Special educational needs and disabilities can affect a child’s ability to learn in a variety of ways. With this in mind, JK’s adaptable approach to educational support ensures that everyone, regardless of their needs, can benefit from our tutoring. We have many years of experience working with and tutoring children with special educational needs. Our co-founders were both SENCOs, and JK’s consultant SEN tutors create specific teaching programmes to support families and children under their direction.

JK’s carefully developed tutoring and consultancy programme for special needs students helps them to access the curriculum and make appropriate progress according to their potential.

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How does our SEN tutoring work?

JK’s SEN tutoring programme is designed to be inclusive, accessible and engaging. Our private tutoring for SEN students is available both face-to-face and online – whatever is best for the child’s learning style.

When appropriate, we refer children to our specialists, depending on children’s specific needs. These specialists will work to support the child, sometimes working alongside a special needs tutor.

These referrals may include: specialist assessments with educational psychologists, speech and language specialists and occupational therapists. In addition, we refer children with behavioural difficulties to our psychotherapists and psychologists.

Why choose JK’s SEN tutors?

JK’s founders were both SENCOs, and as a result we have many years experience in this field. We carefully recruit specialists who share their passion to help and support, and scrutinise tutors’ credentials and security checks.

Our teachers have years of experience working with children and adults with a variety of special needs, at all educational levels. Our specialisms include the following areas:

  • Dyslexia – developing confidence in reading, writing and spelling.
  • Dyscalculia – providing specialist maths support and boosting confidence.
  • Organisation – teaching students how to revise, learn multiplication tables, spelling, prepare for exams, manage homework and write essays.
  • Memory – learning strategies for short-term memory retrieval and how to integrate them in day to day learning situations.
  • Self-Confidence – working with children to boost their confidence.
  • Social Skills – learning about self-management and how to interact and engage in role play.
  • Autism, Asperger’s – building confidence, integrating school demands, liaison with school, supporting parents and referral to specialists.

Our commitment is to carefully match each student with a tutor, considering their specific support requirements, personality traits, and individual learning style. Take a look at a selection of JK’s exceptional tutors.

If you believe that your child with special educational needs (SEN) could benefit from tailored educational support, or if you simply wish to identify their potential needs, feel free to reach out to us at 020 348 0754.

Benefits of SEN Tutoring

SEN tutoring offers effective support through one-on-one interactions, allowing teachers to provide personalised assistance for each student.

Among the many benefits of using SEN tutoring services include:

  • Personalised Support: SEN tutoring provides individualised learning, tailoring teaching methods to suit the specific needs and learning style of the student.
  • Building Confidence: One-on-one sessions help boost the confidence of students with special educational needs, allowing them to progress at their own pace and celebrate their achievements.
  • Specialised Techniques: Tutors often employ specialised teaching techniques proven to be effective for children with SEN, addressing dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning differences.
  • Improved Academic Performance: With targeted support, students with SEN can overcome academic challenges, leading to improved performance in various subjects.
  • Enhanced Social Skills: Tutors can focus on social skills development, aiding children with special needs in building better relationships and fostering effective communication.
  • Emotional Support: SEN tutors offer emotional support, helping children navigate the frustrations and challenges associated with their special educational needs.


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Tutoring Case Studies

Dyslexia and the 11+

Maria* had dyslexia and wanted to apply to several selective schools. Our tutor understood how to help Maria access the curriculum she needed to learn in preparation for these exams. We advised on access arrangements with the schools and ensured that the appropriate extra time would be awarded. Maria was fully prepared for her exams and achieved a place at the school of her choice. We hear from her family regularly to let us know how well she is doing, using the strategies and confidence that was built up during her tutoring with JK.

Executive functioning, ADD, dyslexia

Matthew* had a range of special needs which affected his ability to access the curriculum in school and severely affected his confidence in day to day life. JK started working with him alongside other professionals, to ensure that Matthew gained a place at the secondary school of his choice and continued to reach his potential across all subjects. JK supported his learning so he was always confident and able to manage the work he needed to complete on time and to the right standard.

Processing difficulties

Miles* had lost confidence in himself as a learner and needed to understand new strategies, so he could learn and reach his potential. Our tutor taught him new ways of working so he could manage his work on time and work to his potential. Once he saw the consistent results, he regained his confidence and began to look forward to going to school and completing his homework.


We have great experience working with twins and have successfully helped many families to manage the challenges this unique situation creates. When preparing for the 11+, all children are assessed by JK Educate before they start their journey, which is very useful in identifying the differences between twins and how they learn. Founder Lorrae Jaderberg has twins herself and comes from a family of twins, so has been able to share those experiences with families and tutors. Lorrae is part of the TEDs (Twins Early Development) study and she follows the latest research they produce to inform JK’s approach to twins’ learning.

Twins preparing for 11+

Charlotte and James* were very different. Charlotte was confident and had many strengths, whereas James was quiet and less confident, with processing and executive functioning difficulties, but very good at maths. Working with these twins, we ensured that they each addressed their individual weaknesses and began to understand themselves as learners. They both gained places at the schools of their choice by focusing on their strengths and learning new strategies to manage their difficulties and weaknesses.

Identical twins preparing for 11+

It was so important for Sean and Aidan* to understand they were individuals and should work independently. It took time for them to start working this way, but with expert tutoring they both found their confidence to work independently and flourished as learners. They also both gained places as the schools of their choice.

*These are genuine SEN case studies, but we have changed the names to preserve our students’ privacy.

Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to find a hand-picked tutor for your child’s studies.

If you ever need more support, our teaching resources undergo frequent updates. Our experts remain dedicated to staying current with the evolving demands of school entrance exams.


Yes, we offer both face-to-face and online SEN tutoring for your child. Our expert private tutoring services ensure that you’ll receive the same level of high quality support, no matter where you are.

An EHC plan is a comprehensive care plan for children and young people with more complex needs. It outlines the specific support required and can be beneficial for those with special educational needs. We can guide families on the eligibility and process for obtaining an EHC plan.

Our tutors understand how to help children with dyslexia access the curriculum needed for exams including the 7+, 11+ and 13+. We also provide advice on access arrangements with schools and ensure appropriate accommodations, such as extra time, are in place.


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