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Phonics For KS1

JK Educate are delighted to be able to offer a new support service for parents of KS1 children with our phonics specialists, who are highly skilled in helping children off to a flying start using phonics.  This is how they underpin early reading:

When children start school they will be introduced to a wide range of learning experiences. One of these is phonics. Children will be taught a range of phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (the letter/s that represents the phoneme). Phonics underpin children’s early reading experiences and enable them to make good progress. Teaching needs to be consistent and rigorous with constant revision to embed phonics into their reading skills. Phonics are particularly important in the early stages of reading as children need strategies beyond word recognition to decode texts (e.g. c-a-t which reads as cat).

Phonic knowledge not only supports reading, but forms a vital part of writing. Children need to be able to segment (breakdown words into phonemes) in order to record their ideas. As they progress, the phonic programme will move on to spelling strategies which support lifelong learning.

Regular practice, through the application of skills and knowledge in both reading and writing, will provide a sound basis for success.

Parents need to be aware of the very important role that they play in supporting the development of their children’s skills in phonics. Parents need to follow the progress their child is making and also be aware of any difficulties their child is experiencing with phonics, reading and writing. In the event of difficulties, it is important to talk to the teachers concerned.

Remember: listening to children read, and reading to children, remain the most vital areas of support that parents can provide.

For more information about our phonics support service, please call 020 3488 0754 or contact us.

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