4+ Assessment

The 4+ Assessment provides the point of entry for children who wish to join a selective school in Reception. Preparation for the 4+ is based on the EYFS curriculum. This means that although reading, writing and maths are assessed, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, and communication and language, are also key.

There is also a large focus on looking for a student’s learning potential through what are called the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’: curiosity, engagement, motivation, sustained concentration, autonomy and creating and thinking critically. These areas are assessed by making observations of the child’s behaviour and the skills they are demonstrating alongside their peers within an Early Years environment. Although this observed interaction is often called a 4+ group interview, children of this age rarely if ever face a classic interview situation.

4+ Preparation from JK Educate

We can help your child with preparation for the 4+. We have developed a programme to assess children and support parents who are considering sitting their child for the 4+. These are very young children and therefore need careful, sensitive, expert preparation to face this first experience of assessment.

We offer a mock assessment programme in three parts:

  • 1:1 mock interview assessment of the student
  • Mock group interview assessment
  • Detailed reporting

4+ assessment preparation and 4+ mock interviews from JK Educate

4+ Individual Mock Interview Session – 1 Hour

This is a 1:1 mock assessment session in a familiar environment, usually the client’s home. An EYFS specialist will assess the student’s current ability in the EYFS Specific Areas of Learning through a series of planned activities.

4+ Group Mock Interview Session – 1.5 Hours

The group 4+ mock assessment session takes place in an unfamiliar Early Years environment with up to four other children of the same age and is primarily to assess the EYFS Prime Areas of Learning.

The Report

This includes a detailed written report and a 30-minute telephone feedback session with the client.

The written report will highlight areas of particular strength and the areas that need developing in order for the student to demonstrate age related expectation at the time of the 4+ assessment. It will also provide suggestions as to how the parents can support their child in reaching these expectations and the resources they can use.

4+ assessment preparation from JK Educate

More about the 4+

This is becoming a more popular choice for parents every year as they realise the advantages of gaining a place for their child at an earlier stage. One of the biggest advantages is that if a child gains a place at 4+, they will usually be automatically ensured a place throughout that school and so saves them the need to sit further entrance assessments at a later stage. Also, as pre-preps’ and preps’ reputations rely heavily on their exit results, they provide in-school preparation for pupils who are sitting future entrance examinations such as the 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ or 13+. This is not provided for in state schools.

Furthermore, gaining a place at these selective independent schools provides the advantages of smaller class sizes and higher expectations academically. Awareness of the advantages these factors bring continues to increase the demand for 4+ preparation towards this point of entry. We are increasingly being asked to provide four plus tips and advice, so we have developed a mock assessment programme especially tailored to support children this young, comprising a 4+ group mock interview and 1:1 assessment practice.



  • 4+ Group Mock Interview Session
    Sunday 27th September


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