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Category: Gifted & Talented Tutoring

Dive into our extensive collection of expert insights and guidance, specially curated to support your child’s educational journey. From uncovering the nuances of different learning styles to detailed strategies for exam success, our archive is brimming with valuable advice.


Raul* came to us as the youngest of three and he was underachieving at school. After an academic assessment, we understood that he was simply not in the right school. Raul needed catch up tutoring and to move to a school with less behavioural problems, so he could enjoy his learning and thrive. Once he […]


Taylor* was low in confidence and really didn’t think he was good at much. We assessed him and discovered he had great potential and was totally underachieving at school. Taylor had tutoring in maths and English over a period of two years and excelled in both subjects. At this point he was unrecognisable – a […]


Emma* came to us with low confidence as she was mildly dyslexic. We assessed her and found that she had a fantastic imagination and was extremely articulate. Through gentle English tutoring and encouragement, Emma understood how talented she was and developed into a gifted writer with a deep passion for literature and creative writing. Emma […]


Paul’s* parents came to us with him in Year 5, as he was so frustrated and wasn’t enjoying school. Once we had assessed him, we understood he was extremely able in maths and because he had other special needs it hadn’t been recognised in school. We immediately put a plan in place to extend his […]

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