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Summer preparation for 11+ state selective schools

The summer is an important time for working towards the state selective schools’ entrance exams. If your child is sitting these exams, it is important that revision and practice continues so that they don’t lose momentum and focus. Of course, children need to relax and enjoy themselves too. Therefore, most families prefer to get revision done first thing in the morning while their child is fresh and alert, and then have the rest of the day for family activities and fun.


Here is our preparation checklist for state selective schools:


Before the summer holidays

  • Confirm the schools that your child is sitting with your tutor
  • Liaise with your tutor over the correct resources and exam boards and make sure your child is revising from the correct revision guides for English and maths
  • Encourage your child and work on timing, building up determination and resilience
  • Encourage your child to work towards their weekly targets (set after completing weekly papers)
  • Liaise with your tutor to create a holiday work timetable


During the summer holidays, depending on current progress

  • Start the holiday timetable – aim to revise on 5 out of 7 days, for 1 to 1.5 hours per day
  • Use online links and sites for timed practice
  • Work on timed tasks and pacing
  • Refer back to targets each week
  • Continue preparations
  • Liaise with your tutor each week and if away, let them know scores, any areas of difficulty
  • Consider having online lessons via our online classroom while you are away to keep the consistency over the summer holiday


Extra support

If you are already a JK Educate client, please contact the monitoring team if you have any questions or need further support with schools or resources. We are always very happy to help you.


If you are not yet working with us, please 020 3488 0754 to discuss how we can support your child’s learning and success.


In addition, please consider our fantastic workshops and extra practice mock exams which are focused on the 11+ and run through the summer, giving additional support in small group situations. More details can be found here on our website, or by contacting

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