JK Educate 11+ Mock Exams reconstruct the feeling of a real test so that your child will know what to expect when faced with the real exam situation and develop real strategies to help them.

Experience shows us that those children attending the JK Educate 11+ Mock Exam become more confident, which affects their performance in the real exams and the subsequent school offers they receive.
These exams help your child to master their time management and develop their ability to stay calm, even when faced with question types they have not seen before.
The standard and content of these exams are authentic and appropriate for 11+ testing. They have been specifically written by 11+ experts, commissioned to reproduce the challenges and standards that will be tested in the 11+ selective secondary school exams.
After a mock exam, each child’s work is marked and the results drawn up into an individualised report with detailed recommendations for the next stages of revision and teaching.

Our two main 11+ mock exams are held in a large hall with lots of children, seated in formal rows as in the real 11+ exams. Some of the state selective 11+ exams in particular can have hundreds of children sitting the exam at the same time and this can be daunting without a practice run. Our extra practice mock exams are held in the months between the first and second large-scale mocks each year. They are intended for smaller groups of students, but with the same standard of mock exam papers, marking and feedback. During these exams the students are observed and important information is reported back to parents as part of the feedback. The additional exam practice is invaluable to improve time management and experience of different set of questions.

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  • 11+ Practice Mock Exam
    Wednesday 15th August 2018
  • 11+ Practice Mock Exam
    Wednesday 29th August 2018
  • 11+ Mock Exam
    Sunday 7th October 2018

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'Lottie was offered a place at all of the three schools she applied to. There’s no way that would have happened without the superb tutoring and the confidence you managed to install in her. We’re incredibly grateful. See you at GCSE time!'

Susie, Wandworth

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