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A Level Tutoring

Our experienced, specialist subject tutors offer a targeted and in-depth programme of tutoring support for A Level and IB students. With challenging and stretching tutorials and guided additional in-depth work, students can be helped to truly excel in their exams in all academic subjects.

Our experienced, professional A Level tutors deliver expert tutoring in-person at students’ homes in and around London and through our interactive online tutoring programme for pupils living across the UK. JK’s expert IB and A Level tutoring helps students get on track for success, either with a sustained tutoring programme or short-term booster tutoring.

Our specialist subject tutors offer a targeted, in-depth programme for A Level, Pre-U and IB students. In addition, we offer support for core curriculum work such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is being considered by many universities when accepting student applications.

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Why choose JK Educate A Level tutors?

JK Educate have a distinctive approach to tutoring that provides remarkable results for our students. What sets us apart is not just the expertise of our tutors. It’s the personalised and effective strategies we employ to ensure your child’s success.

At JK Educate, we don’t just teach subjects; we tailor our approach to understand your child and their unique circumstances. Through in-depth conversations with you and our exclusive academic assessments, we gain valuable insights into your child’s learning style and needs. Armed with this information, our exceptionally skilled tutors provide a level of guidance, advice and consultancy that is meticulously crafted for each individual student.

Here’s why our A Level tutoring service is unparalleled:

  • Expertly trained tutors: Our A Level tutors undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the most qualified and dedicated individuals join our team.
  • Customised Learning Plans: We believe in the power of personalisation. Each student is thoughtfully matched with a dedicated A Level tutor based on their unique learning style and personality.
  • Tailored Teaching Plans: Our tutors go beyond the ordinary by developing teaching plans that consider the student’s current knowledge and the specific A Level curriculum covered at their school.
  • Up-to-Date Learning Materials: We understand the evolving nature of A Level exams. That’s why our tutors regularly update their teaching materials to align with the latest requirements of the A Level exam boards.
  • Regular Progress Feedback: Parents are kept in the loop with regular and detailed feedback based on their child’s progress relative to the agreed-upon targets.

With us, you can prepare your child for success with our unique and effective approach to A Level education.

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find a hand-picked A Level tutor for your child.

What subjects do our A Level, Pre-U and IB subject tutors teach?

Our team of high calibre private IB and A Level tutors teach a range of subjects, including:

A Level Biology tutors
A Level Business Studies tutors
A Level Chemistry tutors
A Level Computer Science tutors
A Level Drama tutors
A Level Economics tutors
A Level English tutors
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
A Level French tutors
A Level Further Maths tutors
A Level Geography tutors
A Level German tutors
A Level Government & Politics tutors
A Level History tutors
A Level Latin tutors
A Level Mandarin tutors
A Level Maths tutors
A Level Media Studies tutors
A Level Philosophy tutors
A Level Physics tutors
A Level Psychology tutors
A Level Religious Studies tutors
A Level Sociology tutors
A Level Spanish tutors
A Level Sports Science tutors

Contact the JK team to find home and online A Level and IB tutors in your chosen subjects.

Private A Level tutors online

We offer IB and A Level private tuition in London, across the UK and overseas, using our online tutoring platform with its interactive shared screen facility. Our online A Level tutors offer expert quality teaching and support without geographical restrictions.

Using an online A Level tutor is both convenient and accessible; it allows students to interact live with their tutor, discuss topics and ask questions. With our online A Level tutoring services, we can widen our reach to students and offer continued support over school breaks when pupils would benefit from a recap on their previous classroom studies.

Private A Level Tutors in London

Our in-person JK Educate tutoring team operates predominantly in and around London. We find that in-person tutoring gives students the confidence to approach their exams with the belief they need to achieve great results. This personal interaction greatly improves their communicative and critical thinking skills.

Contact us to find out more about our London tutoring options.

Flexible A Level tutoring

Many of our students keep up with learning via online tutoring when away for some time, for example during summer and Easter breaks. Pre-organised sessions help students stay on track and keep up with their study and revision for A Level or IB exams, even when out of the country or on holiday.

JK Educate also offers flexibility in how much tutoring you need:

  • Do you want an A Level tutor on a long-term basis to support you throughout the course, perhaps daily or weekly?
  • Do you just want short-term A Level private tuition before your mock or final exams, to help you with last minute revision?
  • Do you need tutoring sessions during a school holiday, so you don’t slip backwards whilst not in lessons, or to troubleshoot A Level topics you have struggled with during the previous term?

All these options are available to you as part of our bespoke tutoring service. Just tell us what you need.

Quality Assured A Level Tuition

JK Educate works with outstanding A Level tutors. As a premium tutoring agency, we boast a brilliant team of experienced teachers and well-trained professionals to provide A Level or IB support covering a wide variety of exam boards. Most of our A Level tutors have university degrees in the subjects they teach, including some PhD qualified tutors. They are trained in-house, coached and monitored by experienced senior teachers, so your child is not only being supported by a single tutor but a whole team of educational experts.

