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Service Standards

At JK Educate, we uphold the highest standards of educational support, ensuring every child receives personalised and effective tutoring tailored to their unique needs.

Internal Service Standards

Workplace Culture

  • We will treat our colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • Our dealings with each other will be marked by courtesy, professionalism, friendliness, mutual respect, approachability and teamwork
  • Our aim is a workplace culture based on inclusion, openness, dignity, respect and duty of care
  • We will always maintain a positive and upbeat attitude at the workplace, whether in or out of the office

Client Care

When dealing with a client’s educational needs, we will:

  • Understand their needs and concerns so that we can carry out the appropriate work and recommendations as efficiently as possible, whilst managing the client’s expectations
  • Treat the client as if they were our only client, providing an outstanding service in every respect
  • Remember that we “fly the flag” for JK Educate and go out of our way to impress the client


When required to communicate we will:

  • Respond to our colleagues promptly and in a pro-active manner, treating them with respect as if they were clients of JK Educate, sharing knowledge and assisting in any way we can
  • Show our clients dedication, commitment, and a “can do” attitude, interacting other services of the firm whenever required to meet their needs

External Service Standards

When you visit our offices

  • We will provide you with a warm and sincere welcome
  • We will treat you with respect and in a professional manner

When you call us

  • We will answer your call promptly and efficiently, directing your enquiry as quickly as we can
  • If we are unable to connect you to the appropriate person, we will transfer your call to another team member or take a message, as requested
  • If applicable, we will attempt to call you back in a prompt and timely manner within an acceptable time-frame

When you write to us or send us an e-mail

  • We will reply promptly with accurate and straightforward information

When we visit your business premises

  • We will treat your team with respect
  • We will arrive punctually
  • We will be respectful of your priorities and working processes

Client Care

  • Communication – as often as appropriate by telephone, e-mail, letter or newsletter, keeping you informed of progress and any relevant developments
  • Respect – our philosophy is to promote a culture of respect for diversity which is demonstrated in all our dealings with clients and colleagues
  • Managing your expectations – we will establish mutual expectations so that we can understand your business and needs and work as a team for your best interests, thus enabling us to fully satisfy your requirements
  • Service and support – we will deliver a personal, caring, dedicated service, providing pro-active, innovative and technical support in a professional manner.

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