‘You gave us advice and support that was honest and humane, well informed and also creative. Your teacher was a dedicated tutor whom my daughter adored: she didn’t just act as if she cared – she did care. The two of them held our hands right through the process, not only making the process manageable but managing to make it fun. We put all our trust in them, and our trust was repaid. My daughter had her heart set on Henrietta Barnett, and she is starting there in September.’

~ Gareth Bates, Finchley


Hattie’s trial lesson with her tutor went very well. Hattie said afterwards that they covered in one hour the equivalent of five hours at school (and she meant this positively!) so we should certainly like to continue.

~ Duncan Miller, Clapham

From the initial telephone call, through thorough assessment to the detailed feedback and tutoring recommendations JK Educate team have been fantastic. The report and feedback provided detailed information on my child’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly current attainment level. Something which even his previous schools failed to provide. Any and as many questions are answered promptly and patiently.

Most importantly though, they found us the most wonderful, able, kind, pleasant, cheerful and knowledgeable tutor. Our child often comments how a lesson with his tutor feels like 5 minutes, he is inspired to learn more, eagerly completes the homework which she sets him, and is having great fun enriching his vocabulary and becoming growingly confident with his creative writing, comprehension and smashes the verbal reasoning.

I am so thankful to have decided on JK Educate , and only wish we begun this journey much earlier.

~ Trustpilot review

11+ Tutoring

‘Thank you Jaderberg Krais for helping us all the way through our secondary school process. You have given us much valuable information and advice that really has guided us to making the right decision for our daughter. You also supplied us with an excellent tutor who I can highly recommend to any parent, she has brought our daughter up to a great standard, that has enabled her to have received offers from various schools…marvellous!!’

~ David and Annie Kemp, East Barnet

General Tutoring

‘David did get an offer from Graveney and we’re delighted that he will be joining his sister.

I want to say a massive thank you to your team for guiding David through it, keeping him on the ball, making him laugh and most importantly for keeping me sane. I recommend JK whenever I am asked and I know parents and children are safe on that roller coaster with you.’

~ Sophie, SW17

11+ Tutoring

‘After a great first experience with our eldest son, who secured multiple secondary school offers taking a place at City of London, we approached Jaderberg Krais Tutoring to help our younger son through the same process….’

~ Simon and Charlotte Scott, Hampstead

Secondary tutoring

Always a step ahead. Mandy is great and I know she will help Francesca. Wonderful pairing.

Don’t want to show off…but Francesca has now got 100% in both her last maths tests and on top of that won the art prize at the end of last term!

I go to work with an easy heart!!

My heartfelt thanks for your tremendous support and goodwill.

~ Rochelle, Balham


I just wanted to write to thank you very much for the assessment you recently carried out for my daughter.

What you did was exactly what we needed.  Your feedback has allowed us to better understand our daughter and her abilities.  What’s more, the objective information you provided about different schools and what they look for has helped us to make a more informed decision about where to focus our efforts for secondary school applications.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for an objective evaluation of their child or assistance in understanding their options. It seems likely we’ll be in touch soon for our son.

~ Sol Federman, Hampstead Garden Suburb

Thanks everyone, that’s our final bill paid and we wanted to say a HUUUUGE thank you for your amazing help.

Lottie was offered a place at all of the three schools she applied to. There’s no way that would have happened without the superb tutoring and the confidence you managed to install in her. We’re incredibly grateful.

See you at GCSE time!

~ Susie, Wandsworth

The tutoring was a good experience that taught me a lot: difficult words, ratios, equations, scales, antonyms, synonyms and many verbal reasoning problems. The thing that helped me the most was the hard tests. These challenged me and taught me what I had to work on. I am very relaxed and euphoric since I have done so well and I know that my hard work has paid off.

~ Gideon, student, Hertfordshire

I’d like to let you know Lee has succeeded in his 11+ exam and got his chosen place. Thank you for all your additional support and care. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without your positive encouragement!

~ Sylvia Wyndham

Group Tutoring

‘David seemed to take the City exam in his stride. He reported that it was all a bit distressing in terms of the number of kids, but he felt he could do the exams themselves and the content was familiar which means the preparation was just right. I was very keen not to have him over-prepped so we can see how his more innate abilities compare to others.

I hope business is booming and I have passed your details on to a number of friends who will be looking for tutor assistance shortly. Thank you!’