One-to-one A Level tutoring

We offer our A Level tutoring in one-to-one sessions. We believe this is the best way to cater to individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. It allows our tutors to curate optimal study plans in their specialist subjects and give our students undivided attention.

Student Monitoring and Sessions

We consistently monitor each student’s progress, adapting our teaching methods and using bespoke approaches that are most effective for the best A Level, Pre-U and IB results.

With challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice, students can be helped to truly excel in their exams. Our tutors’ academic experience and subject knowledge equip them to help students achieve the grades they need.

Motivating A Level Students

A Levels prove a decisive time in students’ lives. It is a stressful process having to firstly choose the most appropriate subjects that will lead to a university degree or professional career, and then study at a far more challenging level than they have faced before. That is why our tutoring programmes set out a clear structured path that encourages an initiative-based learning style. We understand what A Level students need and want from their efforts.

Call us on 020 3488 0754 or contact us via email and let us know the subjects with which you require assistance. We will quickly find the right tutor for you.

Learn more about A Level qualifications and how many students are able to choose.

First class tutoring

Firstly, a huge thanks to Holly at JK Educate who has just finished tutoring my son for his A Level English exams. As well as help with the texts she also taught him valuable independent learning skills that will be so good for Uni. And throughout the process he’s always known she was in his corner, wanting him to do well, which has a special impact all of its own. We used JK Educate way back in Year 5 to get an assessment and then had another wonderful tutor, Denise, to bring his learning level up to where it should be and to prepare him for the 11+. Both times great tutor choices. From then to now, always friendly, supportive and highly professional, I have no hesitation in recommending JK Educate.

Trustpilot review

Our careers and higher education consultants provide a wealth of invaluable advice and support to students who are planning their futures after sixth form. We have expert advice and support available for careers, and university applications including personal statements, with our excellent University Admissions Consultancy.

Our experienced advisors have years of knowledge working as secondary school teachers, heads of departments in schools and sixth form colleges, subject specialists and careers guidance practitioners.

Our advisors work with individual A Level and IB students to support them in submitting comprehensive, high-quality university applications to demonstrate their in-depth research. Their help includes guidance on writing personal statements and interview preparation techniques in addition to their applications.

Case Study: JK Educate A Level Tutoring

Following a disappointing school report, a JK Educate client sought tutoring to help her Year 13 daughter achieve her target grades for university and to highlight any areas that required intervention. The student admitted that she hadn’t been working hard enough, so we liaised with the client to agree and put in place a checklist that allowed the student to take greater responsibility for her learning and become more accountable.

To best support the student during this critical period in her education, three achievable targets were identified around focus, demonstration of commitment and producing quality work. And to ensure ongoing accountability, the student was asked to assess herself against the three targets and compare it to her tutors’ overall impression after each lesson.

The student worked very well with her new plan for self-assessment, actively reflecting on the quality of her work and progress and becoming more invested in her progress. This resulted in a marked improvement in her retention of knowledge and the quality of her written analysis, and her improved autumn exam results were back on track to meet her predicted grades.

These case studies are genuine, but names have been changed to protect our students’ privacy.

What are A Levels?

Advanced level qualifications, commonly known as A levels, are subject-based qualifications that open pathways to university, further study, training, or employment. Typically taken over two years, students usually study three or more A levels, and assessment is primarily through examinations.

To enrol in A levels, students generally need at least five GCSEs at grades 9 to 4/A* to C, with a minimum grade 6 in the specific subjects they wish to study. However, requirements may vary between schools and colleges. A levels are suitable for those considering university, as many higher education courses require specific A levels or combinations thereof.

How can a tutor help a child prepare for A Level exams?

An expert tutor, like those provided with JK Educate, can prove instrumental in preparing a child for A Level exams through a tailored approach that addresses the student’s individual learning needs. By creating personalised learning plans, clarifying complex concepts, and imparting effective exam strategies, tutors can ensure comprehensive preparation.

What are the best ways to prepare for A Level exams?

There are a number of methods students can use to prepare for their A Level exams. One of these is maintaining a consistent grasp of the content throughout the year and understanding the exam structure early on. To help with this, they may make use of textbooks for in-depth understanding and create condensed notes and flashcards.

Furthermore, students should set clear learning objectives aligned with the syllabus, treat mock exams seriously, and learn from their mistakes. It’s important to understand the mark scheme to meet examiner expectations and compile subject-specific exam tips.

Where are your A Level tutors based?

Our A Level tutors are based in and around London for in-person tutoring, whereas our online tutoring services are available to students located across the UK and overseas. This includes Dubai, Singapore, Beijing, Europe, US and Canada. We also support students learning the Irish curriculum.

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