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Congratulations to all of our 11+ students!!!

Our students and tutors have consistently worked hard and
the results have been excellent. What has made our results
so successful?

Preparing for the 11+ is an extremely specialised task for the
resilient and not the faint hearted. Children need to be prepared to work really hard, give up lots of their free time, take the knocks as they come and stay focused throughout, knowing they may not make it – despite their best efforts.

Every year is different: schools change the dates and formats of their exams; cohorts are more or less challenging and the competition is becoming increasingly more difficult. Why is that?

It seems to us that parents are becoming even more unhappy with the education offered by some schools and have decided they want to give their children the opportunity for something better.

At Jaderberg Krais, we set about to provide everything for parents and children who wish to take the 11+ exams, helping through assessment to advise if they should consider the 11+ option and if so, how to do it. We provide the answers and the tutoring to make it happen.

It is imperative that all children are assessed before parents decide whether to start tutoring for the 11+ exams. Parents must know with accuracy if their child is clever enough, if they have the potential to pass the exams and how much learning will need to take place and for how long. This is a specialised piece of work and we provide everything you need to know to make the right decision about whether to tutor, when to start and which school exams to sit for.
A priority for us, throughout the whole exam process, is to empower parents to make the right decisions for their children with regards to schools – ensuring that their children not just go to a school where they will reach their full academic potential, but also a school where they will be happy! Children learn so much better in these environments.

As the results are finally out and the school offers have arrived, it is so clear that our original assessments have provided a consistently accurate basis upon which to make the decision to enter the 11+ exams and to tutor in order to be successful.

Times are changing, parents are looking for the right educational options for their children’s secondary schools – and we are here to help!

Well done again to all of our Y6 students who have received their independent and state school offers over the past weeks – the range of offers has been exceptional ranging from Westminster to Latymer, North London Collegiate to Henrietta Barnet and St Paul’s to Queen Elizabeth School. Our children and tutors have all performed to the best of their ability and they deserve the incredible success they have achieved.


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