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Dive into our extensive collection of expert insights and guidance, specially curated to support your child’s educational journey. From uncovering the nuances of different learning styles to detailed strategies for exam success, our archive is brimming with valuable advice.

Identical twins preparing for 11+

It was so important for Sean and Aidan* to understand they were individuals and should work independently. It took time for them to start working this way, but with expert tutoring they both found their confidence to work independently and flourished as learners. They also both gained places as the schools of their choice.

Twins preparing for 11+

Charlotte and James* were very different. Charlotte was confident and had many strengths, whereas James was quiet and less confident, with processing and executive functioning difficulties, but very good at maths. Working with these twins, we ensured that they each addressed their individual weaknesses and began to understand themselves as learners. They both gained places […]


We have great experience working with twins and have successfully helped many families to manage the challenges this unique situation creates. When preparing for the 11+, all children are assessed by JK Educate before they start their journey, which is very useful in identifying the differences between twins and how they learn. Founder Lorrae Jaderberg […]

Processing Difficulties

Miles* had lost confidence in himself as a learner and needed to understand new strategies, so he could learn and reach his potential. Our tutor taught him new ways of working so he could manage his work on time and work to his potential. Once he saw the consistent results, he regained his confidence and […]

Executive Function, ADD, Dyslexia

Matthew* had a range of special needs which affected his ability to access the curriculum in school and severely affected his confidence in day to day life. JK started working with him alongside other professionals, to ensure that Matthew gained a place at the secondary school of his choice and continued to reach his potential […]

Dyslexia and the 11+

Maria* had dyslexia and wanted to apply to several selective schools. Our tutor understood how to help Maria access the curriculum she needed to learn in preparation for these exams. We advised on access arrangements with the schools and ensured that the appropriate extra time would be awarded. Maria was fully prepared for her exams […]

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