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Online Tutoring

Distance is no barrier to learning, with our online interactive tutoring programme. It features a shared screen for tutors and students to upload documents, write together and see each other. We help children globally and across the UK, and across all age ranges, from 7+ or 11+ to GCSEs, A Levels and undergraduate study.

Find expert tutors to support your progress, wherever you are, with JK Educate’s online tutoring services. Our flexible approach to tutoring provision and educational support, as it means we can offer tutoring to everyone regardless of geography or other restrictions. JK Educate help students in the UK, and across all age ranges, including 4+, 7+, 11+ and 13+ preparation, as well as GCSEs, A Levels and undergraduate studies.

Online home tutoring is a match for any face-to-face tutoring, if the tutors involved are as highly trained, dedicated and talented as JK Educate tutors. This has been further proven by this year’s cohort of JK students sitting the 11 plus exams, all of whom were tutored online because of the pandemic, as they have achieved a brilliant 97.4% success rate in these entrance exams.

JK Online Tutoring

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Our online tutoring program offers a shared screen with an interactive whiteboard, enabling tutors and students to upload documents, collaborate in real-time, maintain visibility, and save a copy of the shared materials.

This online teaching software supports a range of long-distance one-on-one tutoring, catering to international students preparing for entrance exams at prestigious British schools and those seeking to stay aligned with British education standards while residing as expatriates abroad.

Why Choose JK’s Online Tutors?

Our tutors are experienced teachers and bright, enthusiastic graduates. They are all highly committed to teaching and nurturing their students’ development to fulfil their potential.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose JK’s online tutors:

  • Fully interactive online tutoring classroom
  • Students and tutors can see and hear each other in real time
  • Interactive whiteboard for tutors and students to annotate
  • Same high-quality tutoring and one-to-one relationship as face-to-face
  • Experienced, trained tutors supported by JK Academy
  • Proven excellent results
  • We provide training on using the platform for both tutors and students

But why should you invest in online tutoring in the first place? Let’s explore the many benefits of online tutoring as a whole.

The Benefits of Online Tutoring

Among the many benefits of using online tutoring services include:

  • Flexibility: Flexibility of time and place on a global basis
  • Student-tutor matching: Students can be matched to the ideal tutor even if they live far apart
  • Interactive online teaching: An interactive online classroom like JK’s matches a face-to-face experience
  • Online tutoring to in-person standards: The same quality of tutoring as face-to-face tutoring with fewer distractions, wearing headphones and being focused on the screen

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find an online tutor for your child.

Does JK Have Tutors Near Me?

We offer interactive online tutoring nationwide in the UK. Our tutors are hand-picked, high-calibre educators who possess extensive knowledge, exceptional teaching skills, and a genuine enthusiasm for guiding their students. You can get to know some of our experienced tutors here.

GCSE and A Level Tutoring

Our online tutors are increasingly in demand for ad hoc virtual tutoring. This is sometimes to trouble shoot specific areas of the curriculum in a GCSE or A Level subject, or to prepare for end of year exams or mocks. The ideal tutor for an individual student in a specific subject may not live close enough to each other for tutoring in person, but they can still use online tutoring. This tutoring availability is especially valuable to overseas students and those who live in the UK but outside London.

With challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice, students can be helped to truly excel in their exams. Our tutors have a wide range of expertise, and are available to support students in every subject. Just let us know with which subjects you require assistance and we’ll find the right tutor for you.

With JK’s online tutoring services, each student and tutor are always carefully and individually matched to meet the student’s needs and to suit their personality and learning style. This process is the same for all of our tutoring services. If your child has had an academic assessment, we will have met them in person or virtually and we will have learnt a great deal about them as a result. From many years’ experience, we know which questions to ask to find the perfect match.

Online Tutoring for Entrance Exams

Our online tutoring for the 11 plus entrance exams covers the required content in non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, maths and English, as well as revision skills and exam techniques. For the 13+ Common Entrance exams, our online tutors provide support for the ISEB pre-tests in Year 6, then tutoring in specific subjects for the 13+ exams in Year 8.

As always, our 11+ tutoring services are flexible and available when required. Our virtual tutoring for children sitting the 7+ is pitched appropriately, understanding that online learning needs to be particularly engaging to hold the attention of younger children. Our tutors are very skilled in keeping teaching sessions fun and absorbing, whatever the age group and whether the lessons are online or in person.

See an example of the engaging teaching we provide here:

Holiday tutoring

Online tutoring services are also invaluable to keep up the learning momentum through online lessons during holiday seasons. 11+ students facing entrance exams after the long summer break often benefit enormously from online tutoring while they are away, as it keeps them on track to face these exams.

International students

Current international clients benefiting from tutoring online reside in many locations, including Singapore, India, Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Canada, New York and Los Angeles. A popular use of our online tutoring agency includes students who require support, advice and specialist tutoring to apply successfully to the British senior school of their choice. This could be at 11+, 13+ or sixth form entry level.

In each case, you will benefit from our expert knowledge of the schools and their requirements, plus carefully matched tutors available to you online whenever it suits you.

If you ever need more support, our teaching resources undergo frequent updates. Our experts remain dedicated to staying current with the evolving demands of school entrance exams.

What Makes JK’s Online Tutors Special?

Our talented online tutors are carefully recruited and vetted, then fully trained in our unique JK Academy. Their teaching is continually monitored by senior managers and they are given ongoing support for their lessons through this process. Our tutors are experienced teachers and bright, enthusiastic graduates; they are all highly committed to teaching and nurturing their students’ development to fulfil their potential.

Habs, City and Highgate! Which one to choose for Sophie? I guess that’s good problems! Thank you for the 11+ tutoring online… she’s looking forward to returning to England and starting her secondary education in one of these schools in September! We couldn’t have done this without you!

~ Joanne Dillis, New York


When my work took the family to New York at the most important time as regards working towards exams, we weren’t sure how we could continue to help prepare our son for the 11+.

Modern technology was the key. Both tutors were able to continue working with him from August all the way through to February by working out times to do Skype sessions despite the time difference.

Not only were they patient and accommodating but the system worked and he was able to get a place at Latymer Upper School, which was our first choice.

Both teachers were diligent and professional and I would recommend them extremely highly. A special mention must go to his Maths tutor, as he had much further to go in his Maths than in his English. He took him back to basics, patiently built him back up and made sure he was equipped with the knowledge he would need to get the right grade.

Thanks to you all for your time and effort,

All the best,

~ Rex Reynolds

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What is included with JK educates online tutoring?

With JK Educate’s online tutoring, your child will receive high quality guidance and consultation, regardless of geographical barriers. From academic assessments to curricular tips, children will be supported at every stage of the exam preparation process, from research to work feedback and more.

What is the difference between core tutoring and gifted and talented tutoring?

At JK Educate, our core tutoring and consultancy services are tailored for students requiring comprehensive academic support, addressing day-to-day coursework, homework, and standard exam preparation. Whereas, Gifted and Talented tutoring caters to students showcasing exceptional strengths in specific subjects, fostering in-depth understanding and higher-order thinking.

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