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Home Tutoring

Unlock your child's full potential with our personalised home tutoring services. At JK Educate, we bring expert tutors directly to your doorstep, offering tailored lessons that cater to your child's unique learning style and pace.

We provide handpicked and well-trained online and in-person tutors for 7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A Level and undergraduate students.

Home tutoring brings many benefits to students, including:

  • one-to-one attention from an expert tutor
  • learning in a familiar setting at home
  • access to school books and parental support
  • face-to-face interaction, which some students prefer to online learning


JK Educate’s private home tuition is effective and dynamic, helping children reach their potential at school and in exams. We carefully match children with the tutors who will best suit their personalities and their learning requirements. Many of our tutors meet their students in their own homes, in and around London. We also offer regular online tutoring and support across the UK and internationally, and ad hoc online tutoring when students are away on holiday.

As one of London’s leading home tutoring agencies, we put a strong emphasis on communication with families. We get to know children and their circumstances well through careful conversations and our unique educational assessments. This enables us, through our select team of talented and highly qualified home tutors, to enable your child to reach their full potential. We work with children from 5-18 years old and beyond – whatever their academic ability and whatever their goals.


JK’s private tutors undergo rigorous selection and undergo JK Academy online training. We invest heavily to maintain high standards of teaching and client service, with constant monitoring of our students’ progress, along with regular feedback to parents. You can see a small selection of our current tutors on our featured tutors page.


We support families in choosing future schools and assess their child’s potential to reach their school goals, from the increasingly popular 4+ entrance point all the way up to sixth form and university entrance. Our entrance exam tutoring programmes focus primarily on the seven plus, eleven plus and thirteen plus entrance exams for selective state and independent London schools. Our home tutoring is carefully tailored to the schools that our students are targeting, and our results are outstanding.


GCSE tutors at JK Educate are highly skilled specialists; they provide targeted and in-depth programmes and tuition at home for GCSE and iGCSE students across multiple subjects. Their academic experience and subject knowledge equip them to help students achieve the grades they need in their GCSEs.

Much of this work is face-to-face home tutoring in London, but this age group often prefers online tutoring and our online tutoring has proven very successful.

Our experienced, specialist subject tutors also offer a targeted and in-depth programme of tutoring support for A Level, Pre-U and IB students at home. In addition, we offer support for core curriculum work such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

We can bring expert tutors to your home for A Levels and the IB in London, and our online A Level tutors offer expert quality teaching and support without geographical restrictions. With challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice, students can be helped to truly excel in their external exams.

We have expert advice and support available for careers, and for university applications including personal statements, from our excellent Consultant for University Admissions. And our tutoring services extend to undergraduate study, where we are increasingly being asked to provide tutoring support to university students, particularly in the first year of study.


  • Professionalism, integrity and an intense commitment to providing the best possible service underscores everything we do.
  • Our results speak for themselves and this is why we are established as a leading tutoring agency.
  • If you are wondering “How can I find high quality home tutors near me?”, we can help.
  • Let us know how we can help you. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Our Home School Mentoring service was created to help you support your children’s educational needs. First designed during the first COVID Lockdown, it is still a valuable support service for busy parents now that children are back at school, supporting children with homework and answering their questions through short daily contact.

If you are an online or London home tutor looking for the best place to teach students on a one-to-one basis, read on!


The JK Educate tutoring experience involves feeling part of a team that supports and encourages you, as well as being supported with ongoing monitoring. We vet all our clients to ensure our tutors’ safety at work and security of payment. We are also constantly expanding our online tutoring provision, so wherever you live, you can work for us as a tutor.

It’s more rewarding and fun to tutor as part of a successful team than on your own. Our tutors’ JK Academy training includes our tailor-made video training modules. We provide support for our consultant tutors and as a premium agency, we recruit high quality teachers and pay very competitive rates.


Our tutors need to have sound academic credentials and genuine teaching ability, with an adaptable style, energy, enthusiasm, personality and flexibility. They range in age and experience from recent graduates to highly experienced retired teachers, but every tutor has at least an undergraduate degree and many also have a teaching qualification.

We recruit primary school generalists, tutors to prepare children for entrance exams including verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning requirements. We recruit SEN specialists and those with experience in supporting gifted and talented students, as well as subject specialists up to A Level and tutors with experience in supporting University applications.

We place great importance on our home tutors’ happiness and job satisfaction, and we are continually refining our services for our tutors.

Find out more about becoming a JK tutor here, or to talk to us about our tutor jobs in London call: 020 3488 0754.

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