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Grammar School Entrance Exam

Grammar schools are selective state-funded secondary schools that strongly focus on academic achievement. For that reason, grammar schools are some of the highest-performing schools in the national league tables. However, as there are under 200 grammar schools across the UK, competition for places can be high.

To be considered for a place, children must sit a grammar school entrance exam, the 11+ exam. This can be a daunting process for some families, but at JK Educate, we are here to help. We can provide expert grammar school entrance exam tutoring and a unique JK 11+ package of resources to help ensure your child is fully prepared and confident when sitting the entrance exam.

Grammar school entrance exam one-to-one tutoring

At JK Educate, we understand that preparing children for a grammar school entrance exam is a big commitment for families. With competition for places high, it requires dedication, careful planning, and the right resources to support your child. Fortunately, at JK Educate, we are experts in matching parents and children with compatible grammar school entrance exam tutors who can bring out the best in your child.

We have extensive experience helping children achieve a place at grammar school through high performance in their entrance exams. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable tutors and our extensive JK 11+ package of resources provide your child with everything they need to succeed.

Why choose JK’s grammar school entrance exam tutors

JK Educate supports families throughout the entire process of applying for grammar school with a complete package of services.

This includes an academic assessment, mock exams and, most importantly, grammar school entrance exam tutoring, which can be fully tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why are the JK tutors so successful?

  • JK’s tutors undergo rigorous selection and are specifically trained in 11+ techniques and curriculum content unique to the JK Academy to ensure your child is fully prepared for their grammar school entrance exams.
  • We carefully match students to specialist grammar school entrance exam tutors based on their learning style and personality.
  • A personalised teaching plan is created for each student based on their knowledge and the grammar school they hope to attend.
  • We regularly update our 11+ teaching packs to ensure they reflect the ever-changing exam boards and entrance exam procedures.
  • Regardless of whether your child receives in-person or online tutoring, the JK senior team constantly supports all of our private grammar school entrance exam tutors.
  • We provide parents with regular updates and detailed feedback based on their child’s progress against pre-agreed targets.

The JK Educate grammar school entrance exam journey combines JK’s tailor-made writing resources designed exclusively for students planning to sit their 11+ with carefully selected commercial resources. Our experienced tutors have access to the latest information, including comprehensive grammar school entrance exam Practice Papers and the 11+ Resources Pack. This enables our tutors to concentrate on the elements most relevant to your child’s needs.

At JK Educate, we have been producing Practice Papers and Resource packs since 2012. Every year, we update and improve the content to ensure it stays relevant and benefits from the expertise of our specialist grammar school entrance exam tutors.

For instance, our JK Educate English and Maths Exam and Resource Pack offers 100 printed papers. These cater to a broad spectrum of schools and cover a wide range of topics and a diverse list of question types and mark schemes.

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find a hand-picked grammar school entrance exam tutor for your child.

Do you have grammar school entrance exam tutors near me?

We provide grammar school entrance exam tutors offering interactive online tutoring across all regions of the UK. So, no matter where your child aspires to attend grammar school, we can help.

Regardless of whether you opt for in-person or online tutoring, we will carefully match your child to a tutor with a compatible personality and experience in their learning style. Our experience shows that this is critical to your child’s success, as the right tutor will become a trusted mentor throughout your child’s entire grammar school entrance journey.

Our tutors are carefully selected, high-calibre teachers who are knowledgeable, talented and enthusiastic about helping students achieve their best. Meet some of our experienced grammar school entrance exam tutors here.

Online grammar school entrance exam tutors

At JK Educate, our specialised online tutoring enables students in all geographical locations to benefit from our experienced grammar school entrance exam tutors. Our online classrooms provide visual, interactive and multi-sensory platforms where tutors and students can share images, text, video and game links for enhanced collaboration and interaction.

Our unique online classrooms encourage independence and autonomy. Students work online for the whole lesson so the tutor can see all work/tasks instantly. Parents take photos of homework or send PDFs the day before the lesson so the tutor can upload homework to the classroom in advance, and misconceptions can be discussed together and new targets set.

Our 2022-2023 cohort of students who sat the 11+ exams achieved a 98% success rate, with many gaining places in grammar schools despite lost classroom learning through the pandemic. All these children received online tutoring, proving that JK Educate’s comprehensive online tutoring matches face-to-face tutoring.

How does grammar school entrance exam tutoring work?

