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Homeschool Tutoring

At JK Educate we know there are many reasons for homeschooling. Families choose home schooling due to relocation, travel requirements or so a child can compete at a professional level in sport or drama, for example.

Others may choose home schooling because of illness, anxiety, bullying or school phobia. In some cases there are concerns about a child’s special needs or that their unique talents are not being fully supported or recognised in the classroom.

That’s why JK Educate provides personalised homeschooling support. Our academic programme gives each student a highly effective and nurturing educational experience and the tools to reach their full potential.


JK Educate’s online homeschool tutoring service is designed to support any family entering into a homeschooling programme. We provide personalised and holistic support for both student and teacher, from daily check-ins, setting and marking homework, timetabling support and much more.

Every student is an individual, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning support. Our online homeschool tutoring service reflects this by offering a tailored approach.

JK’s online homeschool tutoring service starts with getting to know you and your child. By understanding your child’s personality and learning style, we can appropriately match you to one of our highly experienced and effective tutors.

We work closely with you to ensure your child’s timetable is being followed, and if no timetable is in place, your personal tutor will create one. Our homeschool mentoring service includes:

Organising regular homework

  • Daily support Monday to Friday
  • Ensuring the student’s timetable is being followed where applicable – and if there is no given timetable, the tutor can create one.
  • Additional support for learning barriers with worksheets and explanations from your JK tutor.
  • Support and advice for parent-teachers.
  • Pastoral support service 24/7, even during evenings and at weekends.
  • Regular liaison with parents to review progress and address any concerns.
  • The ability to contact your JK tutor during the day via text or WhatsApp if additional support is required.
  • Total flexibility – no minimum or maximum sign-up period.

Our homeschooling support service not only delivers academic results but also builds well-being, confidence, resilience and independence.

Contact us on 0203 488 0754 or by online enquiry to enrol now.


The benefits of JK’s online homeschool tutoring are far-reaching and numerous, including:

  • Daily support
  • Contact your tutor support anytime Monday to Friday.
  • Total flexibility
  • Overcome learning barriers with tutor support.
  • Homework is covered
  • Experienced and effective tutors
  • Access to other JK services from 11+ tuition and mock exam practice through to SEN support and online tuition programmes
  • Advice and guidance to bring out the best in your child
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“For students who are high achieving, homeschooling offers the opportunity to proceed ahead of their peers, as most schools struggle to meet the needs of the wide-ranging variety of abilities in the classrooms.

Students are free to choose the subjects which interest them the most, whilst also meeting (and in many cases exceeding) the UK government standard of 5 good GCSE grades. Students can also take part in national and international competitions such as VEX Robotic or Maths Olympiads, which may not be open to them in schools”.

Talia – JK Homeschooling Tutor

“For students who are struggling academically in school, homeschooling provides the option of working at a pace which is better suited to their abilities. It also allows them to opt out of subjects which they do not intend to continue with beyond compulsory education, freeing up time to focus on the subjects they need more help in, such as additional maths or English lessons. It is also not a requirement that students take GCSEs at all, and for some students, an alternative provision such as the Middle Years Programme offered by the IB might be more suitable.”

Jack – JK Homeschooling Tutor

”Some students opt for homeschooling due to very specific situations, such as ill health, special education needs or other scenarios which require a highly bespoke programme of lessons that is simply not possible in a school setting. These students often find homeschooling allows them to work on their chosen subjects with less anxiety about their surroundings whilst ensuring they still meet the U.K. government standards of five (or more) good GCSE passes.”

William – JK Homeschooling Tutor


“I was home-schooled during year 11 online with the JK Educate tutors, and safe to say, I highly recommend using JK Educate for home-schooling. My tutors covered all the year 11 content as well as helping me with revision, in time for me to sit my GCSEs at the end of year 11, enabling me to get the grades I needed (and higher) to get into a sixth form college.

My tutors were truly fantastic. All of them were dedicated, warm, kind-hearted, supportive, motivational, and genuinely knowledgeable and skilled at their respective subjects as well as being skilled teachers. All of my tutors were brilliant at explaining hard and confusing material, and always went above and beyond to not just teach me the facts but explain why. A full timetable was created for me, and the tutors were accommodating to last minute changes, were always punctual and most importantly for me made me feel good and confident in my academic ability, reassuring me of my capabilities and praising me when praise was due.

Not only did my teachers effectively teach me the content, but a huge part of my lessons was designated to learning essay skills and practical exam technique, so that I felt ready for exams. Most importantly, my tutors and all the team at JK really cared about me and my education, truly setting me up for future success and my A levels, for which I would like to say thank you.”

Rachel – JK Homeschooling student


“I am the Mother of a home-schooled GCSE student. JK Educate supplied individual subject tutors of the highest calibre and experience and, critically, a service which they described as a “wrap around” service. I could not have managed without the wrap-around service. I was allocated a very experienced member of the JK Educate team, Leanne.

She was my point of contact throughout and provided me with continuous and direct one-on-one support for a range of matters, such as compiling a time-table that worked for my daughter and her tutors, weekly or as frequently as I needed touch-ins to see how things were going, discussing and implementing adjustments when required and pulling together lists of information (such as schemes of work, revision lists, textbooks, access to online curriculum).

The service was flexible and invaluable because it allowed me to talk to a highly professional support so as to create the best possible, bespoke tutoring for my child. No request was ever too much. And the support was not just on logistics. Leanne provided a warm and sensitive listening and ready ear. I cannot recommend JK Educate enough. My child excelled in her GCSE results. Thank you.”

Lucy – Mother of a JK Homeschooling student


Maximise your child’s learning with JK Educate’s online homeschool tutoring and see your child’s confidence and abilities soar from as little as £100 a week.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your child’s requirements and find out how homeschool mentoring can support you and your child through the rewards and challenges of homeschooling.

Contact us on 0203 488 0754 or by online enquiry to enrol now.


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