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11 + Maths Problems

solving summer holiday workshops….

With CEM and others trying to make 11+ exams “tutor-proof”, more questions are going to need a problem-solving mindset. We have found this to be a relatively weak area for many students who are sitting their entrance exams in September and January, so we are offering a special workshop to address this area with one of our top 11+ maths specialists.

See details below:

JKT Problem Solving and Puzzles Workshop

Two identical workshop sessions will take place at the
beginning and end of the summer holidays.

Workshop 1: Wednesday 30th July 2014.
Workshop 2: Thursday 28th August 2014.
Time: 9am-1pm.

Address: 3 Wisteria Close, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2HZ.

Format: The morning will be split into 40 minute sessions.
Each session will have a theme such as code-breaking,
shapes within shapes, logic puzzles along with more classic
problems such as lines and spaces, and simultaneous equation,
all at 11+ levels.

The first session will start with some teasers that students tackle in small groups. Students will be encouraged to understand the strategy behind solving these. Then they will move onto specific themes for the next sessions. Short breaks will be taken between sessions for students to discuss techniques and successful strategies.

At the end of the morning there will be a general review and students will be given some puzzles and problems to take home – with answers for parents!

The price per child for the morning is £125. If you think your child would benefit from this workshop please contact Katie Krais directly on: 020 3488 0754.

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