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Unlocking potential with personal tutoring.

Watch your child grow and achieve the grades they’re capable of with the help of our experienced, caring teachers who specialise in one-on-one tutoring, online or in person.

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Why JK Educate

Our private tutoring approach and educational consultancy services consistently deliver excellent results. For example, this year’s cohort of JK students sitting the 11 plus exams achieved an impressive 97.4% success rate.

  • Experienced Tutors, Excellent Results

    Our proven approach consistently delivers excellent results for our students. This includes general school support, as well as support for children preparing for exams like 7+ and 11+ school entrance exams, GCSEs and A Levels. Our managed services include private tutoring (in person or online), ongoing support and advice for families, and assessments of academic potential and achievement.

  • Private Tuition, In Person or Online

    We offer in-person tutoring services to children across London, where our expert teachers will visit families at home and provide educational support for students. This personalised approach allows children to get face-to-face support from the comfort of their own home, building a strong relationship with a tutor they can trust.

    Since 2018, our online tuition has been a core offering alongside our face-to-face tutoring service. We understand the importance of keeping children engaged, so our online classrooms utilise a visual, interactive, and multi-sensory platform that appeals to all age ranges and ability levels. Distance no longer has to be a barrier to learning, and the benefits of online services include:

    • Finding a tutor that best meets your child’s requirements, regardless of location
    • Flexibility and responsiveness
    • A comfortable environment – particularly impactful for children who find in-person learning anxiety provoking

    JK’s private tutors undergo rigorous selection and are trained by the JK Academy, a provision unique among tutoring agencies. We invest heavily to maintain high standards of teaching and client service, with constant monitoring of tutor performance and student progress, along with regular feedback to parents. This ensures we deliver results and has established us as a top London tutoring agency.

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Whether you’re a parent seeking to enrich your child’s learning experience or an educator ready to to help and inspire young people, we’d love to connect.

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Discover what makes JK Educate the best tutoring agency for you and how can we help your child reach their potential.

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Discover what makes JK Educate a great tutoring agency to work for, what we look for in a JK Educate tutor and what it’s like to work for us.

Industry Recognition

The Good Schools Guide places us in their top category of tutoring agencies, and they have recently conducted an updated review of our services. It’s a great review, which recognises our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients and students.

This includes helping families navigate the educational journeys of their children, in addition to providing caring support, expert advice and bespoke tutoring whenever it’s needed.

Most agencies are simply there to connect tutor and client, taking a fee for it and that’s it – no follow up. This one is clearly in a different league, with the ex-teachers at the helm having a strong sense of the fact that parents want more than that.

Service Review The Good Schools Guide

Private Tutoring

At JK Educate, your child’s education is our priority. We offer expert online tutoring to UK and global clients, with bespoke teaching platforms and materials to help your child develop.

All tutors are highly qualified and experienced within education, guaranteeing your child a quality tutoring experience from home.

Educational Services

In addition to private tutoring, we offer a number of educational services designed to prepare our pupils for success in exams and interviews.


Our tailored assessments will help you gauge your child’s strengths, weaknesses and note any room for improvement in preparation for selective school placement, entrance exams or national exams.

Mock Exams

Our tailored mock exams will help you gauge your child’s strengths, weaknesses and note any room for improvement in preparation for selective school placement, entrance exams or national exams.

Interview Prep

Our tailored interview prep sessions will help you gauge your child’s strengths, weaknesses and note any room for improvement in preparation for selective school placement, entrance exams or national interviews.

Your Tutors

We carefully match children with the tutors who will best suit their personalities and their learning requirements, to help them reach their potential at school and in exams.

Some tutoring agencies allow you to pick a tutor from a list, but we do not think this is the best way. We use our years of experience in children’s tutoring to select the tutor with the ideal specialist knowledge, experience and teaching style to meet your child’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online private lessons worth it?

In online private tutoring sessions, children will undertake personalised learning in the same way they would if they were with a tutor in-person. The bespoke factor is what’s most important, and children with online lessons will benefit from interactive and engaging sessions tailored to their specific educational needs.

What are the benefits of one-to-one tutoring?

One-to-one tutoring can have a huge impact on your child’s education. Benefits include:

  • Improved focus as a result of a personalised setting
  • Personalised learning
  • Individual attention – something that’s hard to come by in schools
  • Improved confidence as children expand their knowledge and overcome challenges
  • A deeper understanding of trickier topics

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