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Support for Gifted & Talented Children

Our Gifted and Talented consultants provide support for families whose children need help to be appropriately challenged and academically stretched. They are outstanding teachers with many years’ experience and knowledge in this field, pushing bright children in an engaging and motivating way.

Our Gifted and Talented tutors and consultants provide support for families whose children need help to be appropriately challenged and academically stretched.

A child can be doing ‘really well’ and ‘top of their class’ in Maths and English, yet still be considered to be coasting and not nearly reaching their full potential. These children get bored very easily and this can sometimes mean that they are not actually doing very well at school as they have switched off from learning.

Gifted and Talented children can often finish standard homework in seconds, but typically find it difficult when they are faced with real challenges because they’ve always found everything so easy. This means they tend to get very frustrated and give up too easily, as they have not built up any resilience or techniques to try to solve these types of problems, and this can cause difficulties later on if it is not addressed.

Our experienced Gifted and Talented tutors are outstanding teachers with many years’ experience and knowledge in this field. They push bright children in an engaging and motivating way and allow them to progress through higher order thinking and logic puzzles, rather than just delivering the curriculum earlier to them.

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find a hand-picked Gifted and Talented tutor for your child.

How does our Gifted and Talented tutoring work?

At JK Educate, we recognise the importance of not only accelerating learning, but also cultivating resilience and problem-solving techniques in gifted children. Our consultants work closely with both parents and students to provide hour-long advisory sessions, offering guidance on the best ways to support gifted children at home. Additionally, we offer personalised, follow-on individual tutoring sessions designed to further nurture the unique talents and potential of each child.

Empower your child to go beyond the ordinary and unlock their full intellectual capabilities with JK Educate’s Gifted and Talented tutoring services.

Why choose JK’s SEN tutors?

As part of our Gifted and Talented tutoring services, we strive to carefully match each student with a tutor that’s right for them. We consider the child’s specific support requirements, personality traits, and individual learning style.

Our specialists are carefully selected based on their passion for guiding and supporting students. Through a rigorous recruitment process, we thoroughly scrutinise tutors’ credentials and conduct security checks, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment.

From an academic standpoint, our exceptional Gifted and Talented tutors possess extensive experience working with learners of all ages and educational levels. We go beyond accelerating academic learning and seek to inspire resilience and problem-solving skills in gifted children.

Seeking tailored educational support to nurture your child’s unique abilities? Contact us at 020 348 0754.

Benefits of Gifted and Talented Tutoring

Gifted and talented students, often excelling in specific subjects, face unique challenges that are often overlooked. Contrary to the misconception that Gifted and Talented students don’t require tutoring, targeted support in weaker subjects is essential for their holistic development.

At JK Educate, we understand the nuanced needs of Gifted and Talented students, and our tutoring services are designed to ensure they thrive across all academic areas.

Some of the many benefits of Gifted and Talented tutoring include:

  • Holistic Mastery: Gifted and Talented tutoring fosters comprehensive mastery, bridging gaps in subjects where such students may face challenges.
  • Addressing Weaknesses: Gifted and Talented students can struggle in specific areas such as Maths or Science. Tutoring provides focused assistance to overcome these challenges.
  • Individualised Attention: Despite their academic strengths, Gifted and Talented students may lack attention in challenging subjects. Tutoring support offers personalised guidance for optimal learning.
  • Realising Full Potential: One-on-one tutoring helps Gifted and Talented students unlock their complete potential, ensuring they don’t just pass but excel in all academic areas.
  • College Readiness: Achieving full potential is crucial for college admissions. Tutoring ensures Gifted and Talented students are well-prepared for their desired academic paths and helps them realise all of their options.

Need more information? Our team offers valuable information and guidance for parents seeking to support their Gifted and Talented students through effective tutoring.

Case Studies


Emma* came to us with low confidence as she was mildly dyslexic. We assessed her and found that she had a fantastic imagination and was extremely articulate. Through gentle English tutoring and encouragement, Emma understood how talented she was and developed into a gifted writer with a deep passion for literature and creative writing. Emma became so confident that she decided to sit for the 11+ and she achieved a place at the school of her choice. She has thrived there ever since, going on to win prizes for outstanding achievements in English.


Paul’s* parents came to us with him in Year 5, as he was so frustrated and wasn’t enjoying school. Once we had assessed him, we understood he was extremely able in maths and because he had other special needs it hadn’t been recognised in school. We immediately put a plan in place to extend his maths through expert tutoring; his confidence grew and he went from strength to strength. He sat the 11+ and went to a very academic school that stretched him, allowing him to really enjoy school.


Taylor* was low in confidence and really didn’t think he was good at much. We assessed him and discovered he had great potential and was totally underachieving at school. Taylor had tutoring in maths and English over a period of two years and excelled in both subjects. At this point he was unrecognisable – a confident and happy young person with lots of friends – and he gained a place at the senior school of his choice.


Raul* came to us as the youngest of three and he was underachieving at school. After an academic assessment, we understood that he was simply not in the right school. Raul needed catch up tutoring and to move to a school with less behavioural problems, so he could enjoy his learning and thrive. Once he settled into his new school, we worked on his maths and English through tutoring. He became an outstanding achiever in both subjects and went on to gain a place at a top independent school.

These case studies are genuine, but names have been changed to protect our students’ privacy.

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find a hand-picked tutor for your child’s studies.

Do JK have gifted and talented tutors near me?

Our extensive network of specialised Gifted and Talented tutors means you’ll always have access to exceptional support regardless of your location. Our selection process focuses on identifying tutors with in-depth expertise, outstanding teaching skills, and a genuine passion for guiding and nurturing gifted students.

What is the difference between core tutoring and gifted and talented tutoring?

At JK Educate, our core tutoring and consultancy services are tailored for students requiring comprehensive academic support, addressing day-to-day coursework, homework, and standard exam preparation. Whereas, Gifted and Talented tutoring caters to students showcasing exceptional strengths in specific subjects, fostering in-depth understanding and higher-order thinking.

What other tutoring services do JK offer?

In addition to our support for Gifted and Talented students, our tutors specialise in facilitating children’s preparation for exams, including the 7+11+ and 13+. Our goal is to assist students in navigating the curriculum effectively and achieving success in their exams.

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