~ Susannah Murrey, Hampstead Garden Suburb


Your tutor did a very good job with Aimee – encouraging, insightful, humorous but also not jumping in or giving Aimee easy solutions.

~ Sacha Hill, Wimbledon


The assessor was extremely helpful, professional and honest. At the two assessments, she was a huge hit with my son, putting him at ease immediately and explaining the process clearly. I also found her to be very responsive and thoughtful.

~ Jennifer, parent, Clapham

11+ Tutoring

‘Simon and I wanted to write with a massive thank you to you and of course the amazing Debbie for everything you have done for Jake. He has a got a place at King Alfred’s, our first choice for him. We heard in December that he had got through the assessment day and was one of 10 or so selected, subject to a trial day in year 6 which he did today. It went really well and they were incredibly complimentary about him both today and in feedback from the assessment in November….’

~ Tamara and Steve Norris, Hampstead Garden Suburb

‘Whatever the outcome, we feel the result of this whole process has been incredibly positive for Tom, he has developed a love of learning, which has allowed him to see the rewards of study, and he has enjoyed many aspects of it. We are really enjoying seeing him develop, be enthusiastic and gain confidence from it all, while tackling more advanced challenges.

Our one regret is we wish we had found your tutor group earlier! Tom really enjoyed your class, and the maths and English tutors have been, and continue to be excellent. So thank you very much for all your advice, guidance and input. It was fantastic.’

~ Edward, Wandsworth

11+ Tutoring

‘Our two sons, Ricky and Damian both prepared for their 11+ entrance exams with JK Tutoring. With their endless support, encouragement and advice, Ricky got a place at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet a few years ago and Damian earned a place at Latymer School in Edmonton this year. Both boys were thrilled with their success and put it down to all the work they did with their tutors and being prepared for the exam after sitting the JKT mock exam. Thank you.’

~ Kevin Bellemy, Finchley

11+ Tutoring

‘We have just opened the results letters and are obviously delighted – a bit overwhelmed actually. I’ve already thanked your tutor profusely for all her encouragement and guidance for Tim, and I also want to thank you again for such sound advice at every stage, and also recommending such a wonderful tutor to us. She really worked for Tim’s character/sense of humour. The session we did with you on interviewing was also invaluable in boosting Tim’s confidence and allowing him to mentally prepare for the process, and making it a bit less scary.’

~ Rebecca, Clapham


When my work took the family to New York at the most important time as regards working towards exams, we weren’t sure how we could continue to help prepare our son for the 11+.

Modern technology was the key. Both tutors were able to continue working with him from August all the way through to February by working out times to do Skype sessions despite the time difference.

Not only were they patient and accommodating but the system worked and he was able to get a place at Latymer Upper School, which was our first choice.

Both teachers were diligent and professional and I would recommend them extremely highly. A special mention must go to his Maths tutor, as he had much further to go in his Maths than in his English. He took him back to basics, patiently built him back up and made sure he was equipped with the knowledge he would need to get the right grade.

Thanks to you all for your time and effort,

All the best,

~ Rex Reynolds

My tutor really got to know me, so she pushed me in a way that worked for me and was able to explain things very clearly. She was very patient and encouraging, which gave me the confidence to do my absolute best.

~ Ben, student, Battersea

We were thrilled to hear this morning that Abigail has been offered a place at both City and Channing schools.

Thank you for all your help with the tutor days and the interview practice that was invaluable in putting her at her ease during the interview process.

~ Clare and Oly

11+ Tutoring

‘We would like to thank JKT for all the support and guidance throughout our time with them as (my son) prepared for the QE Boys and Latymer School 2014 entrance exams. When requested, they would respond in a timely manner, offering the right encouragement as they continually kept both myself and (my son) focussed on our goal. With their help, (my son) successfully achieved the scores required to attain offers by both schools, which meant we were spoilt for choice!’

~ Tamar and Ilan Gold, Muswell Hill

11+ Tutoring

‘I think it is definitely us as a family who have been privileged to work with a tutor of Peter’s callibre. His insight and pragmatic advice has been so helpful. We have huge respect and admiration for him professionally, and the children have both found him to be firm, fair and most importantly encouraging and motivating over the four years they have worked with him for their 11+ exams. We cannot thank your agency enough.’

~ Jessica Harrison, Clapham

General Tutoring

‘The boys really do seem to be progressing well with our tutor. They are tough nuts to crack and you matched them well! Harriet shows incredible patience and enthusiasm with them.
The boys had their best parents evening yet and definitely improving each week.’

