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Tutoring In London

JK Educate is the leading tutor and tuition agency in North London. We provide high-quality and effective one-to-one tuition across London and online.

Our carefully selected tutors are experts in their field specialising in 7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A Level and undergraduate tuition.

What makes our approach to tutoring different?

Our approach is different. We know that every child is unique. That’s why we carefully match our highly-qualified tutors to the individual needs, personality and learning style of each student.

When you request a tutor through us, we take extra care to learn about the circumstances of each student. Through one-to-one conversations with parents, teachers and students, and our unique educational assessments, we put a strong emphasis on getting to know your child and their educational requirements. This enables us to provide bespoke tutoring, planning and guidance, completely tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

This level of unparalleled dedication to our students and this personalised approach is why families know they can count on JK Educate to help their children reach their full potential.

Why choose JK? A leading London tutoring agency

  • Bespoke service. A highly personalised approach to each student means we can deliver targeted and effective support.
  • The best tutors. Through a rigorous selection process, we hand-pick only the most highly-qualified tutors in London who are trained, supported and monitored by us.
  • Our ethos. Professionalism, integrity and an intense commitment to providing the best possible service underscores everything we do.
  • Effective results. Our results speak for themselves and this is why we are recognised as a leading tutoring agency in London. Read some of our Trustpilot reviews below.
  • Flexible tuition. We offer face-to-face tuition across London and one-to-one tuition online from anywhere in the world.
  • Comprehensive service. We tutor students from 5 years old all the way up to undergraduate level. We regularly run targeted workshops and courses for 11+ and 13+ and offer specialised exam tutoring, consultancy and more.

Tutoring services from the age of 5

JK Educate’s one-to-one tutoring is effective and personalised, helping children reach their potential at school and in exams.

Our success as a leading private tutoring agency in London is due in part to the strong emphasis on communication with families. We get to know children and their circumstances through careful conversations and our unique educational assessments. This enables us, through our select team of talented tutors, to support your child in reaching their full potential. We work with children from 5-18 years old and beyond – whatever their academic ability and whatever their goals.

Expert tutors

Our private tutors undergo a rigorous selection process and are further trained and coached by the JK Academy, a unique system among tutoring agencies. This also allows us to get to know all our tutors well, which in turn helps us in matching the right tutor to every child. We invest in maintaining high standards of teaching and client service, with constant monitoring of student progress, along with regular feedback to parents.

Specialist entrance exam tutoring in London

We support families in choosing future schools and assess their child’s potential to reach their school goals. From the increasingly popular 4+ entrance point all the way through to sixth form and university studies. Our entrance exam tutoring programmes focus primarily on the 7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams for selective state and independent London schools. Our tutoring is carefully tailored to the schools that our students are targeting and our results are outstanding.

Tutoring for external exams

GCSE tutors at JK Educate are highly skilled specialists. They provide targeted and in-depth programmes and tutoring support for GCSE and iGCSE students across multiple subjects. Their academic experience and subject knowledge equip them to help students achieve the grades they need.

Our experienced, specialist subject tutors also offer a targeted and in-depth programme of tutoring support for A Level, Pre-U and IB students. In addition, we offer support for core curriculum work such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

We offer home tutoring for A-Levels and the IB in London and our online A-Level tutors offer expert quality teaching and support, nationwide and beyond. We also provide undergraduate tutoring and offer support for careers advice, university applications and personal statements. With challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice, students can be helped to truly excel in their external exams.

How to get started with JK educate

To receive effective tutoring from JK Educate we start with a consultation and assessment before providing a report of recommendations. Here are the steps we take and the purpose of each:

  • No-obligation Consultation: This allows us to talk one-to-one with parents and better understand their child’s needs and learning requirements.
  • Unique Educational Assessment: This evaluation gives both parents and teachers valuable insight into a student’s ability level, strengths and weaknesses so that we can create a highly-personalised and bespoke tutoring plan. It also allows us to match each child with a tutor that best suits their personality and learning requirements.
  • Parents Report: The document highlights recommendations for tutoring based on a child’s learning requirements, style of learning and educational objectives.
  • Regular feedback: Once tutoring begins, parents are provided with regular, detailed feedback on the student’s achievements, rate of progress and areas for further work.

We are committed to providing excellence to every student we work with. We look forward to working with you and your child.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your child reach their academic potential. Call us on 020 3488 0754, email us at or fill in our online enquiry form.

What our clients say

We have been working with JK Educators for only 4 months. Our son made incredible progress during such a short time! To be honest, I did not believe them when they said they had great teachers who truly cared about children and education. It is so rare to find a company that can deliver in this field. Our son’s school has also noticed his remarkable progress. He feels more confident. He is always looking forward to his lessons.

~ Nata

Being new to the UK education system we needed guidance to understand and navigate the complexities of 11+. JK Educate came highly recommended by a colleague and we started with an assessment which gave us positive signals on the potential outcome for our son. We agreed on the spirit of the journey to be focused on resilience and self-discovery and we all learnt an incredible amount. The quality of education provided by Tania and Yasmin was exceptional, as much as the care they showed towards our son.

~ Valentina

I can’t recommend JK Educate highly enough. My daughter didn’t feel supported at school; She lacked confidence and with JK Educate she learnt to believe in herself. My daughter got her first choice school, she’s happy, confident and thriving. My son is now being supported and his confidence has soared. I’ve been so impressed with the tutor selection. Each tutor has been a perfect match.

~ Victoria Finn

JK really offer a brilliant service from start to end. Often the staff kept me informed throughout the managed tutoring journey and there is a sense of accountability that you rarely find these days. My son has come on leaps and bounds and I owe them a great deal.

~ Chalita Jaewtrakul

JK Educate has been a life changer for our son who got through the top 11+ schools and has finally accepted a place at Westminster Under School. Right from the initial assessment by Katie to the workshops, mock exams and home tutoring by Emma Berens, it has been a very smooth and successful journey so far and we have decided to continue this journey.

~ Debangshu Dey

A first-class service that does so much more than just private tutor my son. We had a brilliant initial assessment that enabled the right tutor fit with my 6-year-old son. Since then, I have watched him progress exponentially. Highly recommend JK Educate.

~ Anon

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