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About JK Educate

At JK Educate, we’re not just about tutoring; we’re about transforming lives. With our expert guidance, personalised learning approach, and unwavering support, we empower students to reach new heights in their academic journey.

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Get to know our company and our mission.

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Meet our expert tutors who inspire and guide each student to success. Dive in to learn more about the team dedicated to your academic excellence.

Our Story

At JK Educate, we believe in the power of personalized education. Our mission is to provide tailored tutoring solutions that unlock each student’s full potential.

Our Approach

our approach is all about you. We tailor our tutoring to fit each student’s unique needs, learning style, and goals. By combining expert knowledge with personalized strategies, we ensure effective and engaging learning experiences.

Our Team

Behind the scenes at JK Educate is a dedicated team of support and monitoring professionals. They ensure everything runs smoothly, from administrative tasks to continuous student progress tracking.


What people say about JK Educate.

‘Thanks very much for helping Alice – she certainly came back full of confidence on Sunday so it was well worth the last session.

Alice seems quite calm about the exam on Thursday, so far which is good.

Thank you for both recognising her low confidence and then working to increase it.’

~ Caroline and Peter, Wimbledon


We have just had our first parents evening since starting with Sophie, Alex’s tutor.
His teacher has noticed a marked improvement in his writing, his knowledge retention and attitude since he started with Sophie.
I am really happy with his progress with Sophie, thank you for matching them!

~ Margaret, Islington

I’ve improved a lot in my maths and my grades are getting higher. I find that I am getting stronger in my English and more confident. If I don’t understand anything I’m happy that I get the help I need immediately from my tutor. It’s been really interesting learning different concepts and it’s helped with my school work. I’m the only person in my maths class who knows about volume because I learnt it with my tutor!

~ Heather, student, Highgate


Taking Jacob for an assessment was definitely well spent money, as it enabled us to confirm some things that we already knew, plus you provided us with additional information which gave us food for thought.  This was valuable as our planning for the academic future of Jacob, started to take shape based on more empirical evidence and credible advice.  We will definitely recommend this service to others and use it again if appropriate.

~ Caroline, Hampstead


Dear Katie,
Niall had a one-hour interview session with yourself for +10 exams entry. He’s been offered a place for year 6 at our preferred school and he is extremely happy.

We would like to thank you for the session, which was a great help that made his dream come true.

~ Patrick, Highgate

Kane asked me to call you and let you know that he came top of the class in his maths assessment today. He can’t believe he has started Year 7 being top in maths!

~ Karen, student, St John’s Wood

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