If you are considering whether a grammar school would be an ideal fit for your child, having them assessed in Year 4 is a good idea. If you decide that grammar school is the right option, tutoring for the entrance exams can start at that point or early in Year 5. This gives your child a full year of preparation, which we find, for most children, leads to optimum results. However, each child is unique and starting later for some children will not hinder success.

Contact us today to arrange your child’s academic assessment.

We use the academic assessment to evaluate your child’s ability and how they like to learn to help us match them with the right tutor. We also look at their current school’s teaching and how much of the grammar school entrance exam curriculum they may have already covered so we can create a bespoke teaching plan. This plan will then be adjusted as your child’s expert tutor requires.

At JK Educate, we never underestimate the importance of adapting our teaching to each child’s requirements. Our personalised tutoring approach allows us to evolve our techniques throughout your child’s journey to sit their grammar school entrance exam. This is supported by half-termly progress checks with tutors and our senior management team to ensure they are on track.

Our grammar school entrance exam tutoring usually takes place over 12 months in the form of weekly lessons. Tuition is always bespoke, tailored to the individual child and their preferred grammar school.

Our grammar school entrance exam department supports whole families through being assessed for grammar school. We offer a complete package of services to help boost your child’s chances of success. These services include:

  • Academic assessments
  • Mock exams and workshops
  • Expert personalised grammar school entrance exam tutoring
  • Regular parent and student feedback

What does grammar school entrance exam tutoring cover?

Our grammar school entrance exam tutoring covers the required content in non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, maths and English, teaching revision skills and school entrance exam techniques.

  • 11+ maths tutoring covers every curriculum area in detail, including algebra, fractions and geometry. It also introduces appropriate elements from the KS3 maths curriculum to give your child a head start in their grammar school entrance exams.
  • 11+ English tutoring covers comprehension, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling. It also introduces any relevant elements from the KS3 English curriculum.
  • Verbal reasoning preparations include a broad range of question types and guidance on techniques, including how to approach specific topics likely to come up in the grammar school entrance exams.
  • Non-verbal reasoning tutoring covers questions and expert guidance on test techniques and approaches.

Our skilled grammar school entrance exam tutors identify individual targets in the above subjects for their students to work towards. They also work on building your child’s confidence and self-esteem to help them perform their best when sitting their exams.

Homework is set and marked to help check progress and provide meaningful feedback. As the grammar school entrance exams approach, students can attempt practice papers and receive marked papers back. This allows students to master time management and practical question interpretation well ahead of sitting their entrance exams.

Finally, our Senior Teaching and Learning team help our tutors set individual targets at different points throughout your child’s learning journey to ensure that the correct resources are used at the right time for your child.

Grammar school entrance mock exams

Sitting mock exams is one of the final but vital stages of our grammar school entrance exam preparation for students. Our 11+ mock exams only occur when tutors have covered the full curriculum with their students to ensure they are fully prepared and have all the necessary knowledge. They provide a realistic insight into what will happen on the day of your grammar school entrance exam under strictly timed exam conditions. Plus, detailed mock exam feedback ensures that the final stages of grammar school entrance exam tutoring focus on the key areas that need improvement.

As sitting an exam under timed conditions can be a relatively new experience for this age group, we recommend students complete practice papers this way with your support and guidance. Our grammar school entrance exam tutors will seek to provide age-specific 11+ Mock Exams.

Is a grammar school entrance exam right for your child?

At JK Educate, we believe an academic assessment is necessary for your child before they set their sights on grammar school. This will inform you if they have the potential to pass these challenging exams and whether they are likely to manage in a highly selective and competitive senior grammar school.

At JK Educate, we believe children without an innate aptitude and drive to succeed in a competitive grammar school environment should not be intensively tutored to succeed. We recommend assessing your child before discussing potential school choices with them. Once we have performed an initial assessment, we can help you narrow down potential grammar schools and routes forward.

Find a grammar school entrance exam tutor today

At JK Educate, we are ready to help your child achieve success in their grammar school entrance exams. Our highly skilled tutors and unique 11+ tutoring materials are perfectly tailored to offer the support your child needs to access the opportunities grammar school can offer them.

Get in touch to find a grammar school entrance exam tutor perfectly matched to you and your child’s needs and give them the best chance of success.

For more information, check out our resources for parents, which offer tips and advice on everything tutor-related.

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