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GCSE Tutoring

Our experienced, specialist subject tutors offer a targeted and in-depth programme of tutoring support for GCSE and iGCSE students across all academic subjects. With challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice, students can be helped to truly excel in their exams.

GCSE exams can be extremely stressful for some pupils. They are becoming increasingly competitive and determine a student’s progression either into A levels or full-time work. Our GCSE tutors offer expert academic support in-person around London and internationally online using our interactive online tutoring platform.

JK Educate’s expert tuition will put your child on track for success, either through a sustained programme or with short-term booster sessions to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to excel in their studies. We cater for individual students, covering both GCSEs and International GCSEs across multiple subjects and specific topics.

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GCSE Subject Tutors

Choose a GCSE subject tutor to suit your child’s needs. Our specialist tutors are here to impart their comprehensive expert knowledge, which is not always available in larger classes at school. JK subject tutors focus on the topics and modules a child may find particularly challenging, ensuring the student has a thorough understanding of the subject to achieve better grades.

Our team of high-calibre private GCSE tutors includes:

  • GCSE Biology Tutors
  • GCSE Chemistry Tutors
  • GCSE English Tutors
  • GCSE French Tutors
  • GCSE Geography Tutors
  • GCSE History Tutors
  • GCSE Maths Tutors
  • GCSE Physics Tutors
  • GCSE Religious Studies Tutors
  • GCSE Sociology Tutors
  • GCSE Spanish Tutors
  • GCSE Economics Tutors
  • GCSE Psychology Tutors

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find specialist GCSE and iGCSE tutors in your chosen subjects.

GCSE Maths Tutors

Maths is one of the most requested tuition subjects. Our expert tutors cover the six core GCSE maths topics: number structure and calculation, algebra, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry and measure, probabilities, and statistics, with the aim to improve your child’s performance across the board and aid in wherever they need the extra support.

Learn how to get a 9 in GCSE Maths and Science in our helpful guide.

Private GCSE Tutors Online

We offer private online tuition in London, across the UK and overseas, using our online tutoring platform, with its interactive shared screen facility. Our online GCSE tutoring brings expert quality teaching and support without geographical restrictions.

Using an online GCSE tutor is both convenient and accessible; it allows students to engage in live interaction with their tutor, discuss topics, ask questions and receive support. If you are wondering “How will I find quality GCSE tutoring near me?” the answer is that location is no barrier with GCSE online tuition.

Call us on 020 3488 0754 today for an expert private tutor.

Flexible Tutoring

JK Educate also offers flexibility in how much tutoring you need:

  • Do you want a GCSE tutor on a long-term basis to support you throughout the course, perhaps weekly or fortnightly?
  • Do you just want a short-term tutor before your mock or real GCSE exams to help with revision?
  • Do you need tutoring sessions during a school holiday, so you don’t slip backwards whilst not in lessons, or to troubleshoot GCSE topics you have struggled with during the previous term?

All these options are available to you as part of our bespoke tutoring service. Many of our students keep up with their learning via online tutoring when away for some time, for example during summer and Easter breaks. Pre-organised sessions help students stay on track and keep up with their studies and their GCSE revision, even when out of the country or on holiday.

What should I look for in a GCSE tutor?

There are many GCSE private tutors available, so how do you know which tutor is right for you? Here are some of the essential skills and prerequisites you should look for in a GCSE tutor:

  • Previous experience with GCSE or IGCSE exam criteria for AQA, OCR (including Salters) and Edexcel
  • Previous experience teaching the key subjects of maths, English and the sciences.
  • Familiarity with the exam board
  • Genuine teaching ability
  • An engaging and enthusiastic teaching-style

The JK Educate difference

We know how important it is to achieve good GCSE grades. An experienced GCSE private tutor can make all the difference in a student achieving their full potential. Our bespoke, one-to-one GCSE tutoring has helped thousands of students gain entry to top sixth form schools and colleges across the UK and around the world. Since each tutoring session is tailored to the student, they won’t waste time learning topics that aren’t relevant to what they’re being taught in school.

Learn more about our approach and take advantage of our expert tips.