~ Beth Chisolm, Watford

General Tutoring

‘I would totally recommend Jaderberg Krais Educational Consultancy to all parents – it is an essential service which provides a calm and clear voice of reason and knowledge…’

~ Susie, Clapham


‘Oscar said that the interview wasn’t too hard and that he felt good about it. He came out smiling, as you said he would. You empowered him to be confident and know that whatever was asked he could cope with. Thanks again for your dedication and excellent preparation. We all feel that Oscar had the best interview preparation possible.’

~ Jonathon and Kate, Dulwich

Thank you so much for helping me with my 11+, I couldn’t have done it without you!


PS I’m going to HIGHGATE!

~ Isaac, student

Thank you for your incredible support, teaching and guidance – Long may it continue!

~ The Delaney Family


Hi. Are you taking any more bookings for pupils? A friend of mine is looking for a tutor and I could recommend no one finer.

~ Carolyn Miller, Wimbledon

11+ Tutoring

‘We have been in regular contact with Katie for the two years preceding the 11+ exams and are very grateful for her sound guidance, words of wisdom and parental understanding through this stressful process. She gently managed our expectations, motivated both us and our daughter with words of encouragement and sensitively highlighted areas for development, with very practical advice on how to make improvements….’

~ Zoe and Martin Gluckman, Pinner

JK Tutoring has stretched my learning ability to a high degree and given me great confidence in my subjects. My school work has also improved due to the help I got from my tutoring. Even though my results were lower than I wanted at the start, I watched myself gradually improve my scores and it gave me great pleasure. Also, what helped me most was doing regular past papers and mock exams, therefore allowing the actual exams to come across as not too much of a shock.

~ Rebekah, student


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you SO much for assessing my daughter assessed the other week. It was really reassuring, as well as very interesting, and Reeva – hilariously – really enjoyed it, too.

It was very reassuring to know that what I’ve been told about her progress so far from her school was essentially borne out by the assessment.

The feedback session was really thorough and revealing. It flagged up areas I already knew about, where Reeva could do with some nudging and boosting. There’s a lot to think about for school applications, but I feel much happier attacking the situation having had this assessment.

~ Madeleine Barnett, Watford

We have been guided and supported throughout this journey by Jaderberg Krais, and this has proved invaluable. The way in which they really got to know our daughter and tailor advice and support according to her own individual needs was so important to us. They were always available for advice as needed and the support to us as parents was greatly appreciated. Their methodical and considered approach to the secondary transfer process certainly worked for us.

~ Anonymous, Dulwich


I just wanted to give some feedback on Martin – he has been great. A really nice gentle man perfect to work with my son, he’s making him feel great about everything which is important to me and teaching him well at the same time.

~ Grace, Battersea

I was offered a place at Habs, NLCS, SHHS and Channing (all of them!); I am so happy, I cried when my mum told me. Thank you so much for all your help and support, I really appreciate it.

~ Anna, student, Kentish Town

Hi. We had Thomas’s teacher meeting last night and it went really well.  When we told Thomas about the positive comments, he replied that everything he learns is from his tutor and that the reason he is doing so well is because of her. I believe that to be true. His tutor gives Thomas so much confidence and attention.  I am generally around during the sessions and am astounded at the solid 1.5 hours of relentless attention that she pays to every detail of his work. Not only is he doing extremely well, he attributes all of this to her. Very pleased and proud. Thank you!  Plus he adores having her at the house – never moans or tries to get out of tutor time. They have a genuinely good time. Wonderful.

~ Judith, SW11


I just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after Erik so well yesterday. He came out of the assessment absolutely buzzing, having thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. It will be fascinating to find out how he did and how he came across!

Please pass on my thanks.

~ Tricia, Battersea

I’ve improved a lot in my maths and my grades are getting higher. I find that I am getting stronger in my English and more confident. If I don’t understand anything I’m happy that I get the help I need immediately from my tutor. It’s been really interesting learning different concepts and it’s helped with my school work. I’m the only person in my maths class who knows about volume because I learnt it with my tutor!

~ Heather, student, Highgate


Emma’s maths tutor has been brilliant – going beyond what’s expected, being so supportive.  I can’t praise him enough. Right now I think Emma will try to ‘go it alone’ and take ownership of her learning, however, if she gets in a bind, I hope you would not mind us getting back in touch for maths/physics support.  This means that our only support with JK will be for Laura in Spanish.  We just resumed that and it is a great boost to Laura’s confidence; he is a brilliant tutor too.

