Our Gifted and Talented Consultants provide support for families whose children need help to be appropriately challenged and academically stretched

A child can be doing ‘really well’ and ‘top of their class’ in maths and English, yet still be considered coasting and not nearly reaching their full potential. These children get bored very easily and are often able to finish their homework in seconds! Typically, they find it difficult when they are faced with real challenges because they’ve always found everything so easy, so they tend to get very frustrated and give up too easily as they have not built up any resilience and techniques to try to solve these types of problems.

Our experienced Gifted and Talented Consultants are outstanding teachers with many years’ experience and knowledge in this field, pushing bright children in an engaging and motivating way and allowing them to progress through higher order thinking and logic puzzles, rather than just delivering the curriculum earlier to them.
Support includes hourly advisory sessions for parents on how best to support their gifted children, and bespoke follow on individual tutoring sessions with their children,


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    The Good Schools Guide
    The Good Schools Guide places JK Educate in its Section A category of tutoring agencies and their review of our work is highly positive:
    "These women are dynamic and warm, and they certainly know their onions when it comes to education - a combination that makes you feel instantly at ease with them as well as in safe hands." "The parents we spoke to couldn't get enough of these add-on options. 'It's a one-stop shop for tutoring, but it's a la carte, which means you can pick and choose what works for you. What could be better?' said one parent." "For a tutor, it's near on perfect, and the customer ultimately benefits from that too, one tutor summed up."
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