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Learning with Grandparents

Our Giggles and Fun packs were created by our experienced teaching team to help grandparents (and parents) to support children with their learning, whilst having fun together.

Each individually themed section of our Giggles and Fun Home Learning Guide contains a wide variety of fun, interactive and educational activities, designed to help grandparents engage with their grandchildren in person or online when they can’t be together.

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Why do grandparents need a home learning guide?

JK Educate originally produced this pack to help grandparents to support their grandchildren with online home learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it can also be used to combine learning and fun at any time, such as during the school holidays, when grandparents are providing childcare, or to give a focus to their contact time together online.

Lockdowns gave many families a unique opportunity to work together across generations. We know there is so much that children can learn from their grandparents. By using this resource, grandparents will be able to share enjoyable moments, support their grandchildren with their learning and help develop the important bond between grandparent and grandchild.

Some grandparents may not feel confident in stepping in to support the younger generation in their learning, so we have provided some easy-to-use tools to help them take pleasure in their grandchildren’s learning. These simple teaching tools will help grandparents to use time with their grandchildren productively.

When should the guide be used?

This pack can be used at any time when grandparents are spending time with their grandchildren, either in person or online. The purpose is to engage grandchildren with stimulating activities, which will support their school learning.

These resources can be used daily or dipped in and out of on a regular or irregular basis. There is no pressure. Each activity can be extended over a period of hours and days, or just used as an independent one-off activity.

What’s included?

Each pack contains 20 stimulating themed activities which can be adapted with the options for younger or older learners. The learning is fun and interactive. Each activity has the same structure: it is divided into starting points and follow-up sessions. Each session can be adapted to older and younger children, and additional activities are recommended for those families who want to extend their knowledge through this topic.

All resources are itemised, and useful books, websites and materials are listed so that grandparents can fully support their grandchild’s learning. Our aim is to guide grandparents so they can feel confident supporting their grandchildren.

Click here to order your copy now (priced at £7.99)

Who’s it for?

These packs were created to encourage grandparents to work with their grandchildren, but are suitable for any adult wanting to support a child from early years to the end of primary school age (children aged from 3 up to 11 years). Grandparents can work with their grandchildren face to face if they are able to do so, or virtually, using any online platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype.

Home Schooling Support

These packs add a new dimension to the education support JK Educate offers families, including those dealing with home schooling. We also offer online tutoring on an ongoing or ad hoc basis, and our Home School Mentoring service uses expert tutors to check in with students on a daily basis, keep them on track and help with any problem areas.

Click here to order your copy now (priced at £7.99)

This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this with us and congratulations on your project and Mail article. I really love the focus on talk for learning as that is a huge gap at the moment and was challenging enough to address during the Autumn Term in school due to Covid measures but is hugely concerning after the length of this lockdown. So many positive ideas to draw on and really accessible.

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