11+ Group And Individual Mock Interviews

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11+ Group And Individual Mock Interviews

The JK 11+ group and individual mock interviews will take place on Sunday, 11th November 2018 and Sunday, 18th November 2018. As schools are increasingly interviewing or observing children interacting in small groups, there is a real benefit in preparing them to know what to expect, and how to manage themselves on the day.

Our group interview consists of a three-hour session with a maximum of 6 children in a group. The group interview tasks will be delivered by a qualified, experienced senior teacher with an experienced member of the JK team watching the children’s responses and writing up their observations and recommendations for each child. Each session will be interactive and very similar to the type of activities and tasks that are given to children in group interview situations.

The skills we will be testing during these mock interviews will be: listening skills, collaboration, leadership skills, team work, general knowledge and  behaviour. We want this to be a very positive and helpful experience so that in the real interviews they will be able to show their very best!

We will follow up this day with brief reports, which will be sent to each parent based on your child’s performances in this mock group interview, as well as some general information and tips, so that you can be involved and receive helpful feedback.

Group interview mocks will take place either on the morning or afternoon of Sunday 11th November.

Our individual interviews morning will be delivered in two parts:

• Part 1: This will be aimed at the entire group of students in a 1 ½ hour ‘classroom based’ introductory session about individual interviews. The session will start at 9am. It will include a general introduction explaining the reasons schools do individual interviews and will highlight what they are looking for. It will reveal the do’s and don’ts at individual interviews and how best to present themselves both verbally and nonverbally. It will be a very interactive and visual session.

• Part 2: Each child will be given an individual 30 minutes mock interview. This will give all the children an opportunity to use some of the techniques and methods delivered to them in the introductory session and help each one of them prepare personally for the interviews. Each child and parent will be told the time for their individual interview. This will then run throughout the rest of the morning and parents will be told while time to pick up their child.

The skills we will be testing during these mock interviews will be: communication skills, current affairs knowledge, use of imagination, body language, ability to express opinions, positivity and vocabulary.

After the interview we will send home to parents’ feedback on how their child did and how they can support them further so they can show their best for the real thing.

Individual interview mock will take place on the morning of Sunday 18th November.

We would advise parents to book both the individual and group mock interviews prep as they prepare the children for very different aspects of the interview, and both do tend to come up.



  • 11+ Mock Group Interviews
    Sunday, 11th November 2018
  • 11+ Mock Individual Interviews
    Sunday, 18th November 2018
  • Venue:
    The Brentano Suite, Lyttelton House, N2 0EF

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