Features of JK Educate GCSE tutoring

  • Hand-picked and highly qualified GCSE revision tutors who are supported by us
  • Each student is carefully matched with an expert tutor familiar with the subject material and relevant examination boards, who is also a good fit with the student’s personality and learning style
  • Each session is bespoke and tailored to the student’s needs
  • Face-to-face online tutoring and support is available across London, the UK, and internationally
  • A range of extra services are available to support our students’ education
  • Parents receive regular, detailed feedback

Quality assured GCSE tuition

The tutors that work with us are either experienced teachers or well-trained professional tutors, and most have degrees in the subjects they teach – including some PhD qualified tutors. Their academic experience and subject knowledge equip them to help students achieve the grades they need in their GCSEs, through challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice. They are also trained in-house, coached and monitored by experienced senior teachers, so our clients rest assured that their child is not only being supported by a single tutor but a whole team of educational experts.

We consistently monitor each student’s progress, adapting teaching methods and using bespoke approaches that are most effective for the best GCSE results.

Call us on 020 3488 0754 and let us know the subjects with which you require assistance. We will quickly find the right tutor for you.

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Support for GCSE options

Deciding which GCSEs to take is a difficult process and as with the choices of sixth form and university subjects and destinations, expert advice can help clarify the implications of each option. We help students to see how particular GCSEs can get to where they want to be and which subject combinations would work best to open up their options and prepare them for sixth form and university choices.


For those considering a move to a different school or a college to continue their studies into the sixth form, we also have bespoke advice and support available from our expert Consultant for Sixth Form Admissions.

There are many factors to consider with the transition from GCSE to an A Level or vocational course. It is important to research and ask the right questions at this time, as with any educational decision, and that is where our expert advice can really help.

We also offer A level tutoring and undergraduate tutoring services for looking to succeed in the next steps of their education. For gifted children looking to be stretched academically, take a look at our gifted and talented tutoring services.

Benefits of our GCSE tutoring services

  • Children will grow in confidence with each session
  • GCSE tutoring sessions reduce stress for both children and families
  • Lessons are planned in advance, meaning children will have more time to focus on what matters – learning
  • Children will benefit from improved grades, meaning they’ll be more likely to get a place on the courses they want to study at A level
  • In-person and online services mean children can study from the comfort of their homes, reducing some of the stress or resistance associated with revision
  • Lessons are designed to be fun and informative, encouraging children to engage and better preparing them to sit their exams

Read a case study on our GCSE tutoring services to see how well it worked for one of our clients, and get in touch to for a hand-picked GCSE tutor today.


My son got an A in both English exams. A massive jump from his Cs in his mocks. Thank you.

~ Debra, Watford

Just to let you know Talitha received a 9 in Maths! She is taking Maths and further Maths A Levels.

Happy days.

~ Hazel Lee, Hampstead

I used JK Educate for some targeted Chemistry booster lessons to support my daughter in Y11. My daughter found them extremely helpful and we were delighted with her autumn topic test results which saw a huge improvement in scores.

~ Trustpilot Review


I’ve had some great news today – my student Imogen has been in touch to say that she got an A in her French GCSE. She really lacked confidence with French when I started working with her and was initially predicted a D, so I’m thrilled with her result!

~ JK Tutor

Is it worth getting a tutor for GCSE?

GCSE tutors will help children build the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their exams. A good tutor will guide children through the whole process, helping them manage their time and develop important revision and exam-taking skills that will help them throughout their lives. Tutoring services also reduce stress for both children and families, meaning children will be in a more peaceful frame of mind when they come to sit their exams.

Considering a child’s GCSE results can have a significant impact on their educational and professional future, it’s important that they achieve their potential in their exams. On picking up their results and seeing them get accepted onto their subjects or professional opportunities of choice, you’ll recognise the full worth of finding a tutor.

How do I find a good GCSE tutor?

When looking for a good GCSE tutor, be sure to enquire about their expertise and experience. You’ll want to make sure the tutor you select is a curriculum expert with experience helping children learn and succeed in their exams.

This may be easier to verify if you select an organisation that offers tutoring services, rather than an individual. For instance, parents who choose JK Educate to educate their children can rely on the fact that all our GCSE tutors are subject experts, while all tutoring services are monitored by our senior team.

It’s also vital that you check any reviews, testimonials, and case studies before you find a tutor. Hearing from parents and children who’ve used a particular GCSE tutoring service will be one of the most reliable ways to determine the quality of a provider.

Can a tutor help with GCSE coursework?

GCSE tutors can advise children on how to structure their coursework and what point to focus on. They can also provide additional lessons around topics related to children’s coursework that they’d benefit from more support with.

What are the benefits of online GCSE tutoring?

  • Children can revise from the comfort of their own home
  • Children can learn wherever they are in the world
  • Lessons are made fun and interactive
  • Online lessons limit time travelling and planning, meaning children can focus on their revision

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