~ Jane, Putney


We have found the whole process of the diagnostic test and the feedback session incredibly helpful and valuable. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been helpful and prompt. Our daughter Grace actually enjoyed taking the test, and found the teacher administrating it, “incredibly nice and friendly.” Both my husband and I found the feedback session extremely helpful – it was the first time that we understood how Grace is actually doing, what her potential is, and how we can help her reach it. A hugely helpful and enabling experience as we set out on the journey towards secondary school; we are looking forward to engaging a tutor from JK educate to help support Grace further.

~ Sian and John, Battersea

For the cost of a single term at a private school, I have now secured a place for my son at a top selective state school coming from a local state primary, with no previous tuition of any kind.

This is my second son Jaderberg Krais have tutored successfully for entrance to this highly selective school.

You cannot do this twice unless you are expert tutors to the kids, and expert mentors to the parents.

~ Claire, Hampstead


The friendliness, thoroughness of feedback, insightfulness of the assessors and the fact that my daughter bounced out of the assessment session, having really enjoyed it.

~ Lauren Beckwith, Finchley


Dear JK team,

Thank you for so quickly arranging these two lessons for my son. Your swift response in finding two excellent teachers is highly appreciated and valued.

Both teachers were exceptionally professional and very quickly pinpointed my son’s weak areas, identifying what he needs to work on. We are waiting for possible dates for next week from them both.

Thank you again for arranging these lessons. Although it seemed to me quick and effortless I am sure it required much sources and out-of-hours of your time. I am very grateful for that.

~ Sanjeev Pandit, Mill Hill

11+ Tutoring

‘Rosa found her sessions with your tutor useful, as they helped her to focus on what was really required for the North London Consortium. It also gave her the opportunity to practice and get her time management right. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as I found you to be completely friendly, knowledgeable and professional.’

~ Sunita and Jay Sharma, Hatch End


Firstly, congratulations on JK Educate being recommended by The Good Schools Guide! I also remember being impressed earlier in the year as I read an article in the Telegraph by yourselves.

You have given us plenty to think about – thank you. We are absolute beginners in the private school world and will take time over the weekend to consider the next steps.

~ Priscilla, Barnet

Lovely result, especially so for Jamie – he is always in the shadow of his older brother, so it’s lovely to let him shine.

Leaves us with a dilemma – which school?! They are all good. We thought we had decided, but we (genuinely) may change over the next week between the three.

Joanna and I will need to quiz you on Friday when we pop in for a chat, as this will be an important discussion for us.

Lovely dilemma to have though. And what a good tutor! How many can claim placing position 1, 2 and 3 on our favoured school list?

~ Paul & Joanna

Assessment Feedback

‘We have found the exercise not only useful, but it has also given us confidence that we are thinking on the right track with Tessie’s education.

We’ll be in contact again during the summer half term to arrange how we go about tutoring.

Thanks again!’

~ Catherine, Balham


Just a note to say thanks for your emails and honestly you deserve so many “thank yous” we don’t know where to start!  I can’t really express how much you helped our boys and supported me – and I am grateful. Looking forward to working with you again on Sonal’s behalf.

~ Asha Singh, Hampstead

We have found your agency to be supportive, realistic and very knowledgeable about the secondary school transfer process. You were insightful about Joanna’s abilities and personality and have been always available and amenable to offer sound and honest advice to us. Your specialist maths tutor complemented the team very well.

One of other very useful parts of the process was the ‘mock’ examination you administered prior to the ‘real’ tests. I think was a very helpful addition to refining what Joanna needed in terms on focusing and refining her ‘weaknesses’.

Thank you for all you have done for Joanna!

~ Anna Stanhope, Wandsworth

The advisor was very impressive, precise and very easy to communicate. She gave me an elaborate step by step assessment of my daughter’s academic ability and made me understand how to proceed from this. It cleared all my confusion about the education system. Thank you for all the help.

~ Andrea, Battersea

Assessment Feedback

‘The information given to us about Oliver from your assessment was more than I had gleamed from his school in four years of parent’s evenings. It not only made me proud but helped me
recognise what I need to do to ensure he reaches his potential. Oliver declared very quickly that he only wanted to be tutored by Miss Katie, although I’m sure someone you chose for him to would suffice!’

