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The JK Educate Team

Led by Managing Director and co-founder Katie Krais, we offer a premium education service, with tutors that have a passion for teaching and a deep knowledge of how to help a child reach their potential.

Your dedicated team and behind-the-scenes staff.

Working hard to ensure that our clients’ experience is that of being well supported and cared for, whilst achieving optimum results.


Katie Krais

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Tania Virdie

Head of Schools, Teaching & Learning

Jackie Lewis

Head of Early Years and Primary

Yasmin Maddocks

Recruitment Coordinator

Leanne Dalah

Leanne Dalah

Head of Secondary Provision

Sasha Martone

Executive Assistant

Susannah Joseph

Client Support

Tom Vy To

UK & International Operations Administrator

Ruby Holmes

Senior Executive Assistant

Tunde Tinubu


Denise Hines

Senior Tutor & 11+ Examiner

Jacob Conway

Senior Tutor & Head of Maths

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