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Dukes Plus

Providing the opportunity to explore subjects, universities, and careers alongside bespoke university applications and admissions guidance to aid students throughout their education journey.

JK Educate offers university application support and enrichment experiences through Dukes Plus.

They enable students to forge a fulfilling and prosperous path in life through education and career development.

What is Dukes Plus?

Dukes Plus and JK Educate are part of the Dukes Education family.

Our mission: to empower young people to create a happy and successful life

Dukes Plus provides university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition and summer schools.

“Dukes Plus offers invaluable enrichment experiences which develop children and young adults socially, physically and cognitively, whether on a half-term day camp or following bespoke training prior to an Oxford or Princeton application. Helping to prepare each student for an extraordinary life is at the heart of what we do.” – Tim Fish, Managing Director of Dukes Plus

What does Dukes Plus Offer?

What does Dukes Plus Offer?

Dukes Plus provides a comprehensive suite of industry-leading services that support students throughout their educational journey, fostering their growth and laying the foundation for a promising future.

Dukes Plus includes:

  • Bespoke University application support
  • Career and university experiences
  • Tuition services
  • Summer schools and camps

Choose Your University & Career Pathway

Whether you’re looking for guidance on university courses for a specific career path, have yet to decide your calling, or need support with university applications and career path research, we can help.

Dukes Plus university and career pathway support provides a personalised approach to your university and career development, enabling you to create a clear pathway through education to achieve your dream career.

As part of your university and pathway support, you will receive a free, personalised report that includes:

  • Information on your chosen field of study
  • A list of reach, secure and safety universities based on your grades
  • Careers and graduate salaries matching your requirement

To learn more about how Dukes Plus can support your academic journey, visit or get in touch with our team today.

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