~ Gill Stacks, Hampstead Garden Suburb


‘It was extremely useful to have some realistic advice on our son’s abilities and schools he should apply to – coming from a state primary it’s difficult to know where your child stands compared to his peers. Your help with the interview process was also great.

Thanks again!’

~ Stuart and Ros, Wimbledon

11+ for HBS

‘I thought you’d like to know that Helen got into Henrietta Barnett! Thanks so much for all your help with her tutoring. I know it was key in helping her to get in!’

~ Catherine, Hampstead


Dear JK Educate Team,

Having sat the 10+ entrance exam, our son Alex was offered a place at City of London School to start in September this year.

I would like to thank all of you for all of your hard work and attentive assistance. I would happily write a recommendation of your services.

Alex won’t be attending tutor groups anymore, although we would like for his brother Ollie, who is four years younger, to attend when he is old enough and ready enough.

Thanks again and all the best for the future,

~ Richard Jones, Hampstead

What Tutors say…

‘I was really impressed with how efficiently your business seemed to be run, and I absolutely loved the ‘vibe’ I got from your company, it struck me as friendly and compassionate but also rigorous which I think is the perfect combination. I’m not surprised you’re so successful with your students.’

~ Charlotte, London

11+ Tutoring

‘I just wanted to add my voice to Evie’s and say how grateful we are for the fantastic work that you all did on Olivia’s behalf. A real JKT effort. The results were, frankly, way beyond our wildest fantasies and, although that’s terribly important, the journey along the way was managed with kindness and grace too.

All round we couldn’t be more thrilled with everything that you provided on both an academic and personal level. You were all rocks! The whole process was seamless… from the group tutoring to the mock exams and then the interview practice. She was prepared wonderfully. Thank you.’

~ Harry


Eve has really enjoyed her time with her tutor and we have seen her confidence grow as a result of her lessons as well as progress in key areas of focus such as her times tables.

~ Susan James


My son got an A in both English exams. A massive jump from his Cs in his mocks. Thank you.

~ Debra, Watford

Dear Lorrae and Katie,

We just wanted to write you a short note to say how delighted we are with Ben’s Latymer results.  We knew Ben to be a bright candidate, but certainly would not have been able to put our son through the process of selective school exams without the JK Team program.  We found your tutoring service very professional in all its aspects. You have been supportive, informative and honest with us at every stage, helping us all to navigate its pressures and uncertainty.

We hope to stay in touch regarding support with any of Ben’s future needs should they arise during his time at secondary school.

Best wishes

~ Peter and Karen Cox

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it. I have learnt so much from you and your guidance and support has helped me so much with the eleven plus.

~ Carl, student, Finchley

My tutor always makes the lessons fun – even the most difficult work!

~ Sam, student, Clapham

I do hope you remember tutoring Rachel. I just wanted to inform you that she just received an offer 13+ at Guildford High School (as did her sister for 11+) and a scholarship for Stowe school.

We are immensely proud and I wanted to thank you for giving her the amazing foundation she has used for her time at Danes Hill School.

~ Megan, Oxshott, Surrey

11+ and 13 + Interview Tutoring

‘Just wanted to say that Mira and I want to say a big thank you to you for the interview prep. It was really very helpful. Mira had her interview this afternoon – I was present at the interview and she did great !! I really do think it went off very well and most of the questions you reviewed with Mira were asked. So, thank you again for all your help.’

~ Sally Lellow, Muswell Hill

Thank you for your report. We appreciate your clear and honest feedback. We have taken note of your points from the verbal feedback (and those detailed in your report) to help decide the next steps for our daughter. She enjoyed the assessment today and it was really helpful for us to get an idea of her capability as per your assessment.
We will be getting in touch with you for advice on schools to shortlist. Thank you again for extending support on this.

~ Siobhan, Barnet

Group Tutoring

‘I was as nervous, but there was no need to worry – David has done so very well. He has received offers from Highgate, Merchant Taylors, a scholarship place at Belmont Mill Hill, and a confirmed place plus scholarship interview at North Bridge. We’re thrilled. Now we need to decide where to accept!!’

~ Teresa Troy, Crouch End

‘Thanks very much for helping Alice – she certainly came back full of confidence on Sunday so it was well worth the last session.

Alice seems quite calm about the exam on Thursday, so far which is good.

Thank you for both recognising her low confidence and then working to increase it.’

