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JK Educate is run by experienced, caring teachers.

"Our mission is to inspire students to fully reach their potential"Lorrae Jaderberg and Katie Krais

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Our proven approach consistently delivers excellent results.

JK Educate is run by experienced, caring teachers.

Our proven approach consistently delivers excellent results for our students, whether for general school support or preparing for exams including 7+ and 11+ school entrance exams, GCSEs and A-levels. Our managed services include tutoring in person or online, ongoing support and advice for families, and assessments of academic potential and achievement.

Our managed services include tutoring in person or online.

Tutors undergo rigorous selection and are trained by the JK Academy. We invest heavily to maintain high standards of teaching and client service, with constant monitoring of tutor performance and student progress, along with regular feedback to parents.

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We carefully match children with the tutors who will best suit their personalities and their learning requirements, to help them reach their potential at school and in exams. For this reason we never suggest you pick a tutor from a list, but allow us to select the tutor with the ideal specialist knowledge, experience and teaching style to meet your child needs.


Jacob has had a lot of classroom teaching experience as a maths teacher and now he enjoys tutoring one to one across all levels from primary and 11+ through to A Level.


Tania brings extensive primary education experience to her role, both as a class teacher and deputy head teacher. In addition to tutoring, she gives detailed academic assessment feedback to parents.

Denise H

As a senior JK tutor and 11+ specialist, Denise teaches English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. She also sets, marks and reports on the JK 11+ Mock English exams.

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11+ Group & Individual Interviews

Sunday 11th & 18th November 2018

NEW! Due to the changes in the 2018 examination process more emphasis is now being placed on interview technique. JK Educate have responded by providing two mock interviews to help prepare children so they can fully show their best on the interview day. One for group interviews. One for individual interviews.

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JK Educate's Expert Tips

September 25, 2018
Homework basics A regular time and place for your child to do their homework is essential, so this isn’t negotiable each day. Agree with them when they will work after school, timing it so they have had a chance to unwind and have a snack before they start. Then remove any possible distractions such as Read More >
September 1, 2018
It’s important to visit any school you are considering for your child, either on an organised open day or during a normal school day. There are often many open mornings in the autumn term and they are well worth the time, but if you are seriously considering a school, it can also be invaluable to Read More >
June 30, 2018
How can you make a difference to your child’s learning this summer?  Ah, the endless lazy days of summer! Our children’s lives often seem to be timetabled from breakfast to bedtime during term time and it’s great to have a change in routine, let them sleep in (if they ever will!), take a break from Read More >
The Good Schools Guide
The Good Schools Guide places JK Educate in its Section A category of tutoring agencies and their review of our work is highly positive:

"These women are dynamic and warm, and they certainly know their onions when it comes to education - a combination that makes you feel instantly at ease with them as well as in safe hands."

"The parents we spoke to couldn't get enough of these add-on options. 'It's a one-stop shop for tutoring, but it's a la carte, which means you can pick and choose what works for you. What could be better?' said one parent."

"For a tutor, it's near on perfect, and the customer ultimately benefits from that too, one tutor summed up."

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