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Michael Gove meets Lorrae and Katie to talk education

On 31st March, we were delighted to be invited to a private meeting with Michael Gove, mixing education with politics; Lorrae pictured next to Michael and Katie taking the photo! It was a pleasure for us to meet him and get to grips with educational issues. We were invited to a special pre-interview reception with a handful of other professionals – mainly heads from local state and independent primary and secondary schools. We found this a great opportunity to catch up with our colleagues the heads of: Channing, South Hampstead High School, St Margaret’s Bushey, Akiva and Hasmonean (to name a few) and a really useful occasion to get the most up to date information from schools – please note all Channing lovers… next year Channing will be even more competitive at the 11+ entrance examination stage, as an extra 20 students will be transferring from the junior school.

For the main event, Michael Gove was questioned in front of an audience of around 300 guests who asked him about his views on education. The subject of school libraries, more stringent teacher qualification levels, anti-Semitism, education in China, Academies and Free Schools all surfaced as we expected and Mr Gove navigated himself expertly mostly agreeing with the audience and then offering his views.

Whilst views may vary and opinions divide, it is clear that Michael Gove is a very charming person, a passionate speaker and a highly accomplished politician.


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