~ Caroline and Peter, Wimbledon


We’ve had several sessions with your recommended tutor, who has been very good so far. He’s always on time and comes well prepared and focussed. My son really likes him and after his lessons has something of interest he’s picked up that he’s keen to tell me. I’m cautiously optimistic that we can get good results!

~ Jonathon, parent, Hampstead


Yasmin’s tutor is amazing. But you guys surely know that already!

~ Vicki Ashley, Finchley


I don’t think there are actually the words to express how grateful we are for the help you gave us.  I talked to Lorrae twice about pulling Caitlin out of the group and not taking the exams because the other children seemed to be doing so much better.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her for dissuading me from that course of action.  Now I can’t even believe that I thought that would be a good thing to do!

~ Shona O’Neil, Finsbury Park


Dear Katie,
Niall had a one-hour interview session with yourself for +10 exams entry. He’s been offered a place for year 6 at our preferred school and he is extremely happy.

We would like to thank you for the session, which was a great help that made his dream come true.

~ Patrick, Highgate


I just wanted to say thank you very much to your assessor for looking after Erik so well yesterday. He came out of the assessment absolutely buzzing, having thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. It will be fascinating to find out how he did and how he came across!

Please pass on my thanks.

~ Tricia, Battersea

11 +

‘I just wanted to say a big, big, MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and to your great team, David and James. I am so grateful that I found Jaderberg Krais, at such a critical time, when I was in two minds as to whether to go ahead with the independent school applications or not.  However, having Mia assessed and getting a detailed feedback from you helped me in making my mind to proceed with the applications, had I not I would not have seen this day….I cannot express myself enough as to how happy I am. The next stage was tutoring, and with so little time (less than two months to be precise), I needed to find the best tutors for my daughter, and you gave me the best English and Maths tutor that my daughter could have ever asked for. I will forever be grateful to David, he worked so well with Mia, in particular, comprehension. A great tutor!! James,on the other hand, a maths genius, although Mia only had 4 hours of tutoring with him, he knew exactly what Mia’s weak points were and made her aware of them straight away!! Love you Jaderberg Krais!!!’

~ Sara Bennett, Highgate


We have just had our first parents evening since starting with Sophie, Alex’s tutor.
His teacher has noticed a marked improvement in his writing, his knowledge retention and attitude since he started with Sophie.
I am really happy with his progress with Sophie, thank you for matching them!

~ Margaret, Islington

Hi. Thanks for this very thorough report.  Again, we certainly feel that you and your team are providing a gold standard service.

~ Mock exams and feedback


‘Last week we had a meeting with Adam’s teacher who updated us on his progress. It was an extremely positive meeting. She said Adam has come an extremely long way since her initial feedback on him last October. His reading, writing, maths and concentration have all improved, in addition to his behaviour and understanding. We have all put a lot of time into Adam and clearly this has really helped.

Thank you for your energy effort and commitment to Adam. He has transformed in recent months, he’s worked hard and it’s not been easy for him but we are all very proud, especially considering where he was when you both first met him.’

~ Mariah, Balham

What students say

Hi Denise, it’s Yuri. I did very well in my English test today- attempting every question and finishing my story on time. The passage was Jamaica inn. Fortunately, I wasn’t nervous!

~ Yuri

Group Tutoring

‘As promised, here is a quick update with regards to Jerry’s results – We are thrilled as he has been offered scholarships for: Habs, Highgate, City, Merchant Taylor’s and we are spoilt for choice!!!  Thank you so much for everything!!’

~ Marion Webber, Edgware


Dear JK Educate Team,
Having sat the 10+ entrance exam, our son Alex was offered a place at City of London School to start in September this year.
I would like to thank all of you for all of your hard work and attentive assistance. I would happily write a recommendation of your services.

Alex obviously won’t be attending tutor groups anymore, although we would like for his brother Ollie, who is four years younger, to attend when he is old enough and ready enough.

~ Richard Jones

General Tutoring

‘Alex is amazing and in just two sessions with my son Leo he’s turned things around. I’m feeling much better about things and however Leo does with his GCSE’s, the most important thing is that he now has some support that works for him! I’m so grateful! Thank you!’

~ Melissa Talbot, Brondesbury

Just heard that Polly has an offer from Channing.  Woo hoo! Thank you so much for all your wonderful support. Can’t believe my days as 11+ tiger mother are over.  I will have to find something else to panic about now.

Thank you!

~ Emily

I have such exciting news! Clarice has been offered places at: Habs, South Hampstead High, Channing, Frances Holland and Queens – where she has also been awarded an academic scholarship!

