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Making Tutoring Effective and Fun



Our tutors are special. They bring expertise, enthusiasm and empathy to their teaching and build relationships with their students that help make learning enjoyable yet focused. This is why we match our tutors to students so carefully – matching tutors’ academic expertise to students’ requirements, but also matching tutors to students’ individual learning styles and personalities.

Our tutors operate within a management structure that provides them with ongoing training and monitoring to optimise the benefits they bring. Tutors feel supported and that their work is validated by the company as well as their students, whilst students have access to the most up-to-date teaching materials and teaching techniques, whether they are learning online or in the same room as their tutor.

The idea for this blog came from Joint MD Lorrae Jaderberg’s observations whilst interviewing hundreds of prospective tutors for JK Educate. Lorrae has noticed that tutors consistently mention three reasons for applying to work with JK:

1. JK Educate’s ethos and professionalism
2. Superb reputation with other tutors
3. The training, development and monitoring support JK tutors receive.


The JK Way

Being run by experienced teachers who have devoted their entire working lives to children’s progress, JK’s ethos is totally child centric. Your Child. Our Priority. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and high standards, which we maintain through our training and development, and the monitoring and management support we give all our tutors. Parents know that there is someone on hand to answer their questions, and to give advice and guidance every step of the way.

We support children of every age and ability with equal enthusiasm. Not just highly academic children sitting for selective school exams or applying for Oxbridge, but also children (and adults) who need special support, students who might struggle to learn maths concepts in a large class, and those who simply need help with basic study and revision skills. We are here quite simply to help everyone meet their potential.

Here are two wonderful new Trustpilot reviews from JK parents:

‘I have used JK Educate for my two sons and both tutors had an excellent relationship with my children. They took the time to get to know them, in order to support them in the most effective way. We have been really pleased with their service!’

‘I have used JK educate for 11+ tutoring and interview preparation for my 4 kids and they have been excellent. The quality of the tutors is fantastic; each one has made a genuine difference to my children’s confidence and achievements. They are also very approachable and respond swiftly to any concerns and queries. I would thoroughly recommend them.’


What the Tutors Say

Tutors have often told us that being part of the JK family means that rather than feeling isolated as a tutor, they feel as though they have a virtual staff room and that they appreciate the support that comes from that. The weekly monitoring means that they don’t have sole responsibility for ensuring that their students are meeting the standards at each milestone; there is always advice available from senior teachers, plus access to further training or learning materials as necessary.

Our recruitment process is exacting; every successful applicant will have been interviewed personally by Lorrae to ensure that their personality and commitment fits the JK ethos, as well as meeting all the other required criteria. We believe that learning should be fun and we look for tutors that can inspire and foster a love of learning. We want all our students to enjoy their lessons as well as get great results, and our tutors are the ones who make this possible.

New tutors appreciate the thorough recruitment process because it helps to ensure a smooth transition, when combined with our extensive training through the unique JK Academy.

Read on for two recent Trustpilot reviews from JK tutors:

‘An Elite Service
‘Having worked for many years in education, I can hand on heart say that I have never had a better workplace than JK Educate. They are professional, highly skilled, offer an exceptional level of training and support and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure success in the matches between student and tutor.

‘There is a real team working behind the scenes cohesively to make sure that tutors are on track and to offer advice and support for any issue. They are organised and efficient as well as being warm and friendly! From bespoke resources to their own online platform (and training sessions on its use!) JK really is one of a kind.

‘You’re lucky if you’re able to work here and that job satisfaction will really show itself in the positive nature of your interactions with students. A real breath of fresh air after classroom teaching and a much better way of educating for both student and staff.’

‘New Tutor at JK Educate

‘I joined JK Educate six weeks ago, and I have never looked back. Having been a full-time teacher for the past 14 years, the prospect of doing something different like online tutoring was a little daunting. However, every single member of the team has been beyond helpful and supportive. No question is ever too trivial, and no problem is ever too large. My first impressions are extremely positive, and I feel I am part of a trusting, supportive, and professional team. Thank you JK Educate!’


How it All Works

All JK tutors undergo extensive training through the JK Academy, including training specific to their teaching subject and level. Bespoke teaching materials are made available to them, with guides on how to pace preparations for exams and ongoing development training. Our tutors receive extensive support from the senior monitoring team, with weekly check-ins ensuring that they can always ask for advice and feedback on their teaching.

Every tutor submits monthly progress reports for their students, measuring them against agreed targets. These targets are always individually tailored, set to reflect the learning stage and ability of each student and where they should be in their preparations for entrance exams or external exams, if applicable. The monthly reports provide reassurance to parents concerning their child’s progress, as well as information to help shape the next month’s work and highlight where more effort or focus might be required. Parents tell us that this helps them feel part of the JK family, with all the support and resources that entails. The senior team, including MDs Lorrae and Katie, are always available to provide guidance to our tutors, but also to provide advice freely to our clients, for example on school choices, their child’s progress and next steps.

This combination of factors is what JK Educate a special place to work and a highly valued educational resource for families. We will let a JK parent have the last word here, in another recent Trustpilot review:

‘Absolutely brilliant. From initial assessment, bespoke tutoring for all four of the core 11+ subjects, transition to online, support and ultimately the 11+ exams themselves, JK have been stellar. Incredibly enthusiastic team, dedicated and invested in our child’s success. Excellent leadership in Katie and Lorrae – who were always available. Fantastic tutors who knew just how to guide, steer and push at the appropriate times. Our son achieved a place in his first-choice grammar school. Really impressed with JK.’


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