Chloe has been offered Portland Place – she’s delighted as this was her first choice of the three she sat – and we’re still waiting to hear from Northbridge House and Forest.

I’m so thrilled with the news today – I happened to be at home when all the letters plopped through the letterbox at the same time.

~ Rowena

Dear Katie,

Just to say both Chris and I are absolutely delighted with your tutor; both his professionalism and methods.


~ Felicity


I’ve had some great news today – my student Imogen has been in touch to say that she got an A in her French GCSE. She really lacked confidence with French when I started working with her and was initially predicted a D, so I’m thrilled with her result!

~ JK Tutor

We just wanted to say how delighted we have been with Michael’s tutor.  He has worked him hard and given him so much support and encouragement and we were delighted to receive a letter from CLS yesterday confirming that he has a place for this September.

Thanks to you too for assessing him and steering us in the right direction and to all your support staff for their professionalism in dealing with any queries we raised.

~ Matt & Sarah Robb

Just received the news! Jonny has passed at Graveney with very high marks and we received his offer today. Thank you!

~ Carol, Tooting

Y5 Tutor Group

Dearest ‘JK Ladies’ Lorrae and Denise, I’m not sure what you did in the last hour but it’s like I’ve brought a different little boy home !

Luke was so nervous coming in to your group but is so talkative telling me all about it – he genuinely loved it (to his surprise)!

Thank you both and see you next week!

~ Emma W, Barnet


Taking Jacob for an assessment was definitely well spent money, as it enabled us to confirm some things that we already knew, plus you provided us with additional information which gave us food for thought.  This was valuable as our planning for the academic future of Jacob, started to take shape based on more empirical evidence and credible advice.  We will definitely recommend this service to others and use it again if appropriate.

~ Caroline, Hampstead

What a turnaround, Tania came home from school beaming today as she scored 12/12 in her tables test!!! Dana is doing 7 times tables with her now – thank you! I can’t believe the difference Dana’s maths tutoring has made to Tania – she’s improved so quickly.

~ Anastasia, Wimbledon


Friendly personal service which has a genuine desire to assist with children’s educational development and progress.

~ Parent feedback to JK survey

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for today. Still digesting it all and have a lot to think about, but feel so much better to have such a honest and transparent conversation. The first I have had ever here!

~ Carol, Battersea

Abe loved the lesson with your tutor this morning. He was so exuberant in the car on the way home. And the best thing was that he said that he realised that even when work in school was too easy, he could make it harder by using better words and punctuation: “So there’s no need to be bored and rush things”. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to hear that! Thank you very much!

~ Stephanie, student, Wimbledon

You assessed and tutored my daughter Chloe last year, and I am pleased to say she got into Henrietta Barnett!

I have since recommended your service to a lot of friends and a few of them have used you; I will continue to sing your praises as I really do feel like we could not have gotten Chloe in without your help.

We now have the same task for our son Frank, who is in year 5. He is very bright – his strengths are in maths and non-verbal reasoning. His idea of ‘fun’ is to do maths bond papers!

We’d like to know if he should try for QE boys, but we are also considering independent schools for Frank. He is a quirky boy with a few health issues and Asperger’s syndrome, so I’ll also be looking for advice on schools you think would be a safe, friendly place for him whilst still challenging him to reach his full potential.

~ Carole

Many thanks for your very full and informative report. I appreciate the care you have taken with Flora.

~ Annabel Craig

Practice helped me because once I actually did the exams I felt completely relaxed. I learnt that if you want something and try your best every time you practise that you will achieve your goal. I am very relieved that it is now all over but also very pleased with the results and all I have learnt. Thank you ever so much, as none of it would have been so smooth and normal without your help.

~ Elle, student, Hampstead


My daughter Clara attended the JK 11+ maths and English workshops yesterday and absolutely loved them. We had expected her to be tired but she was buzzing afterwards, so thank you for making it so engaging.

~ Giles Hall

Katie, Just speaking to you on the phone was very reassuring. I have spoken to Oliver, who seems intrigued and not at all dismayed by the prospect of a nice lady investigating how he learns!

~ Anna, Hampstead

General Tutoring

‘I was amazed to read the last piece of writing he did for your tutor, because it was so much better than anything he has produced before. I know he will not always write like that, but it is great for him (and me) to see that it is possible for him to do that type of work. I don’t know how you have achieved this but we are very grateful.’

~ Sunita, Brixton

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